Btrfs or Ext4?

Hi there - loved your Youtube videos and helpful advice. I've just replaced my DS213J which died with a new DS420+. 2x2TB drives (I plan to add more later). What I'm struggling to understand is which file system I should use and does it really matter? I did watch your videos but I was none the wiser. I'm a home consumer user. Primary usage will be to store and organise family photos (google photos replacement) and home videos. Secondary usage as a media server (music and movies). I will be torrenting a bit. Eventually I will want to also use it for surveillance. I won't be using it for business critical applications. I understand btrfs is supposed to address 'bitrot' and be more efficienct for storage use. For my usage, is there any benefit to going btrfs over Ext4? Or should I stick with Ext4, which is supposed to use less resources? Can I combine the two on one machine? e.g if I want to use the machine for surveillance, what is the best approach here? If I have 4 drives, 3 could be btrfs and one drive dedicated to ext4? Any suggestions appreciated as much of the searching I've done online to get an answer only leads to being drowned by technical information. Cheers Matthew

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 18 March 2021, 03:35
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Yes, when creating a RAID and volume you will have a choice of the file system. In a home environment, there is no difference in which one you choose.

BTRFS might be slightly slower, but not that you would notice this. You are limited to a 1GbE network anyway, so there is no way to notice this.

Here is a list of benefits of this file system:

You can safe storage space on snapshots and version control and have file self-healing and so much more.

I hope this helps.