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NAS For Editing Video as well as a PLEX system?

I am looking at this system on Amazon Synology DiskStation DS918+ NAS Server for Business with Intel Celeron CPU, 8GB Memory, 256GB SSD, 16TB HDD, Synology DSM Operating System The link is at the end. I currently edit video almost exclusively, raw drone 4K video. I have also been editing sometimes with raw 6K & 8K footage, but not often. I usually work with proxies when video editing, to get around the lag issues. It has worked well for me so far in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. I have about 7TB of data storage currently from work I also want to setup a plex system for my family to use, internal family members as well as external family members (Grand Kids). I have a ~6.7TB library of movies and TV shows. I would like to share with these family members but control who sees what and only allow them to access certain content based on ratings (Grans Kids cannot access my Action and Adventure R rated movies). I will eventually add on to the system and want to expand, maybe another 4 bay down the road. It looks as though it has 2 x RJ-45 1GbE LAN Ports. I don't know if that is upgradable on this system. Do you think this would take care of my needs, am I paining my self in a corner because of the 1Gbe ports? I have watched about 10 different videos from your channel and they are very good but have seriously overloaded my brain, so much though... That several times I have talked myself out of getting a NAS all together and just grabbing another 10TB DAS. But I keep coming back to PLEX and how cool that would be to get setup instead of having multiple thumb drives spread out all over the place. (
BA Baddog asked on 30 May 2021, 15:03
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