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Which is best for my situation?

I'm looking at the qnap ts-451+ and the Asustor AS6404T. I'll be using the NAS to hold movies to stream throughout my home via LAN. I have no need to use the HDMI port, I already have media players (Nvidia Shield and Mibox Android TV boxes) so the Nas will just be a storage and access point. Files are also backed up in the cloud. Which of the 2 Nas devices would you recommend based on your expert knowledge? Thanks In Advance
HO Hoopsdavis asked on 06 August 2020, 19:21
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Qnap ts451+?

Would you consider the qnap ts451+ too old to purchase. Mostly will be used to hold movies to stream over my home network. Not using the HDMI direct connect port. Raid 5 will be my option with 4 10Tb drives
HO Hoopsdavis asked on 06 August 2020, 16:29
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Qnap Expansion?

How does Qnap expansion work with TS-451+ and TR-002?
HO Hoopsdavis asked on 05 August 2020, 03:37
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