The Most Reliable Hard Drives For NAS?

I have a 216+2 and a 216J (both from you). Both coming upto 3 years old. the +2 runs 24/7 and the 216J runs once a day backing up from the +2. the +2 is in a rack in the house and the j on the wall in the garage in a locked box. All have 3TB WD reds. The J still has its original drives. The +2 is now on its 3rd complete set, all fail with sector errors. WD always replace them but now the guarantee is out, who makes reliable drives these days. I’ve seen you video comparing the different drives, but longevity seems an issue these days.

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 28 February 2020, 16:07
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There used to be HGST drives which people thought were the most reliable ones. But now WD bought them and stoped making consumer models.

The only chance getting the most reliable drives will be choosing Enterprise drives like Seagate Exos or WD HGST, Ultrastar.

These drives will be much louder, but if you have a dedicated location for them, then noise might not be an issue.

These drives are made for very harsh environments like heavy reading/writing operation and vibration.