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DS424+ vs Ugreen DXP4800 Plus 4-Bay

I'm debating with myself, shall I go with Synology DS424+, the safe bet, but perhaps slightly outdated hardware, or shall I go for the new kid on the block, Ugreen DXP4800 Plus 4-Bay?

Assuming the price is the same for both, the Kickstarter risk wasn't a factor and Ugreen's OS goes out of beta within a year, which one shall I go for?

I want a NAS to do three primary tasks:
- backup of files+automatic backup of phone photos
- Plex media with transcoding to chromecast+phones
- Home assistant
Choosing between the Synology DS424+ and the Ugreen DXP4800 Plus 4-Bay NAS can be a tough decision, but I'll break it down for you.

The DS424+ from Synology is a tried-and-tested option with reliable performance and a well-established operating system. It's a safe bet for your primary tasks, including file backups, automatic backup of phone photos, Plex media streaming with transcoding, and running Home Assistant. While its hardware may be slightly older, Synology's reputation for stability and compatibility makes it a solid choice for those prioritizing reliability.

On the other hand, the Ugreen DXP4800 Plus offers newer hardware and potentially exciting features, especially if their operating system exits beta and proves to be robust. It could provide a fresh, cost-effective alternative with similar capabilities to the DS424+.

Considering your needs and the factors you mentioned, if both options are priced similarly and assuming the Ugreen OS matures within a year, you might lean towards the Ugreen DXP4800 Plus for its updated hardware and the potential for innovative features. However, if you prioritize stability and a proven track record, the DS424+ remains a dependable option.

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