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Pro Photographer, looking for a good backup solution?

HI guys, Love the YouTube channel. I wonder if you can help me, I'm Currently backing my MacBook laptop up, via Time Machine, to a basic extrnal drive, 8TB, and then saving projects to another basic External Drive, just Seagate or similar 8TB when I'm ready to move the files fully off my laptop. I also backup final edits in HD jpeg to Amazon Drive and Dropbox. I'm looking for a better solution, I've thought of keeping a basic Time Machine drive going, but also getting a Synology DiskStation DS720+ or DS220+ ,saving all my final Projects to those Drives, in a Mirrored Raid, probably using 4TB Barracuda drives, (8TB when available) And then just swapping those drives out when they are full, and storing them away, labeled, and in a database, so if i need access to any old projects, I know which drives to slot in. I'd keep the cloud storage going also. Just wondered if that was a good solution, or if something cheaper like a Terramaster would work as well. Thanks a lot for your help, Have a great week, Chris.
CH Chrisd asked on 21 July 2021, 18:58
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Netgear GS108PP ?

Hi ... Does my new GS108PP support "poe switch is 802.3af compliant (48V) and supports active mode" It's for a poe camera (Reolink rcl-410)? and can I connect as plug and play? On the back of the switch there is a switch, should it be high, medium and low power? and must be connected to my Synology Nas ds210j. Hope you will return. Mogens
MO Mogens andersen asked on 15 July 2021, 15:11
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Replace default admin login?

How do i do this?
BA Babysnakes asked on 04 July 2021, 07:26
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Use Old NAS HDD for USB Backup?

I increased the capacity of my Synology 218j NAS using SHR from 2 x 2tb to 2 x 6 tb . I want to repurpose the 2 year old 2 tb WD Red HDDs as a USB backup. I bought a HDD case, installed the 2tb drive (haven’t done anything with the HDD, just straight from the 218j to the case), and plugged  it into the USB port of my 218j. The USB 2tb drive shows up in the upper right hand of  DSM, but not when I use the HyperBackup wizard. I know the case works as I tried it on a 250gb HDD left over from my recent upgrade to a SSD of my older laptop. The case specs says it can handle up to 16 tb.Do I need to format,repartion or something  the 2tb HDD ? I so, how ? I looked on YouTube, and the internet on how, but no success.Can you give me any direction ?
BI Bianchirider asked on 24 June 2021, 17:07
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Which NAS?

Hi all, I have been researching which NAS to buy, I know I wasn’t a four bay. My use cases would be for my business but the NAS will be at my home. We have a very mixed use, normal files and documents like spreadsheets etc but also video and audio content that we edit. Two people work from my location and I would want to give access or share files with other team members outside the office. I’m tempted to go with a synology four bay but just not sure. Would need about 40-100tb. I have gigabit internet and ASUS AX8 router. I have looked at ASUSTOR and Synology. Added: budget would be around 500-1000 , but happy to invest in more for quality or reliability Sorry in advance for how boring this question might be for you all.
TH Theo_s asked on 23 May 2021, 15:35
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Synology Moments and viewing mp4 in timeline view in Shared Photo Library?

Edit 31May21 : Synology support recognise this as a bug. Their response is that unless a video has the following XMP tag then Moments will also look to the modification date not the creation date when ordering them after a copy event all videos : (In UTC %Year:%Month:%Date:%Time format) quicktime videos : So that leads to 2 questions 1) where can I find this Tag? Synology supprt tells me that some of my videos have it, and some don't, but can't explain to me where to find it 2) if I find the Tag, can I edit it? Can I bulk edit at the same time? Can anyone recreate my bug : In copying .mp4 files from Moments User Photo Library to the Shared Photo Library, the Creation Date is overwritten by the modification date of the copy, and the Shared timeline view orders .mp4s then by the date of copy. This does not appear to be the case for .jpg, .mov, .heic etc. So - if today I copy say a month's worth of files from my User Library into Shared, and look at the Shared Timeline view, everything looks OK apart from all the .mp4, which all are ordered into today, and not by creation date. If anyone can recreate it, are there any fiendish workarounds? I attach screenshots of a .jpg and .mp4 each in my User Library, and then the timeline view and metadata as seen in the Shared Library Annoyingly, it is not consistent - an .mp4 from 2 years ago, when copied to the Shared, remains with the correct Creation Date and is ordered correctly in the Shared Photo Library Even more annoyingly, a jpg from 2 years ago, when copied to the Shared, had its creation date modified and appeared in the Shared as today aaaarggghhh oh fyi the use case : having a shared photo library of family stuff that both me and my partner can selectively add to, rather than having a shared album that only either of us can add to
Synology Moments and viewing mp4 in timeline view in Shared Photo Library? Synology Moments and viewing mp4 in timeline view in Shared Photo Library? Synology Moments and viewing mp4 in timeline view in Shared Photo Library? Synology Moments and viewing mp4 in timeline view in Shared Photo Library? Synology Moments and viewing mp4 in timeline view in Shared Photo Library?
DL Dlennard asked on 23 May 2021, 14:21
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Migrate from (DSM7) DS218+ to new DS920+?

Could you please advise on how to move from my existing DS218+ (2 x 4TB) to a brand new DS920+? The 218+ is running DSM 7, which I assume the 920+ won't be. Is it possible to upgrade the DS920+ to DSM 7 and then swap the drives from the DS218+ into slots 1&2? I assume that the DS920+ needs at least one blank drive in bay 1 to allow the DSM 7 update. Once I do that, can I eject it and use it elsewhere instead? I have ordered 2 x 2TB drives for the DS218+, as we plan to keep it as a remote backup for the new DS920+.
WE Westyphoto asked on 17 May 2021, 17:54
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Saving lightroom photos on Synology without ill effects?

I'm editing (large) photos in Lightroom, and have just added a Synology NAS. I'm not interested in the NAS for processing or sharing photos, only for recovery of data. The NAS has 1gb ethernet, so (from the latest photo video) I wouldn't try to edit from the NAS, but would sync or backup the lightroom pictures and directories. I'm concerned that NAS "helpful" processing such as creation of thumbnails & AI processing could modifiy or add something in the lightroom folders that would cause problems with recovery when restoring the data. Would a variety of sync or of backup be better, and is there a way of being sure the NAS doesn't modify the data?
LU Lubarb asked on 14 May 2021, 22:44
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Synology Ethernet/Internet sharing via aditional LAN?

How to Set Up Synology in the way i want. For instance; My model 1621s+ I want to connect an Ethernet cable from my router to my Synology, and then I would like to take another Ethernet cable and connect it to my PC from that Synology NAS to continue sharing the internet. In simple words: Home Router -> Synology NAS-> to PC in order to have both internet and direct connection between my PC and NAS. How to use NAS to get the Internet to my PC with using an additional switch?
AD Admin asked on 26 April 2021, 10:22
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5/6 Bay, Capable of Transcoding 4K Files via Plex, M.2 Slots to Use as Storage Volumes?

Looking for a NAS to use at home to stream content to 1-2 MacBook Pros, 1-2 iPhones, and/or a 4K TV (LG). Would likely only have 1-2 streams at a time. Content ranges from 720 to 4K. Will also use the NAS as wireless backup via Time Machine for the two MacBook Pros. Knowing that I'll be using hardware transcoding (plan to subscribe to Plex Pass), I want to find a NAS that allows me to use an M.2 NVME SSD as a storage volume with PCIe Gen 3 capability (either with an expansion card or natively with slots), with the idea that I'd run Plex on that NVME volume and use it as a transcoding directory as well. QNAP allows M.2 volumes to be used as storage, so this should work on a QNAP device that has the right hardware. A few questions: 1. Is this overkill for my use case? 2. If it is overkill, which NAS from either QNAP or Synology would be best for the transcoding use case without the M.2 NVMEs as storage volumes? 3. If it is not overkill, which QNAP devices with PCI Gen 3 M.2 slots would work for the transcoding use case? 4. Can an iPhone or MacBook Pro direct-stream 4K content from a NAS? Thanks!
NA Namiry asked on 14 April 2021, 23:29
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DS220j enough?

I have been looking into buying a Synology NAS for one main purpose. Since Google decided to start charging for Photos I decided to make a local vault. My question is easy, is a DS220j enough for this? I only request that Moments/Synology Photos (later on) runs good, other apps are only bonus. Its for me and my wife and mainly our phone photos/videos. Once in a while also our DSLR camera. We have about 600 GB of photos/videos on a WD MyCloud today (and also on Google Photos). I absolutly want face recognition and would also prefer subject recognition to work. Will a DS220j do the job? Thanks, Roger
RO Rogera asked on 14 April 2021, 08:44
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Best NAS for client/vm automated backup?

Hi there, I'am looking for a new nas for my SMB office (10-15 client pc, 2 phisical servers and 2 virtual machine). I'am a QNAP nas adopter with a first really satifatory experience with a TS-259 Pro (still working) and another one really worsth with a TS-453A who completly dead after less than 2 years of work. Now I'am looking for a better stable and upgradable solution for file sharing and centralized backup and I'am interested in Synology DS1621+ or QNAP TS-673A-8G. I like to try the newer ZFS filesystem proposed from QNAP but the Synology Active Backup for Business suite seems to offer more complete backup solution. So my questions: - There is a integrated baremetal backup solution for windows clients also for QNAP nas? Currently I'am using the QNAP NetBak Replicator for backup file folders from clients but the Synology suite seems to be most complete. - The Synology Active Backup for Business could backup also the free Esxi Hypervisor VM or only vSphere solution? - The ZFS filesystem offers some real advantages in the client/server backup procedures? Thank you for your time! Regards
TE Tecnorama asked on 09 April 2021, 21:37
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DS418play memory upgrade?

I have a ds418play arriving soon and wish to upgrade ran soonest. Is this OK? Crucial CT8G4SFRA32A 8 GB (DDR4, 3200 MT/s, PC4-25600, SODIMM, 260-Pin) Memory, Green It seems different from what you recommend John
JO Joc asked on 06 April 2021, 17:02
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QNAP ts230 vs Synology 218 vs Synology 220+?

I am a first time NAS buyer for my home use. I am looking mainly for storage for my music collection & photos. Also to access my storage remotely. I also want to remove some of the strain from my laptop. I have ordered the qnap ts-230 & am waiting delivery. I am now rethinking that maybe I should have purchased the synology 218 or doubled up the price & purchased the synology 220+ ? I realize the 220+ has a faster intel processor & can expand the ram. What benefits will the 220+ provide to me? I will not need anything more than 2 bay. What would you recommend that I look at purchasing?
CH Chimper asked on 18 March 2021, 19:28
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Upgrading from DS220j to DS720+?

Hi Folks. Currently I have a Synology DS220j for my Plex Media Server, however, recently, I noticed that its lagging while playing videos. I've concluded based on research that it's having trouble transcoding. Is this correct and if so, should I upgrade to the DS220+ or as a future proof solution, upgrade to the DS720+. What are your thoughts on this since video is going in the direction of 4K?
FI Finkelstein2004 asked on 01 March 2021, 23:36
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Synology HAT5300 Review: Requests and Recommendations?

Robbie, in the upcoming videos related to the Synology HAT5300 drive, please consider exploring the following topics. [1] Is the Synology HAT5300 8TB drive considerably louder than the 12TB model? Assuming that Synology HAT5300-8T = Toshiba MG06 and HAT5300-12T = MG07, the acoustic specifications (idle) published by Toshiba are 34db versus 20db. [2] Will the Synology HAT5300 16TB drive be approved for use in a DiskStation NAS? At present, the Synology HAT5300-16T only appears in the Synology Products Compatibility List for RackStation units. [3] Please compare a Synology HAT5300-8T against a Toshiba MG06, to contrast the performance of the ‘same’ hardware with different firmware. [4] When examining the performance of a Synology HAT5300 drive, please vary the number of simultaneous clients in a multi-user RAID environment. According to Synology’s data sheet for the HAT5300, the drive does not deliver better performance than others when the number of clients is few. Thank you.
DA Datanas asked on 24 February 2021, 22:25
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DS1621xs+ Maximum M.2 NVMe cache SSD?

What is the upper limit, in terms of speed and size for the two cache slots on a Synology DS1621xs+? Thank you.
DD Ddodge2 asked on 16 February 2021, 03:30
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DC Hardwire Question?

I need to direct hardwire a Synology NAS (DS 920+) to 12 V DC. I need to install it in my motorhome. The 'brick' that Synology provides has 120 V AC input and 12.5 v 5A DC output. So in theory, it should be possible to directly wire it into my 12 v DC system. I believe the brick uses a 5 pin DIN connector to the NAS. Does anyone know what the wiring schematic might be for that connector? Synology does not sell a direct wire kit and there is no doc describing the wiring. I could use an inverter, I know, but that is quite an inefficient way to go. 12 VDC to 120VAC to 12VDC. Thanks.
WA Wagwar asked on 15 February 2021, 18:39
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Itunes and iPhoto migration for new NAS user - very confused?

Hello, First thanks for the great videos on the site and for any help you all can provide. The videos helped convince my brother and I to jump into the NAS World. But I am about to blow my brains out! I have spent hours scouring you tube and the internet looking for simple clear step by step advice on how to (1) move my music library from iTunes to the NAS. Should I mirror the library on my old iMac? Give up on iTunes and go all in on either Audio Station or maybe Plex? If I move exactly which files must be part of the migration? Why use the iTunes server app on the NAS - does it offer advantages over audio station? Or should I skip the Synology apps and go straight to Plex? (2) Same questions essentially for photos and home videos. They are a mess now and in different file formats some that the iMac will not read (think old camera phone videos from 18 years ago). Mirror iPhoto or move it all to the NAS? I assume it will be best to go to Moments to have that program clean up and organize things. At that point do I move the cleaned and organized files to photo station? I am surprised there is not more hand holding in Synology's setup to help newbies like myself. Any help or guidance or resources would be appreciated. Thanks again for the videos
DC Dctrimble asked on 15 February 2021, 14:13
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Which UPS (Power Consumption Vs Max PSU Load) - Head Scratcher ?

Greetings...have been a subscribed supporter and customer over the years and have learnt much so for the, I thank you. Two power cuts in the space of 8 hours this week has caused me to bring the timetable on searching for a UPS forward dramatically. I run an old QNAP TS239Pro and a newer Synology DS918+ (3 10TB drives). Also running a Mac mini 2012 model (this runs my Plex media server, with all the content sitting on the Synology...legacy from when i tried running PMS on the QNAP years failed miserably due to some kind of bottle necking). I am keen not to lose any data or the hardware through failure of power unexpectedly. So, having watched a couple of your video's (twice and thrice over), i'm a little embarrassed to say that although i have a little technical understanding, this time, it's just not translated enough to enable me to decide WHICH UPS to for in terms of VA rating. I'm hoping you can help...My issue (mentally) is knowing whether to look at the power 'consumption' rating of the devices OR the power rating of their respective power supply units? Hope that makes sense. Synology - PSU = 100W but Consumption = 28.8W QNAP - PSU = ??W but Consumption = 24W Mac Mini - 'Max Power' = 85W but 'Normal/Idle = 11W Asus AC68U Router - 33.25W but Normal/Idle = 10W Can you advise which of the UPS i should be looking at based on the above ratings? Should i be adding up the consumption/normal/idle values or the PSU/Max Power ratings and then woking out the headroom based on the totals representing a 40% value? APC or Cyberpower? Decisions decisions. Hope you can help... Regards
TH Thehumblenas asked on 11 February 2021, 14:04
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