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4k high bitrate movies straight from NAS to TV?

Hi all; looking at synology latest gen products and watching this channel's vids I see plex is probably not the right solution to stream high bitrate 4k movies assuming the plex server is on the NAS of course (specifiaclly reffering to the 220+/720+ vids about 4k) I am still looking for a way to at least play high bitrate movies (usually around 60Mb/sec - this is what UHD BD avg usually has). so if not plex, and I dont want a streamer of any other extra device, and just want my TV to play a file from the NAS - what options do I have? will DLNA do the trick? I dont care about the movies UI of plex or any type of transcoding. I just want to be able to play my 4K content straight from the NAS to my TV without hickups. can you reccomend a way of doing so? thanks! BTW my TV is an OLED LG C9
GK Gkatz asked on 31 August 2020, 06:46
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