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DS415+ upgrade & Migration to DS1522+ or DS923+?

Hey! Thanks a bunch for the love! Moving onto the upgrade scene, considering your needs for Plex, Synology Photos, and running VMs, both the DS1522+ and DS923+ are excellent choices. For future-proofing, the DS1522+ with its AMD Ryzen R1600 processor could offer a bit more power and longevity, especially with tasks like VMs and facial recognition.

Both models support NVMe SSD caching, which can significantly boost performance, and you can set up BTFS & SHR-2 for enhanced data protection. The DS1522+ stands out with a better CPU and can handle H.265 transcoding smoothly, making it a solid pick for media tasks.

If you're eyeing the DS1621+, it's also a strong contender, featuring an AMD Ryzen V1500B processor and supporting NVMe caching.

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