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Which NAS for Plex Server - Enquiries - 11-30-2023


I really hope you can help make up my mind. I bought 2-14 TB Reds and am just getting into setting up my first server, mainly for photos and Plex. I bought the DS224+ for $349 CAD and can purchase the DS923+ for $650. I have watched many of your videos and and even more confused about which one to go with. I certainly do not need to have 4K video. I hope to hear from you very soon.

David Salmon

RE: Which NAS for Plex Server - ed - 12-01-2023

I understand the struggle of choosing the right NAS, and I'm here to assist. Considering your focus on photos and Plex without the necessity for 4K video, the DS224+ at $349 CAD could be a solid choice. It comes with a quad-core Intel Celeron J4125, providing decent performance for local 4K playback. However, if you're eyeing remote 4K streaming using the Plex app in the future, the DS923+ at $650 CAD might be a more future-proof option. With its robust hardware, including the AMD Ryzen R1600 and 4 GB DDR4 ECC, it ensures smoother performance and accommodates potential future needs.

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