What software do I NEED to DL for the TX-X53D?

I have finally got things running and now I am looking through the DL section in the QNAP software site and there is a huge amount of software, it is for home use, what do I actually need. BIOS updates and drivers OK, but what else, just the basics, or what do you recommend?

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 20 March 2021, 02:35
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The first few things you will want to install are some backup apps and multimedia players and codex.

A hybrid desk station will allow connecting your TV via HDMI if there is no LAN or WiFi connection. Otherwise, Video Statio or Plex will allow you to stream videos over the local network.

A music station or iTunes server will be your music organiser which you can control on your phone or remote (HDMI NAS).

Photo Station or QuMagie will organise your photos and back them up from your mobile devices.

The most useful apps will be QSYNC which is a Dropbox alternative with a synchronised folder. And HBS that will link your cloud service provides allowing you to access all of them in one place via the NAS.

I hope this helps.