Nimbustor 4 Plex media player?

Hi, it took me a while to choose which NAS to go for, but I finally went with the Nimbustor 4 and I populated it with 4 x 4gb WD Gold drives and I upgraded the Nas RAM to 16gb of DDR 4. I have the Nas connected to my TV via hdmi and have a library of content using Plex server... After a few days I noticed that some files wouldnt play, with a message being displayed saying something along the lines of, server not powerful enough.. it took me a while to realise that although the NAS is connected via hmdi, Plex was not being utilised via hdmi (asustor portal) and that I needed the Plex media player installed in Portal to stream directly.... However, I cannot find this and although I've found a version 1 Plex media player APK, it doesn't show support for the Nimbustor 4 and won't install... This is pretty annoying, as this setup cost over £1k and it cant transcode high quality to my TV or provide the software to direct stream via HDMI. Can you advise or do you have any ideas for a remedy, Emby maybe¿

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 03 April 2020, 11:00
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Yes, Plex is a very power demanding app. You should have no problems with the built-in video player app. You could lap disable the transcoding option in Plex settings. But if a TV does. It supports some of the video files, you should use the offline transcoding option and automatically create additional versions of those files so that tv can play any video.

I hope this helps.