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Hello Rob,

Firstly lel me thank and congrat you. I cannot tell how useful I am finding all your blogs and videos.

I have recently started on this NAS great world and decided to move forward with my first one.

Basically I would be using it for back-up, (PLEX) Media Server & download manager but I do not discard extend my views and leverage all the possibilities I might have within this price range NAS.

Upon doing some research I would like to go for a TS-453B (I found it at 605€). Originally I was thinking about a TS-453Be but I found the TS-453B at same price :-O.

My main concern comes with the PLEX media server topic. I got a quite new LG OLED C9 TV as the main (if not only) device to watch my media so from my understanding I should not be really worried about trasncoding since the TV supports a huge variety of formats.

I am quite picky with the image quality so I would like to keep on watching my media in 4k UHD (ideally 10bits H265 & H264). Not to mention the audio, which I would love to keep on enjoying in Dolby ATMOS.

Looks like not a big deal since, as mentioned above, the TV should support all of that via PLEX client app (over a 1Gbps network) and enabling Direct Play/Stream. However, something just stoppped me from buying the TS-453B... subtitles. I watch my movies in English with Spanish subtitles and I would like to keep it as such. I read that Plex needs to transcode so to insert the subtitles, so at this point I am just worried that the transcode feature of the TS-453B would be a pain when tryint to reach those image formats natively supported by my TV.

So, basically:
1. Shoudl I wait for a TS-453D (whenever it comes and expecting that the price range will be similar)?
2. Am I making an issue on something that can be easily solved? (I read Plex Pass supports subtitles download)
3. Which HDD would you recommend? I got an eye on quite basic ones (3TB ST3000VN007 Seagate IronWolf / 3TB WD30EFRX WD RED) but not sure if I should go for higher rank ones with more than 64MB cache

Thanks in advance!


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