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Which nas to buy? ts230 or ts253D?

Hi, I'm looking to buy my first nas. These are the things I'm taking into consideration: - Im looking at a 2 bay with 2x4tb with raid for redundancy - I mostly want to use it for backing up 10-12 years of photographs and from now on whenever take new photos and upload them I want them to be automatically backed up - I work in lightroom and still want to keep the original files I'm working on on my local ssd as it's a lot faster to work with - I would like to be able to access, upload/download files when I am traveling - I don't need a plex, I use netflix, disney+ etc, youtube music etc From watchin a lot of great videos from here on nas compares I think I narrowed myself to these 2: Qnap ts230 and the ts253d I think that the ts253 would honestly be overkill for my needs but there are also some very nice black friday sales coming on newegg and the ts253 is currently 399 cad $ and the ts230 179 cad $. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks very much
JA Jamesn asked on 26 November 2020, 15:58
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