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Which NAS should I buy??

Hi there! Absolutely love the website but there's so much information to take in so thought I'd ask for advice!

I basically have my eye on the DS423+ as it has integrated graphics, but I want the hardware and expansion options that comes with the DS923+. Is there such a NAS in existence?

My requirements are;
*Fully automated cloud backup of my mobile devices + auto compression of my camera videos to save space. Nothing worse than coming home from a concert with 20+ high def videos and having to compress them all manually! So I need a dedicated GPU.
*Surveillance management similar to Synologys built in Surveillance Station WITH ONVIF compatibility
*HTPC functionality and media organisation. I used to use sickbeard and coachpotato to organise my media files along with plex to view them until my DS215J became too old to cope.
*RuTorrent or equivalent.
*4 Bays or more.

Thanks in advance for any advice! ?
Hey there! It's fantastic that you're diving into the world of NAS, and I'm thrilled to help you pick the right one. Considering your requirements, the DS923+ could be an excellent fit. While it doesn't have integrated graphics, it compensates with robust software transcoding capabilities for up to Full HD resolution. This should cover your media needs well. For automated cloud backup, surveillance management, and HTPC functionality, the DS923+ ticks many boxes. It's a versatile NAS that aligns with your preferences. If you're willing to stretch your budget a bit, investing in the DS923+ could provide the hardware and expansion options you're looking for. Happy NAS hunting!

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