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NAS Recommendation for 100 TB Plex Library

Dear NASCompares Team,

I seek your advice on a NAS for a 100 TB Plex library, supporting up to 20-25 simultaneous users (Would 16Gb of Ram be enough ?) 4K HEVC/1080p X264 streams (average 4.7 Mbps, up to 9 Mbps). With a 10 Gbps fiber connection, I'm debating between a powerful processor for transcoding versus a non-transcoding option with client-side transcoding.

Which NAS model suits this, considering performance and data security? Also, advice on the optimal RAID configuration for such a setup would be invaluable.

Thanks for your expertise.

Best regards,

Anthony Filippi

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NAS Recommendation for 100 TB Plex Library - by ENQUIRIES - 01-05-2024, 04:21 PM

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