Dear all, I was about to pull the trigger to but 2 NAS systems one -rim are and the other one to back up the primary. But while reading more I understood that the NAS must be connected to WAN (the incoming internet cable router) via router or switch. And from there on data is collected and distributed via your LAN. But what if you don’t have a cable wired LAN, just WiFi only (which works fine by the way). Here is why I would like to use the NAS: 1) be able to edit my photos on the NAS. I don’t want to download it from NAS to pc, edit then upload again (my editing software ON1 Photo RAW allows this is even geared towards that) 2) store my office work data documents etc Sofar a DAS would suffice but; 3) I also want to be aboe to access ph0tos remotely, edit or delete or city whatever My setup is simple: I use an iMac at home, iPads and phones and I use a MacBook Pro ( cheers yesterday bought the new iMac 14 inch M1 Pro and its amazing). I want to be able to use high speed data at home for photo and for Plex. But can that be realized with WiFi only? In my mind I had thought hoped that I could connect the NAS to the router to allow remote access and for distributing collecting data via WiFi at home, PLUS connect it directly to pc for high speed data exchange AND connect it directly to tv via hdmi. Is that possible? Thanks

JD Jdvdubai asked on 29 October 2021, 17:58
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