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Which NAS should I buy??

Hi there! Absolutely love the website but there's so much information to take in so thought I'd ask for advice!

I basically have my eye on the DS423+ as it has integrated graphics, but I want the hardware and expansion options that comes with the DS923+. Is there such a NAS in existence?

My requirements are;
*Fully automated cloud backup of my mobile devices + auto compression of my camera videos to save space. Nothing worse than coming home from a concert with 20+ high def videos and having to compress them all manually! So I need a dedicated GPU.
*Surveillance management similar to Synologys built in Surveillance Station WITH ONVIF compatibility
*HTPC functionality and media organisation. I used to use sickbeard and coachpotato to organise my media files along with plex to view them until my DS215J became too old to cope.
*RuTorrent or equivalent.
*4 Bays or more.

Thanks in advance for any advice! ?

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