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Any MEMTEST Results for > 8GB+ QNAP TS-x53D??

I'm interested in the QNAP TS-453D. NASCompares has shown it can work with 2x 16GB (32GB) capacity, HOWEVER, no conclusive memory tests were performed! Everyone, including NASCompares, just assumes if QTS can launch everything is working. Ridiculous. Has anyone installed more than 8GB then run MEMTEST to confirm the CPU can actually read/write beyond the Intel-stated 8GB limit? Having QTS simply boot or just running a VM within QTS while not using it are terrible tests considering how efficiently OS's and CPU's can handle resources these days. A valid test would be to fill the memory beyond the advertised 8GB capacity and see what happens. ## QNAP x53 series CPU - Intel J4125 Spec Sheet: ## QNAP MemTest: ## NASCompares x53D 32GB:
BA Babbage asked on 25 October 2020, 06:35
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Migration from Synology 8-bay NAS to 6-bay NAS with expansion enclosure?

Hi, Please can you help a noob. I have an 8-bay Synology DS1815+ (out of warranty) which has failed to power on after a reload. I tested and tried new PSU - no blue light - no motherboard. So I'm resigned to get a replacement Synology NAS (I'm using SHR). I've seen the excellent youtube vid comparing DS1621XS+ and DS3617XS. In my DS1815+ I have 8 drives: 4x6TB, 2x4TB and 2x18TB WD181KRYZ Gold new drives). The config uses SHR - with two volumes (6 disks and 2 disks). The questions I have: I) Will I be able to migrate to a DS1621XS+ by first installing just 6 drives (one volume) and then slowly reducing the number of disks to enable to add second volume ii) If not, will I be able to use a DS1621XS+ (6 bay) + expansion (DX517) to facilitate an initial migration to the new platform. I appreciate long term best not to have a volume split via eSATA. iii) or am I forced to use an 8 or more bay chassis for the initial migration. Really appreciate your help with this :-)
FR Freedo100 asked on 02 October 2020, 22:10
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Is 16GB Ram upgrade on DS918+ still OK after DSM 6.2.3 update?

Have read a few posts on the web saying that after DSM 6.2.3 update 16GB Ram upgrade on Synology DSx18+ doesn't work flawlessly (or at all) anymore. Could you confirm?
LR Lricc335 asked on 09 September 2020, 20:36
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Advice on new QNAP NAS purchase?

Upgrading home network and looking for advice/comments on my ideas. Need to replace 2 TS-453Bminis (4 bay) with ones that with faster network connectivity. One mini is Plex server, one mini is backup and mapped drives for home network. Both 4 bay with HGST 6 TBs drives in all bays. Must be able to migrate by using old drives. (see Think a 4 bay TS-453D can replace the Plex mini and has faster LAN, but am wondering if a 4 bay TS-473 might be better for backup and mapped drives because it has faster CPU, handles more memory and can take add in cards to get the higher LAN speed. Budget for both is $1500 US so some room for more bays or different models. I'm OK with getting base memory and adding in later. The final setup would use the 5 port QSW-1105-5T 2.5GBe switch with the 2 new NAS and my 2 home PCs using high speed LAN cards connected to it. Advice? Comments? Flaws I've not considered or such? All feedback appreciated.
JM Jmcging asked on 30 August 2020, 15:06
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Help and advice with Upgrade for Storage Expansion set up?

The Problem: - I did what I could only do and installed my 4 x 10TB existing Sata drives into the new TVS 682, it appears I cannot use static volume with the new Qtier SSD drives function (Qsync over our network to 5 Computers?) – presently able to carry out our normal nightly back up of each computer drive (Documents and its Qsync folder) I suppose I am looking for a heads up before I have to click the rebuild button? Is this right or is there another option? Looked till I am now confused – (I’ll say it first - yes I am easily confused) BTW - Purchased TL D800S via SPAN – TVS 682 via Box
MI Minalo1 asked on 12 August 2020, 20:10
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Ds720+ ram upgrade?

Bought one 16GB CT16G4SFD8266 but unfortunately did not work for the DS720+ (blue light is flushing and is not booting up). Do you know what ram module is compatible with the 720+ and what is preferable size 8GB or 16GB. Thanks.
RO asked on 10 August 2020, 06:57
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Moving data from old nas to new nas?

I have DS411 with four 2TB drives. The raid configuration on two drives is set to Basic (with out protection) and the other two are set to Synology hybrid raid SHR (with out protection) The DS411 is not supported by migration assistant for the source . So here is my Question, Can I set up the DS1019 with one 12tb drive, then insert the old drives to copy the data, then discard those old drives? Thank you for your time.
AS Asoucar asked on 14 May 2020, 20:47
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Ease of upgrading 1 of 2 JBOD drives in DS214play ?

Thanks in advance for your help. I'm running a DS214play for file and media storage/playback with 2 3Tb WD RED drives which are configured as 1 Storage Pool with Synology's JBOD but are now nearly full. I'm happy with the performance (so don't eg need to upgrade the whole NAS) so I'm wondering how easy it is/what steps would be needed to swap out 1 drive for a larger capacity one. For example, if I used external USB HDDs to temporarily take the file capacity down to, say, 2Tb, is there a way of reconfiguring the JBOD to allow 1 of the drives to be removed and a larger capacity one swapped in ? Synology's Help Centre seems very quiet on this subject. Thanks
MA Marcam1000 asked on 03 May 2020, 10:03
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As a multicam video editor, which solution will best boost my DS1819+ performance? 1) M.2 SSD adapter M2D18 -OR- 2) 10Gb?

I am a multicam video editor and just recently purchased the Synology DS1819+. My plan is to create a RAID 10 with 8 6TB drives for my work files. I will be creating another RAID in a Mediasonic Pro Box for backup. My system is a PC with ASUS X99 PRO motherboard, Intel Core i7-5930K CPU @ 3.50 GHz with 64MB RAM, running Windows 10. I would like help in comparing the performance boost of the following: 1) M.2 SSD adapter M2D18 2) 10GbE add-in card 3) Aggregation Thanks for any information you can give me, or point me to articles that will address my question.
JU Justm asked on 17 April 2020, 05:30
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SSD Cache Pcle v Sata?

I've just bought a QNAP TS 673 and want to set up a dedicated Plex server with 2 of the drives. - It has 4 WD Red Pro 6Tb and 2 WD Red Pro 8Tb I was thinking that using SSD(s) for cache acceleration might be a good idea as might a graphics card. Please can you advise 1. Will ssd's be beneficial for my usage 2. Is it better to use the 2 inbuilt M2 SATA slots or use a QNAP PCLe expansion which takes 2 SSD'slots and also adds 10Gb ethernet 3. What size SSD's should I use and how many 4. Is it worth adding a Video card and if so which do you recommend Thanks Martin
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 06 April 2020, 23:00
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Choice between DS218+ and DS418+?

Upgrading from a DS213se, 2 x 4 TB, 1.6 TB movies and 250 GB photos. Backingup to USB attached 4TB HDD. Based at home. Want to upgrade for improved speed and capcity to use as Time Machine backup destionation for 2 macOS laptops and a MacMini. Will also host files for two users, about 50 GB each. old DS214se will become backup to new NAS. Will plan on max synology RAM to protect warranty and new NAS drives. I expect that the process for migrating data to a 2 drive unit is different from a 4 drive unit. Need guidance on that process after purchase decision is made. Could do DS218+ with 2 x 8 TB drives or DS418+ with 4 x 4TB drives. Suggestions and comments? Am I missing an important issue obvious to a more expereinced user?
WB Wbmcilvaine asked on 02 April 2020, 23:56
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DS411slim RAM upgrade?

I Have Ds411 slim, I looking extra ram for this device waldek
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 15 March 2020, 12:35
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GPU external or internal for ts-1635ax?

Is there any way I today can install an external or internal GPU for my qnap ts 1635 ax?
NC Nc enquiries asked on 06 March 2020, 08:47
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Upgrading DS-414?

Hi, wanted to upgrade my DS-414, 4 Bay NAS with more memory and/or a more powerfull CPU. If this is not possible are there possibilities to change the whole Main board witch would have more RAM and a more powerfull CPU, or would it be better to buy a completely NEW NAS?
NC Nc enquiries asked on 01 March 2020, 09:50
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Memory upgrade on Synology DS1817?

I followed your guide and saw that my used swap memory has a value of 360Mb and should be 0 like stated (in your guide, you are at 4Kb). So I guess I should upgrade my memory in my NAS, I received errors that I had not enough ressources to play some files on my plex server, so I guess this is related. I have the DS1817 unchanged, what maximum memory is supported officially and unoficially (can I have 16 Gb on that model) and which memory modules I should get. Thanks a lot!
NC Nc enquiries asked on 01 March 2020, 09:28
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Ds214se Ram Upgrade?

Ds214se ram upgrade Hi, I am looking to buy a memory for NAS DS214se. Would you know the type of memory would I need to buy? Thanks
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 28 February 2020, 17:10
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RS815+ RAM Upgrade?

Max ram synology rs815rp+ 16GB ? 2 x 8GB ? title says it all really – I have already upgraded one of my NAS’s to an 8GB ram single stick … will the synology rs815rp+ support 2 x 8GB sticks for 16 GB total ?
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 28 February 2020, 17:04
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