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First NAS

- lots of family photos and videos (migration from Google Photos)
- photo/video backup from mobile devices and AI assisted search
- 2.5Gb ports
- Home assistant
- Virtual Machines
- up to 6 IP cameras for surveillance

I thought about QNAP TS-464 8GB with two 20TB drives to start, then I will add two more 20TB drives later and maybe more RAM for the VMs and an NVMe drive. I found the QNAP MARS app very interesting as an automated way to transfer all the media from Google Photo. Do you have anything else to recommend or suggest? I could also wait until spring or summer before buying, but not more than 6-7 months from now. Thank you very much!

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First NAS - by ENQUIRIES - 01-04-2024, 11:00 PM
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