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Synology NAS

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All things related to Synology NAS Drives

NAS Buying Advice

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Not sure which NAS is best for you? Let me know your setup, available budget and necessary storage space. You can then either save money and avoid buying unnecessary expensive NAS or quite opposite, realise that what you intend to buy would only bring you disappointment and extra spending. Make it right the first time!

General Questions about NAS

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What is NAS? What is RAID? Is NAS a computer? Advantages of NAS? NAS is a new territory for many of you, explore this subject here.


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All things related to QNAP NAS Drives


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Need help looking for the right NAS for your Plex Media Server? Or Perhaps you are looking for tip, help or guidance on an issue? Head here for all things Plex related.

NAS Applications

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Understand the wide range of applications for your NAS device, as well as client tools too. Here we discuss the 1st party and 3rd Party applications hat may be just what you are looking for to use your data effectively.

Hard Drives (HDD) for NAS

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Don't know your WD Red from your Seagate Ironwolf? Looking to populate a NAS Drive with the right media, but are cannot see the wood for the trees? Here we discuss the latest and greatest hard drive (and SSD of course) media for your network attached storage.

NAS Software

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All questions related to NAS Software

NAS Upgrades

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Queries related to upgrading your NAS - Memory, NICs, GPUs, etc

New NAS Models

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Find out about new releases as they are unveiled from all the top tier NAS brands. If you are looking to buy your first NAS drive and insist on the latest tech, head here.

NAS Troubleshooting

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My NAS doesn't power on or boot. How can I fix this? Troubleshooting Network Attached Storage (NAS) Issues. Fixing misconfiguration. All this solved with an experience from other NAS users here.

Network Questions

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Discussing everything in networking, with nothing off limits. Got a problem with 1Gbe, 2.5Gbe, 5Gbe or 10Gbe that needs a hand? Perhaps your NAS drive just 'fell' off the network. Head here for assistance.

NAS Media Questions

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Questions related to Multimedia on NAS Drives


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Questions about NAS and music, videos, audio, pictures and more

NAS Compatibility

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From Expansions to IP Cameras, here is where you will find new information regarding compatibility of a wide range of client devices with each NAS brand and/or model.

NAS Drive Reviews

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When a new piece of NAS kit arrives, does it live up to the promises of the press releases? Head here for the reviews of new NAS as they arrive.

All things related to Virtual Machines on NAS Drives

Discuss NAScompares articles

10Gbe NAS Drives

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All things related to 10 Gigabit NAS Drives

Asustor NAS

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All things related to Asustor NAS Drives

Kodi NAS Drive Support

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All things related to KODI and Installing it on NAS Drives