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NAS recommendation


I'm completely new to NAS and am looking to create some home media storage primarily for photographs, music and movies.

I would like the music files to be accessible by my Sonos system although I am looking to use Plex for movies so may investigate using Plex for music also - I'm not very familiar with Plex at the moment.

With regard to streaming movies through Plex, it would primarily be to a Samsung QE75QN85BATXXU so would any transcoding be handled by the TV or is that still a requirement of the NAS?
A friend uses the Synology DS920+ but looking at your reviews the newer 923+ is not a great update in some ways but is better in some regards?

I am a hobby level photographer so need to store, organise and edit images. Am I able to use the processing power of the NAS to edit using Photoshop?

What would you recommend?

Many thanks for your help
For your needs, I would recommend the Synology DS423+. It is a great NAS for home media storage and offers plenty of processing power for your photo editing needs. The DS423+ can also run Plex for streaming movies, and it should be able to handle transcoding for your Samsung TV, but this will depend on the specific format of your media files.

As for using the processing power of the NAS for photo editing, it is possible to do so using applications like Lightroom or Capture One. However, keep in mind that this will require a bit of setup and may not be as seamless as working on a local computer. It's also important to note that the performance of the NAS will not match that of a high-end desktop computer, so you may experience some lag or slow-downs when working with larger files.

Regarding the DS923+, it does offer some improvements over the DS423+ in terms of hardware, but it's not a significant upgrade. If the DS423+ meets your needs, I would recommend sticking with that model.

Overall, the Synology DS423+ is a great choice for your home media storage and photo editing needs. It offers plenty of processing power, storage capacity, and features for the average user, and it's easy to use and set up.

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