I have read your article about the 8 things wrong. I have selected a Qnap tvs 472XT. I am living in a rural area where the internet is no that good I am planning to upload in the nas all my personal data, as well as movies and music I want to stream movies and music to my TVs questions 1. what do you think about the 472xt processor ? will it do the job ? Intel® Pentium G5400T 2-core 3.1 GHz Processor 2. Memory no problem i will expand it as much as i can , may be 8 - 32 gb 3. what about the graphic processor Intel® UHD Graphics 610 4. Noise ? I will locate it far away and do HDMI connection 5. Plex media looks like no issue ? do really appreciate your feedback and advise Thanks ED yescarochel@yahoo.com

NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 20 March 2021, 03:00
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Yes, Qnap 472XT just like other XT models are great for multimedia. The UHD Graphics 610 can easily cope with 4K local streaming and even dome smaller 4K file transcoding in Plex. Using the Video station app you can transcode the majority of 4K files. If you connect via HDMI there is no transcoding required at all. And if you stream over the local network to a compatible TV, again transcoding is not something that is required.

Regards the memory, this is something easy to upgrade. But unlikely you would need more than 4GB unless you use Virtual machines.

Noise will depend on drives rather than NAS itself. WD Red seem to fairly quiet drive.

I hope this helps.