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Migrate from (DSM7) DS218+ to new DS920+?

Could you please advise on how to move from my existing DS218+ (2 x 4TB) to a brand new DS920+? The 218+ is running DSM 7, which I assume the 920+ won't be. Is it possible to upgrade the DS920+ to DSM 7 and then swap the drives from the DS218+ into slots 1&2? I assume that the DS920+ needs at least one blank drive in bay 1 to allow the DSM 7 update. Once I do that, can I eject it and use it elsewhere instead? I have ordered 2 x 2TB drives for the DS218+, as we plan to keep it as a remote backup for the new DS920+.
WE Westyphoto asked on 17 May 2021, 17:54
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Rebuilding storage pool - Super slow to log-in?

HI all - I started upgrading my DS218+ with two new 4TB drives on Friday. I replaced the first one, which repaired overnight... All fine. I replaced the second drive at lunchtime yesterday - It was still repairing last night. This morning, logging into DSM is taking almost 10 minutes... and everything is crawling. Do I just leave it alone for now? Can I force restart when the storage pool is being repaired?
WE Westyphoto asked on 10 May 2020, 10:40
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