Suitable 4 bay nas for my use patterns?

I have one Netgear NV+v2 (4x 3Tb) which is unreliable (it just lost 4TB of data); I also have 2 Netgear Readynas 214 (4x 4Tb), which are getting VERY full. So I need (at least) another 4 bay (or more) to fill up with 4Tb WD Red (CMR, not SMR), unless adviced otherwise (Netgear always recommended WD Red, and THB I had some issue with Seagates). At moment I cannot see the RN 214 any more "in stock" on the UK market, only the 424 (@~£340/370, which in your review, you do NOT really recommend for home use. I REALLY like Netgear build quality, but I find the software quite user unfriendly - it's designed for the "office network manager" and I am not one of them (although being reasonably computer literate, I analysed data with spreadsheets for 25y). But I also had (software?) problem with the NV+, and a RN104 died on me (but the disks went into a 214 without loss of data, which would have been DIABOLICAL) QNAP & Sinology have a pletora of models, and quite frankly I don't know where to start. I need NASses (or other alternatives, not yet considered) to a) keep all my data safe in one place, in 25 Y I had many PCs & laptops, I need a COMMON storage place; that includes 25 years of pictures, music, live gigs etc. b) I DL movies series (BBC4, Montalbano, Horizon, F1, MotoGP etc) and lots of other stuff of and I can see with DLNA on the android TV; c) being Italian, I would wish to have access to the data from Italy. That should be possible with the existing NETGEAR kits, but I never really managed to sort it out; and with my old internet plan (700kb/1Mb upload), and a flaky connectivity in italy, it would have been almost pointless. d) I never used PLEX, I barely know what it is, I might do in future...maybe. Ditto for NETFLIX e) I don't have any surveillance in place - it would be useful for sure, but I don't see it happening at moment f) VERY BAD OF ME - I don't have a Backup policy in place: being very messy, I have lots of spare copies of important stuff, but I need to address this. But with 15/20Tb of unique data (on RAID..5.. ?), that may mean a lot more shopping to do. Sorry for the verbosity, and thanks for the help in advance - Kind regards

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 18 March 2021, 13:25
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I would suggest Synology NAS. It is very easy to set up and use. They also have the best Windows backup option and also come with a Dropbox-like alternative called Synology Drive.

You can also use the Moments app to backup your phone multimedia and also install Surveillance and get notifications on your phone.

I would look at multi LAN options such as 20+ series NAS. They have 2 / 4 / 5 bays models available.

Their DS Video app will allow you to stream all videos across the internet. They also come with a transcoding function that will convert video into a smaller size so that broadband speed can cope with it.

You can also access your multimedia and other files locally via DLNA protocol or another way of connecting.

I hope this helps.