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Specifications for 2nd NAS for offsite storage use (backup)?

Am considering DS920+ with 4 x 4-6TB as main NAS. What is a good option for an offsite back-up NAS?
JO John_p asked on 16 May 2022, 14:03
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Synology ds920+ and plex?

I have ds 920+ with Dsm 7.1 version, and can only load beta plex preinstalled, and can not do a plex update to current version, if I do it will not load, then I have to uninstall and reload the beta plex, is there a fix to use most current plex and there added software capabilities? Thanks
CH Chip9399 asked on 04 May 2022, 23:08
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DS1621XS+ refresh in 2022?

Seems Synology is updating most of their product line on a 2-year cycle and since the DS1621XS+ was first available in September 2020, that would make late 2022 be 2 years old. Any ideas regarding this possibly happening in late 2022? Thanks! Jonathan
JE Jeburnett asked on 26 April 2022, 19:13
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Comparison list of Synology models. 2, 4 & 5-Bay 2018–2022?

Synology does a great job of being vague about what product is best for you. Funny considering they have a NAS selector on their site. Year models help and confuse, what we need is a hierarchy of model/extensions. DS222 vs 222play vs 222j vs 222+ vs 722 That's 5 different 2-Bay variations, not to mention some unique models that pop up from time to time. I thought j's were basically last Gen's Value model (DS222j = DS220) but now I'm not so sure. Synology doesn't list MSRP on the site so they make shopping for these even harder. Value is would normally sound like the entry, but that's actually "j"? So I started plotting out where each model sits based on price and performance and features. I did this using Synology's comparison page which is a good start, but i think you guys could help make this WAY better. Let me know what you think. I'm sure a few things will need to move... I would HOPE the DS222j would have better performance than a DS218, but since the DS220j seemed far behind spec-wise from the 218play even, I have my doubts.
Comparison list of Synology models. 2, 4 & 5-Bay 2018–2022? Comparison list of Synology models. 2, 4 & 5-Bay 2018–2022?
CD Cdpage asked on 19 April 2022, 14:34
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WD Red Pro 16TB not recognised in Synology DS214+?

I bought some WD Red Pro 16TB [WD161KFGX] drives recently, as they were on offer, to upgrade my Synology DS214+ and DS415+. However, they don't seem to be recognised when I replace the current drive in the NAS. I mounted it in the DS214+, but nothing on Storage Manager and cannot repair volume. I haven't tried the DS415+ yet, as long rebuild if it also fails and I have to put the old drive back in and repair. Synology [and WD] have said they are not supported by any Synology NAS [not on compatibility list], but Red Pro 14TB version [WD141KFGX] is. Any ideas why this is? I have heard of others using drives not on the list, so not sure why this is an issue. Synology have said they don't block incompatible drives. I have connected 2 of these drives to my PC and can see them, but cannot do any SMART scan using WD dashboard [Fails] and only drive info is serial number and basic drive info [Model, tc.]. I also cannot initialise the drive [get "Drive error (Cyclic redundancy check)" dialog] in windows in Windows Disk Management and cannot format it. Is there something wrong with these drives? Is there anything I can do? Or will I have to admit defeat and return the unopened drives and sell the used ones?! Cheers for any help here.
DI Diz asked on 08 April 2022, 17:47
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Ready to upgrade my Synology NAS?

10 years ago Synology 110j.... 5 years ago Synology 216+II... Now??? Bought into Synology originally to cover 1 IP camera with remote access, store my music and video media and stream using DLNA, and backup my PC and phones. Updated 5 years ago as added a second IP camera, 110j getting very slow and less DSM support, and wanted to add RAID, hence the 216+II with 2x4TB WD Red drives. That worked well, for 3-4 years, but is getting full, slowing a lot, and remote access is incredibly slow and unreliable. So, thinking of up'ing to a 4 bay. Want to stay with Synology. Budget not too important. Want top speed so processor, memory and maybe SSD cache (?) important, but only for single user so LAN speed of 1Gb/s is fine (IMHO), and whatever RAID is deemed the best. Have recently updated my whole WiFi/router system to Linksys Velop mesh, with an MR9000v1 router and 3 WHM03v2 repeaters, all of which seem to be working really well, and which I can reliably and quickly access from worldwide, so I'm happy they are not a bottleneck. Have watched some of your videos, I'm thinking maybe the 420, 720 or even 920. I want it for the next 5 years, minimum. I'm open to suggestions, with justification of course.
NI Nick the greek asked on 06 April 2022, 10:20
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Direct connection between Synology & a Win10 PC?

I have a windows 10 PC with a single ethernet port and I need to keep it hardwired to the network (going through a gigabit switch). I work with lots of large files (typically around 20 to 30Gb) and I'm looking to increase my file transfer speed. Since the NAS has USB 3.0 ports I was wondering if I can connect it directly to the PC via USB (and I understand that the drive would have to be formatted as exFAT for both DSM7 and Windows 10 to recognize it). Questions that I have that I can't find an answer to through web searches are: * Would the USB connection actually be faster than the network connection? USB 3 has a theoretical rate of up to 5GBps from what I've read but even if it only works at 2GBps that doubles the maximum transfer rate compared to the max speed of the ethernet connection. * Would connecting one by USB and the other by eSATA work? The NAS has an eSATA port and the drive enclosure has one as well, so if a direct USB connection wouldn't work could I use those two different connections to achieve what I'm looking to do? * If a direct USB or USB/eSATA connection wont work, could I use a USB to ethernet adapter and connect directly to one of the NIC ports on the NAS? Would this actually increase the data transfer rate? Currently I'm only getting about 100MBps on average going from PC to switch to NAS. Any help or feedback anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.
OG asked on 03 April 2022, 17:08
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Security Protection Confusion regarding SMB?

How can I secure my system while allowing internet access? I'm setting up my new DS220+ and don't have any understanding of security. I am mapping folders to my NAS in Win10 If I enable SMB under File Services, Security Advisor warns me "LAN Services are accessible from the Internet". If I disable it, I can't map. I've spent a significant amount of time googling for a solution without success. Any simple direction will be appreciated.
JE Jeremysdad asked on 16 March 2022, 21:32
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Drobo 5D needing to upgrade?

Looking to upgrade my Drobo 5D to a thunderbolt device for my iMac.
ST Stephen0523 asked on 15 March 2022, 19:10
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Is there a way to backup a QNAP LUN to a Synology NAS?

Trying to figure out how to create a LUN backup job From a QNAP nas to a Synology NAS
TE Techxconsults asked on 04 February 2022, 18:04
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Upgrade from WD EX2 after My Cloud support ending?

Currently have WD My Cloud EX2 NAS for fairly basic NAS setup. Given WD has chosen to not support OS upgrades on the device and I can only use it locally starting in April, I'm looking for suggestions for upgrade recommendations. Given WD no longer being relevant in the NAS space in my opinion, not interested in another WD product. Synology seems to be a leader based on the videos I've watched from NAS Compares. Looking for photo, music, video, document storage and solid RAID options. Current NAS has 4TB and about 50% utilized so may need more space looking into the future. Potential future interest in security camera storage as well.
MC Mc23 asked on 01 February 2022, 22:15
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First NAS -QNAP v.s. Synology?

Hi all, I have decided to move from online disks and to buy my first NAS. NAS will be mainly used for backing up my documents and pictures and for accessing them from PC/mobile/TV. Plus would be to have possibility to stream movies to my TV. Also, I have few IP cameras (ONVIF Tiandy) and it would be great if I could connect them to my NAS. In the future I might have a need to use a NAS as a VPN and web server. I was looking at: 1. QNAP TS-230 = 170 € 2. Synology DS218play = 230 € 3. Synology DS218 = 270 € 4. Synology DS220+ = 300 € I 'm wondering do I need some more expensive NAS then QNAP? How much is needed to have 2 GB of RAM instead of 1 GB in DS218play? Is there something better in this price range? Thanks!
ZE Zero cool asked on 25 January 2022, 10:54
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Can I use non-synology drives (i.e Seagate) in Synology SHA dual RS1221+ setup?

As stated above, I am considering a Synology SHA dual RS1221 setup. My question is - is it an absolute must or just how important is it to use only synology drives (and memory) can i use Seagate drives and Kingston memory? The $$/GB difference is very substantial. any advice and/or input would be appreciated I really like the system but the drives (and accessories) makes the price substantially more - could be a deal breaker for me cj
CS Csjones asked on 10 January 2022, 00:04
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Move VM from Cloud to Synology NAS?

Do you know if it is possible to move a Digital Ocean droplet out of the cloud and onto a Synology DS918+ NAS?
DA Daven2411 asked on 27 December 2021, 15:42
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I think I need an 8 - 12 bay NAS (Asustore v. Synology?)?

I'm pretty sure I don't want to deal with the following: Qnap, 15+ External HDDs, Someone else's mail server. I'm unable to find current info on Asustor Lockerstor 10 but am VERY interested in this from a features view perspective. I have had no luck with dealing with Asus directly; their links to 'dealers' turns up 2 out 3 have no listing for the current version and the 3rd requires opening an account to get any info. It would be useful see some sort of review on the current 10 bay model (AS7110T) including any 'where to buy'. At this point, I am looking at a history of dealing with only mother boards and routers over the last 30+ years. I real need some concrete specs and opinions on why I should get this over a DS1821+. Their is also the question of the relative prices of Asustor Lockerstor 10 (AS7110T) vs. (AS6510T)
J J asked on 28 November 2021, 17:15
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NAS or DAS for safe data archiving?

I'm thinking of finally biting the bullet and upgrading my video storage solution (I'm currently just buying more and more USB drives and duplicating them for redundancy). I use macs and thunderbolt / usb all the time. I'm NOT an IT professional. I thought that a NAS/ or DAS (RAID) would be a better option while my storage needs mount with more and more video content. I'm going to access and add data for project work several times per year, but won't need to leverage it as an active work drive on a day to day basis. I plan just to transfer the data to a 'working drive' when I need to edit things and then just transfer it back when done. So SPEED isn't important. That said, I want to make sure my STORAGE of the data is SAFE / backed up. At first, I thought a synology NAS would be super user-friendly - 4 BAY NAS ($300-$400) (cheaper vs. more expensive) 4 10TB HD'S ($200+ EACH) (probably ironwolf vs. wd) CONNECT VIA CAT5 THROUGH ROUTER / SWITCH $1,100 - $1,200 But since there's no absolute backup (and that raid could still fail) I'd be stuck paying high monthly fees to backup 10TB+ over the coming decades. So now I'm thinking I should get a DAS instead (since I could use the $7 / month personal backblaze with a DAS RAID) as a cheap backup along with the RAID redundancy. Buuuuut.... Synology doesn't make a DAS (or I don't know of any way to clearly guarantee that I can use crashplan or backblaze with a mapped or NAS drive without jacking up the fees). So I guess I could get a QNAP, but I'm concerned that I may not have the tech chops to set it up... Does all that make sense? Am I worrying about my lack of tech chops for the QNAP RAID? Any other options I should be aware of? Jeff
LI Liketrane asked on 26 November 2021, 22:43
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NAS buying suggestion for research group?

Hi, I am from a research group with about 12 people, looking for a NAS with about 250 TB space and potential scalability. We are looking at Synology RS4021xs+ (DSM) and TS-h2483XU-RP (QTS-hero). It seems both are good models with enough space. Synology is said to be more user-friendly, while QNAP has more powerful hardware and flexibility. But we do not have much actual experience with NAS, so not sure which brand or system would be a good fit. Could anyone help us with some comments or suggestions in terms of long-term performance, reliability, or functionality? Thank you so much.
JA Jarmck asked on 21 November 2021, 19:00
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How do I limit users from seeing in other on a Synology NAS.?

Is it possible to limit different users from seeing each other when sharing items on a Synology NAS? Something like User A does not see User B when adding users to a share list.
AN Angelsurfer asked on 05 November 2021, 09:08
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Synology NAS Shutdown?

Hi - I have my DS220+ on a Power Schedule from 22:00 until 06:00. This means that every day I have to 'connect to server' manually. - or is there a way around this? Is the alternative is to go into hibernation mode instead? Thanks Peter
AV Avon1330 asked on 09 October 2021, 15:10
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