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Editing in 4K, FHD, HD or other resolution. Questions about fastest NAS or DAS solutions for video editors.

First NAS as a Video Professional: for Back-up and File Sharing?

Hi @nas ! I'm an animation and video freelancer, and I'm curious to get a 2-bay NAS so that: 1. 2 separate laptops can each have their own more robust and automatic back-up in a centralized location. 2. 2 separate laptops can access and share work files on the NAS I'm looking at 3 options: 1. Just buy a Hard drive and back-up my laptop every so often (but this doesnt solve problem 2) 2. Buy the Synology DS220J as a more affordable entry-level NAS - From a price point, this is attractive. Will the performance be an issue? My main uses for the NAS will just be Back-up and File Sharing. We probably wont be working on files Directly on the NAS (though that would be nice too, is that only possible on the 220+?) 3. Spring for the extra cash and go with the DS220+ - This is probably my cap in terms of price for now. Is there much difference between the 220+ and the 220J if my concerns are just back-up, file sharing, and file access?
CA Carlgraham_ asked on 05 January 2021, 16:49
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Best transcoding NAS for video editing?

Hi all, I need some advice on a NAS solution for our small video studio. I'm hoping to find a NAS that will automatically transcode 4k xavc-s files down to 1080p H264 files for editing as proxy files in Premiere. I'd like to create a simple workflow so a team member can remove SD cards from a camera. Plug them into a reader, change their filename (our sony A7Sii cameras do not have a very user-friendly naming system) and then copy the files to the NAS. Probably using an iMac as the workstation. I would like the NAS to then transcode the files to 1080p, and copy both the 4k files and the 1080p files to an external drive so the videographer can take the external drive back to their studio to edit with + keep a copy of all files on the NAS. We will have about 4TB of 4k footage for this project. But will need to hold more in the future. Redundant RAID in case of a failed drive is a must, incremental backup in case someone deletes the wrong file would be nice too.
MI Milkwood_nick asked on 04 September 2020, 02:16
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Audio editing with NAS?

I'm just curious Rob's youtube video on audio editing with a NAS. (Choosing the Right NAS CPU for Audio Editing - Buyers Guide ). I am a musician and producer with similar needs to his friend Ben from the video, and I'm wondering what audio editing software exists for NAS systems? I am familiar with all the usual DAWs for editing audio on a PC (Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, etc. etc) but have never heard of an audio editor for NAS. Could someone please clarify? I'm wondering this because I'm curious about using a NAS in my recording studio to allow for simultaneous multi-client song editing, the way Google docs allows multiple clients to edit the same word document or spreadsheet simultaneously. I realize this may entail having to program my own applications for the NAS and for the client devices. Hopefully someone can set me down the right path. Thanks!
JA Jamescanada asked on 30 August 2020, 20:36
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Which NAS for a church for video recording, editing, and file sharing?

I want to move our church from Windows Server 2012 to a NAS. We have less than 1 TB of private and shared office files being backed up to a 3 TB external HDD. We also have a Mac (not connected to the server) for recording our services and for video editing. There are 7 HDDs connected to it with 36 TB of video files. There is a 14 TB HDD connected to it to which I have backed up most of the Final Cut Pro 10 libraries as a stopgap measure. I also subscribed to Backblaze to back up this Mac online. Every Sunday we record our services and live stream them through the Mac. The recordings are saved to the external HDDs until they are edited and published. We need a connection that is fast for the recording and passing of the files to the live stream box, and then need all this data stored and backed up. We also need file sharing, and the ability to connect from any computer, tablet or phone, from anywhere. What Synology NAS do you recommend, how much storage, and RAID 5, 6, or SHR? Thanks.
GE Gene asked on 24 August 2020, 21:04
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First time NAS recommendation?

My business partner and I are building a music studio and would like to have a server in order to efficiently work on multiple computers (we will have two different rooms, each with its own PC, but projects will need to be accessed in each room). While we will mainly be sharing project folders, we would also like to stream up to 4k video as well as share audio samples, photos, and other miscellaneous files. We’re curious which NAS would best fit our needs! Any help is greatly appreciated!
ST Stangoodwin asked on 03 June 2020, 20:58
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Tag Video files for easier search and File management ?

Hi! So I work for a small company and we just bought a custom Synology ds1819 in order to store all the video footage that we record. I'd like to find out if there is software out there that I can use in tandem with our NAS in order to log our footage in a way that we can bulk tag files, as well as have the ability to search let's say, "apple" and have all the footage we've tagged "apple" come up. Also if we'd be able to preview video files without having to download them, that would be ideal. I called Synology support and they said that they currently don't have anything like that, so I was hoping to find software out there that can do it instead. I just don't know what to even google to find this kind of program. Sorry if this doesn't make sense or if this is not the place to ask. Please let me know when you can, thank you!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 06 April 2020, 21:40
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4K editing over WiFi - DAS connected to wifi 6 router?

Hi! I'm trying to figure out a storage solution that would be easily accessible no matter where I'm located. It makes sense to go for a NAS, but I'm interested if a DAS with a good router could be an option. I'm very interested in having a wireless connection at home that would be capable of editing 4k video straight off of wifi. I'm hoping maybe wifi 6 could work here? I really just started searching for information and there's a lot of factors and limitations that I don't understand yet. That's the reason why I'm writing. Thinking about if pairing Terramaster D5 with Asus rt-ax89x router could work to achieve this? Best wishes, Jonas
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 29 March 2020, 15:20
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