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Upgrading Qnap From Single Disk To RAID1 / RAID5 / RAID6?

Can add more disks on my Qnap. Migrating from a single disk to RAID1 (mirror) and from RAID1 to RAID5?
Changing the RAID Type of a RAID GroupYou can change the RAID type of an existing RAID group online, without losing access to data or any interruption to NAS services. Changing the RAID type of a RAID group is called RAID migration. QTS allows the following migrations:ORIGINAL RAID TYPENEW RAID TYPEEXTRA DISKS REQUIREDSingleRAID 1OneRAID 1RAID 5One or moreRAID 5RAID 6One or moreTip:Migration from a single disk to RAID 6 is performed in stages. First migrate the group to RAID 1, then to RAID 5, and then finally to RAID 6.Go to Main Menu > Storage & Snapshots > Storage/Snapshot.Verify the following:The NAS contains one or more available disks.The capacity of each available disk is equal to or greater than the smallest disk in the RAID group.Select a storage pool or single static volume.Click Manage.Select a RAID group.Select Manage > Migrate.Select one or more disks.Click Apply.Warning:All data on the selected disks will be deleted (only new drives not existing).A confirmation message appears.Click OK.The RAID group status changes to Migrating.The RAID type changes and then the RAID group status changes back to Ready when migration is completed. Then you can migrate to RAID5 and RAID6 if you repeat the process and choose a new RAID option.

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