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First NAS

- lots of family photos and videos (migration from Google Photos)
- photo/video backup from mobile devices and AI assisted search
- 2.5Gb ports
- Home assistant
- Virtual Machines
- up to 6 IP cameras for surveillance

I thought about QNAP TS-464 8GB with two 20TB drives to start, then I will add two more 20TB drives later and maybe more RAM for the VMs and an NVMe drive. I found the QNAP MARS app very interesting as an automated way to transfer all the media from Google Photo. Do you have anything else to recommend or suggest? I could also wait until spring or summer before buying, but not more than 6-7 months from now. Thank you very much!
Hey! For your diverse needs, the QNAP TS-464 with 8GB RAM sounds like a solid choice. It offers ample storage and the potential to expand with more drives and additional RAM for your VMs. The QNAP MARS app can indeed simplify the migration of media from Google Photos, making the transition smoother. Consider investing in high-capacity drives for a robust setup, and the planned NVMe drive will boost performance.

If you're open to exploring alternatives, the Synology DS1621+ is worth checking out. It supports up to 6 bays, features a quad-core AMD Ryzen processor, and comes with 4GB DDR4 ECC SODIMM (upgradable). It offers excellent performance and scalability. As for waiting, newer models might hit the market, but the DS1621+ is a strong contender right now.

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