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Setting up Push notifications from the Notification Center?

I am working on improving my NAS Security after the Qlocker debacle. I followed the video you made on this topic (great material thanks!) and picked up most of the points. One thing I am struggling with is that in order to set up the push service I am being asked to connect to myQnapCloud, a service which I do not want to enable for the time being. Am I correct in my understanding that I can only enable push notifications if I enable myQnapCloud service on my NAS or is there some way around it? Or maybe I am just not understanding the instructions I found on Qnaps own tutorial page. Thanks for any and all the help!
MA Masu.wolf asked on 07 June 2021, 15:49
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Move Qnap drives to different bays?

Good day: Can I Move hard drives to different slots on my 4 bay 453b Qnap? I have 3 shucked 8TB WD drives in bays 1, 2 and 3. Since drive 1 is next to CPU, it runs 2-3 degrees hotter than drive 3. I want to leave bay 1 open. I don’t want to lose data. If I shut down my Nas, can I move drive 1 from slot 1 to slot 4? My theory is that all three drives will function at the same temperature and maybe the CPU’s will also cool down as a result of leaving slot one empty. Right now my CPU temp is 46°C and my drives are 48°, 47° and 45° (bays 1,2 and 3, respectively).
Move Qnap drives to different bays?
GE Geocow asked on 07 June 2021, 13:57
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5/6 Bay, Capable of Transcoding 4K Files via Plex, M.2 Slots to Use as Storage Volumes?

Looking for a NAS to use at home to stream content to 1-2 MacBook Pros, 1-2 iPhones, and/or a 4K TV (LG). Would likely only have 1-2 streams at a time. Content ranges from 720 to 4K. Will also use the NAS as wireless backup via Time Machine for the two MacBook Pros. Knowing that I'll be using hardware transcoding (plan to subscribe to Plex Pass), I want to find a NAS that allows me to use an M.2 NVME SSD as a storage volume with PCIe Gen 3 capability (either with an expansion card or natively with slots), with the idea that I'd run Plex on that NVME volume and use it as a transcoding directory as well. QNAP allows M.2 volumes to be used as storage, so this should work on a QNAP device that has the right hardware. A few questions: 1. Is this overkill for my use case? 2. If it is overkill, which NAS from either QNAP or Synology would be best for the transcoding use case without the M.2 NVMEs as storage volumes? 3. If it is not overkill, which QNAP devices with PCI Gen 3 M.2 slots would work for the transcoding use case? 4. Can an iPhone or MacBook Pro direct-stream 4K content from a NAS? Thanks!
NA Namiry asked on 14 April 2021, 23:29
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Constant disk activity?

I decided to put a NAS in my home and spent several hours watching your videos on models, setup, applications and more. I can honestly say that I don't think there is a better source of information on the internet for anyone interested in NAS solutions. My sincere compliments. Actually, I've had a NAS (QNAP TS-251) running in my office (not set up by me). It's been working great as a simple server solution (using shared folders) for 4 years now and I decided to buy/install one for my home. Last week I got my QNAP TS-251D(4GB version) with two Seagate Iron Wolf 4TB (ST4000VN008) drives and did the RAID-1 setup based on your suggestions. One storage pool with 3 separate volumes, each with a shared folder. Setup was smooth, but since I'm working from home (as is nearly everyone...) I had to pause for about 10 hours before adding any data to the drives. The NAS is located just beneath my desk, and I noticed that the disks were active (noisy) for 30-40 seconds, then a 5-10 second pause, and then back to active. This continued incessantly, for the entire 10 hours of time I was doing other things on my pc without relenting. It didn't make sense, since the drives had finished formatting and there was no data. I had only added a few apps (based on your suggestions, Malware Remover, Security Counselor, QuFirewall). All the other apps were pre-installed. I couldn't understand why the disks were so active. I checked the resource monitor to view the ongoing processes and noticed that there were a large number of ZOMBIE processes running. By large number, I mean it ranged from the lows 10's to the low 100's (about 150 at one point). Made no sense, so I went to my office to verify the situation on my TS-251 (with two 1TB WD Red drives). The resource monitor there showed 1-5 zombie processes going on, but no more. So I opened a support ticket with QNAP and it took them a few days to respond. a) their first suggestion was to change my disks to compatible models (which shocked me since the Seagates I've got are meant for a NAS, and I basically bought them after watching one of your videos). I did check the QNAP compatibility list, and did discover that the specific model number of my Seagates is not listed, but nonetheless, should I spend another 200 quid to fix this problem ??? b) alternatively, they suggested I try downgrading my QTS. When first setting up my TS-251D, I did (as suggested by QNAP and also by you) an immediate firmware update (to version Funny enough, when checking the link their support sent me, the latest version for my QNAP showed as, and there is no sign of the version that my NAS automatically updated to. Since the idea of buying new drives (for a TEST) didn't appeal to me, I tried downgrading the QTS to see what impact it would have. The downgrade was successful. I don't get any pop-ups telling me that an update is available (which I find strange, since my previous upgrade was a higher number...). Anyway, there is basically no difference in terms of disk activity (constant). The zombie process count is now in the 10-20 range and I haven't seen it go higher (yet). c) they also suggested that I disable any scheduled scanning jobs, but I've only got Malware + AV jobs running at 2-3am respectively. No other jobs. d) their final suggestion of theirs was to remove one drive and see if anything changes. I'd love your advice before trying that. So after a long explanation, I'm hoping that you'll share your thoughts as to what you would do in my place. My office NAP is silent by comparison. Do you truly think that I must either get used to the disks being constantly active (and noisier than the WD’s in my TS-251), or spend another 200 to get drives that are on the TS-251D compatibility list ? Could there be any other causes for the disk activity (a defective device, or defective disk ?)
ST Stevel asked on 13 April 2021, 12:41
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Ts251 8gB in UK?

I’m having problems sourcing this in UK and wondering if anyone else has had the same? QNAP have one UK supplier shown for the model but that supplier (serversdirect) have taken the order but now cite an “ongoing problem” and cannot fulfil. QNAP in the UK are telling me that they don’t offer that model in the UK any more...yet still link to serversdirect as the UK supplier for the NAS, effectively endorsing them as being able to supply it to me in the UK....at least, that’s how it feels to me. It feels a bit shabby tbh.
BR Bruceb_uk asked on 12 April 2021, 12:25
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Hide Folders for Admin in Photo Station?

Hello and thanks in advanced, My question is as follows: for the QNPA Photo Station interface is there a setting to hide on the admin (me) specific folders. I have created a private folder for another user pictures and was able to upload them into photo station, however, I have not been able to hide all his photos from being available on my photo station. I can hide for the user but not for the admin. Or if there is a way to grant the other user access to the multimedia console and do photo station independently. Once more thanks in advanced. -I-IOJ3X
-I -i-i-oj3x asked on 12 April 2021, 03:38
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Best NAS for client/vm automated backup?

Hi there, I'am looking for a new nas for my SMB office (10-15 client pc, 2 phisical servers and 2 virtual machine). I'am a QNAP nas adopter with a first really satifatory experience with a TS-259 Pro (still working) and another one really worsth with a TS-453A who completly dead after less than 2 years of work. Now I'am looking for a better stable and upgradable solution for file sharing and centralized backup and I'am interested in Synology DS1621+ or QNAP TS-673A-8G. I like to try the newer ZFS filesystem proposed from QNAP but the Synology Active Backup for Business suite seems to offer more complete backup solution. So my questions: - There is a integrated baremetal backup solution for windows clients also for QNAP nas? Currently I'am using the QNAP NetBak Replicator for backup file folders from clients but the Synology suite seems to be most complete. - The Synology Active Backup for Business could backup also the free Esxi Hypervisor VM or only vSphere solution? - The ZFS filesystem offers some real advantages in the client/server backup procedures? Thank you for your time! Regards
TE Tecnorama asked on 09 April 2021, 21:37
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Is anyone actually getting 4K 60hz with their TS-x53D?

I have 2 different 4K TVs (2018 Samsung QN65Q6FN and ~2015 LG 55UF6450 using Ultra Deep Color on HDMI1) , and no luck getting 4K 60hz with my TS-453D. With a laptop I have no such issues, using the same cables, with soundbar or without. With the Samsung I do get 1920x1080@120hz though which surprised me.
MR Mrwishes asked on 25 March 2021, 03:08
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2 bay seems to have better spec than 4 bay model?

The TS-253D has a PCIe 2x4 slot, while the TS-453D has a 2x2. The TR-002 expansion unit has a SATA3 6Gbps controller, whereas the TR-004 only a has a SATA 2 3Gbps controller, or is that not correct? TR-002 has USB 3.2 Gen2 , TR-004 has USB 3.2 Gen1. I bought the TS-453D knowing the difference on the PCIe slot ahead of time, now reading the fine print on the expansion units. I haven't decided what to use my PCIe slot for. To me buying into old SATA 2 technology, PCie 2x2 USB 3.x Gen 1, DDR3, etc is undesirable. Is SATA2 ok? USB 3.2 Gen1 ok? Where is the performance bottleneck I should concern myself with? Why have a lesser spec on the 4 bay unit? to save a few bucks. I think it only leads to frustrated users that have researched the 2 bay unit but decided to up their budget. Call the 4 bay model something different but make the specs the same if using TS-x53D and TR-00x.
MR Mrwishes asked on 25 March 2021, 02:55
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QNAP TS-873A (64GBRAM): QuTS: SSD system pool / SSD cache?

What is more sufficient? SSD cache or SSD system pool? If I´m right when I do install first a RAID 1 with two M2 SDD this will be the system pool. Every NAS App will be installed on this device. If I just insert RAID 5 HDD this will be the system pool. How is to calculate the size of this M.2 SSD. Would be nice if VM´s, Containers would run as well on SSD system pool. For a SSD cache in Read only a older SSD SATA drive should work as well? Thx
ST Steinradler@gmail.com asked on 20 March 2021, 20:36
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QNAP ts230 vs Synology 218 vs Synology 220+?

I am a first time NAS buyer for my home use. I am looking mainly for storage for my music collection & photos. Also to access my storage remotely. I also want to remove some of the strain from my laptop. I have ordered the qnap ts-230 & am waiting delivery. I am now rethinking that maybe I should have purchased the synology 218 or doubled up the price & purchased the synology 220+ ? I realize the 220+ has a faster intel processor & can expand the ram. What benefits will the 220+ provide to me? I will not need anything more than 2 bay. What would you recommend that I look at purchasing?
CH Chimper asked on 18 March 2021, 19:28
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Certifying / Validating NAS HDDs at Setup?

How may I validate / Certify individual HDDs during my QNAP setup. (Would like to start by making sure all new individual HDDs are in perfect working order and was not damaged during shipment etc. Would prefer a complete Read/Write verification test of all data blocks available through DAS products such as SoftRaid. BTW: I am setting up a new QNAP TVS-872XT with 8 Seagate Exos 14TB drives in RAID-6
PA Pamerasi asked on 17 February 2021, 00:59
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Use a USB hub on a QNAP NAS?

Have you tried using a USB 3.0 hub on a QNAP NAS? I plugged an Anker USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 10-Port Hub into the USB 3.0 port on the rear of my QNAP TS-251 NAS and it seems to work okay with multiple external USB drives plugged into the hub. If this works, then it seems like a way to add more USB 3.0 ports to the NAS. I would assume that there is a practical limit to the number of USB drives you could add this way. I'm wondering if you have tested something like this.
Use a USB hub on a QNAP NAS?
SC Scbobr asked on 10 February 2021, 23:40
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Qnap ts-453d questions?

Ok. I asked this question earlier and got a reply. "The website for Qnap shows that I can use the ts-453d with 8 cameras on a home surveillance system. Qnap says it needs 8gb ram to do so. But the 4gb specs say it will transfer 160 GB per sec, and the nas surveillance calculator shows I will need something like 48gb per sec. Can I do 8 cameras with 4gb model (I plan on upgrading to more than 8 at a later date)?" The reply I got is "IP cameras themselves do not require extra RAM. You can have 8 cameras recording with 4GB RAM with no problems. You need RAM for playback. It also depends on which software you will use to operate your cameras. If you use Surveillance Station, this app do not need much resources to run and operate. If you are looking at QVR Pro then this app will require some more resources then the other app mentioned. QVR Client is a desktop app for your computer. The requirement for 8GB RAM is mentioned for your computer if you refer to this : https://www.qnap.com/en-uk/software/qvr-pro Either way, whichever software you choose to use, you can upgrade RAM capacity at any time in the future." I have another question. So the 8gb ram requirement is for my home computer? I have never used a nas, but think the features of one (qumagie, qvr pro) are phenomenal apps. So just to be clear, using the qvr pro software, if I get the 4gb ts-453d, and have a home computer with more than 8gb of ram, I shouldn't have any problem? Does this apply to the hdmi output of the device as well? What i want to do is have the 453d in my garage inside a large safe. run a cat6 cable to my router, to be able to access it from one of 3 computers. all will have more than the 8gb of ram. when i get all of the cameras i want for a surveillance system, is all i will need then a switch? sorry for so many questions, just havent done much with networking before, but I think a nas is the best solution for the cost in my case. Thanks in advance. Also, does NasCompares have affiliate links for purchases or a patreon?
BP Bphillips35131 asked on 28 January 2021, 20:32
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What is flash memory used for?

I'm planning to purchase a Qnap NAS, but when comparing some of them I see huge difference on terms of flash memory (512MB vs 5GB) What is this memory used for? Is it crucial to choose a big number here?
AN Antomonte asked on 02 January 2021, 00:27
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Setting up 3 tiered Qnap?

You mentioned really liking how Qnap has a 3-tiered system (SATA drives, SATA SSD, NVMe SSD) but I haven't found an explanation of how it should be configured and the tradeoffs. Do you like Qtier? Should the SATA SSDs be a separate pool or merged with the main pool using Qtier?
SR Sr22pilot asked on 28 December 2020, 03:33
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First NAS and I need to run CrashPlanPro -- QNAP or Synology?

I will soon be purchasing my first NAS and NASCompares & the YouTube videos have been invaluable. I'm not TOO technically minded, but I do use an Ubuntu Desktop as my primary computer and am an Android phone user. Though I was originally considering Synology, I now (thanks in large part to NASCompares) feel that QNAP is a better fit for me. I will have 4x12TB Seagate NAS drives and was planning on either the TS-453D (with 8GB) or the DS920+. I will primarily be using it for Plex and also storing massive amounts of photos & archive videos. I would very much like to use CrashPlan for small Business which seems to generally work on both. The comments under this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dZaTRKfETg seem to indicate that it may no longer be a working solution for CrashPlan on QNAP, but this video indicates that CrashPlan will work on Synology using Docker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8OMN08VQ6A -- will that same Docker solution also work on QNAP via Container Station?
DI Digitzingman asked on 11 December 2020, 05:36
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QNAP - SSD buying/configuring device.?

I recently purchased a QNAP 453D for a great price. I have installer 4x4TB. I also bought a QM2-2S-220A to hold a pair of M.2 SATA SSD Expansion Cards. I have a series of questions ... thanks in advance for your responses. NAS Purpose: -File server for home businesses - nothing special. -Plex for watching a various movies on home tv ( 1 4K TV) most movies are 1080P -Photo organization (likely QuMagie App - but I have not played with it yet ) (200 K photos) -Backup for various devices. -VMs but not for the foreseeable future. -Surveillance down the road. How to configure SSD Should I run them the 2 SSDs as 2 RAID 0? In using Cache why would I ever configure RAID 1? How much cache? How much for storage/Apps? What Apps should I install on the Application Volume if any? for QuMagie? Plex? I plan on buying 2 x 500GB. Should I consider going to 1 TB? what questions should I be asking myself? Thanks for your help, I look forward to adding value to site.
NO Nojunk asked on 06 December 2020, 21:43
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Need help buying a NAS?

I am Having a little difficulty choosing a NAS. My use cases are for For backups, Business file services, surveillance, downloading hard copy movies to NAS for plex, and scanning personal pictures and photographs. I live in Canada Ontario if that helps you with your search. The file services portion is the most important however we still want a NAS that can consistently do the other things. our budget like listed above is $800 CAD to $1400 CAD $1500 CAD being ABSOLOUTE max. this price is not including the price of the drives as we will slowly build up the # of drives. I really hope you can help just like your videos helped me choose out our first NAS. BTW we need anywhere from 6-8 drive bays Thanks, Konrad
KO Konrad asked on 02 December 2020, 17:59
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QNAP TVS-872XT Capacity increase and RAID Migration from 5 to 6 Upgrade Order?

In my QNAP TVS-872XT, I have four 16 TB drives in a RAID 5 configuration. I am going to add two more drives to this and am looking to increase the storage and migrate to RAID 6 too. Is there a preferred/optimal way to do this? e.g. 1) add one drive then migrate to RAID 6, following on from that add the second drive to increase the storage capacity? 2) upgrade the capacity, then the RAID level? 3) Can they both be done at once? I'm not even sure that is possible. I'm thinking that the first option of the RAID migration followed by the expansion might be safest? What do people think? Any comments or suggestions will be gratefully received. Many thanks, Alex.
AL Alexwalker.photo asked on 24 November 2020, 19:53
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