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Buying Standalone Surveillance NAS/NVR


Would you please be able to advise me which NAS/NVR unit is suitable for a standalone home CCTV system. I will probably need 4 cameras outdoors to get decent coverage, possibly 5. I may also wish to place some cameras indoors so I think something with 8 camera capability is needed.

I understand from one of your youtube videos that NAS/NVR vendors can be misleading about camera support vs FPS. To get future proofing I think 8 cameras operational at 1080pwithout glitching is the spec I hope to get.

KVM capability with an HDMI port to allow connection to a TV is required which reduces my scope of choice but hopefully you can recommend something.

Thank You
I would recommend Synology NVR
A two-bay model has basic AI functions and the other models come with GPU inside that can be quite smart with things like people counting, number plate recognition and much more.
Any ONVIF camera such as Reolink will fit including doorbells of that kind.

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