DS218play low speed?

Hi! I´ve been watching so many of your informative videos on Youtube. Thank you so much for making them! They were the reason why I decided to go for a NAS instead og a normal ssd drive. But, now Im having trouble video editing 4K material in Davinci Resolve. I have two Seagate 7 TB disk configured in SHR. And they are not nearly full. I use a cat6 cable and a Sonnet Eternet - thunderbolt swith. The iMac is from 2020, with a 10GBE port. Still my reading/writing speed is only 112 MB/s. Is this the best I can hope for? In that case I really regret the whole purchase. Please tell me if there is any chance I can get better speeds than this. My iMac network settings are: IPv4: with DHCP. Configure: manually. Speed: 10Gbase-T. Duplex: full duplex. MTU: Jumbo (9000). If you have any idea how to improve this I would really appreciate it! Best, Olaug :)

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 23 March 2021, 16:45
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DS218play is a 1GbE NAS, this is the max you will get. In order to get a better speed then you should consider TS-253Be/ TS253D with a 10GbE card. This would be the cheapest option to utilise 10GbE connectivity. Two drives could potentially give you speeds around 300MB/s (RAID1, could be faster with RAOD0). If you had dual SSD then up to 700MB/s. Either way, speed would be enough for 4K editing.

The most professional solution would be DS1621+ or DS1621xs+ or Qnap Thunderbolt models. Bit these are fairly expensive. For a single editor, external SSD would be all you need if file sharing is not required.

I hope this helps.