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NAS Storage

My first time using a NAS. I want to put my movies and TV shows on HDD to watch on our TV's around the house. Possible use remote access when on vacation, etc. Looking at Synology, basically for ease of use. Will use Plex service. Big question I'm confused with is embedded graphics VS software transcoding. I understand how it works, just not sure if it should be a deciding factor. Basically only 1-2 users at most, 50-75 TV shows, mostly older shows, so only @ 20-25 modern shows in Blu ray. Now movies will be @ 150. A majority in regular def- mostly old movies, but I do have a lot of modern movies in Blu ray & UHD 4K.
This is what I spec-ed out, but I am open to suggestions: Synology DS423+, 4GB-6GB RAM, (2)- Ironwolf PRO HDDs.

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