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NAS for photo/video editing

Hi! I'm primarily a photographer, but do occasional video editing, and would like to do that more frequently. I currently have a Synology DS418 with 4x 4TB drives in it (around 10.5TB of storage, of which less than half is full). My Lightroom source files live on the NAS, while my catalog file lives on an attached SSD drive. I'm using a MacBook Pro M2 as my primary machine.

My questions are
1) Is this setup reasonable for photo and video editing off of my NAS, or do I really need the 10GB connection? I feel like my Lightroom performance is usable, but could be faster. For instance, it does take quite a while to import an SD card's worth of ~50mb RAW files directly to the NAS storage.
2) I'm considering getting a second NAS that I can back this one up to at a remote location. I assume that if I get one with a faster connection, I could use that as the primary system here, and use my current DS418 as the remote?
Are there other considerations I'm not thinking about?

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