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Dbrand & Heatsink Combo: System Impact?

I own a PS5 and the Dbrand 2.0 plates, which have the vents located near the fans, but I am very interested in purchasing a PS5-designed heatsink to go alongside them, as well as a SSD. I know NASCompares has uploaded videos regarding these, but I have a specific need that Iā€™d like to have addressed. What PS5-designed heatsink would be the most beneficial when regarding the temperature of the PS5 console as a whole both long-term and short-term as the main priority and the SSD as the secondary concern, while keeping in mind factors such as the Dbrand 2.0 plates ventilation and the possibility of additional heat being drawn into the console over the top of/from the heatsink? At the moment I am considering 3 potential options: ElecGear, Sabrent, and the PNY. I know the PNY is somewhat of a different story, but I am still curious as to which one of these would have the best results in regard to my preferences? Also, I am willing to spend as much as needed in order to accomplish even a small amount of success towards my goal, so money is not an issue in this consideration. Thank you for your time; please give the most accurate answer you are able to, even if it means that I will have to wait a longer amount of time for a response!
CO Conner pierce asked on 17 May 2022, 15:05
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DS1621XS+ refresh in 2022?

Seems Synology is updating most of their product line on a 2-year cycle and since the DS1621XS+ was first available in September 2020, that would make late 2022 be 2 years old. Any ideas regarding this possibly happening in late 2022? Thanks! Jonathan
JE Jeburnett asked on 26 April 2022, 19:13
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Comparison list of Synology models. 2, 4 & 5-Bay 2018ā€“2022?

Synology does a great job of being vague about what product is best for you. Funny considering they have a NAS selector on their site. Year models help and confuse, what we need is a hierarchy of model/extensions. DS222 vs 222play vs 222j vs 222+ vs 722 That's 5 different 2-Bay variations, not to mention some unique models that pop up from time to time. I thought j's were basically last Gen's Value model (DS222j = DS220) but now I'm not so sure. Synology doesn't list MSRP on the site so they make shopping for these even harder. Value is would normally sound like the entry, but that's actually "j"? So I started plotting out where each model sits based on price and performance and features. I did this using Synology's comparison page which is a good start, but i think you guys could help make this WAY better. Let me know what you think. I'm sure a few things will need to move... I would HOPE the DS222j would have better performance than a DS218, but since the DS220j seemed far behind spec-wise from the 218play even, I have my doubts.
Comparison list of Synology models. 2, 4 & 5-Bay 2018ā€“2022? Comparison list of Synology models. 2, 4 & 5-Bay 2018ā€“2022?
CD Cdpage asked on 19 April 2022, 14:34
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Ready to upgrade my Synology NAS?

10 years ago Synology 110j.... 5 years ago Synology 216+II... Now??? Bought into Synology originally to cover 1 IP camera with remote access, store my music and video media and stream using DLNA, and backup my PC and phones. Updated 5 years ago as added a second IP camera, 110j getting very slow and less DSM support, and wanted to add RAID, hence the 216+II with 2x4TB WD Red drives. That worked well, for 3-4 years, but is getting full, slowing a lot, and remote access is incredibly slow and unreliable. So, thinking of up'ing to a 4 bay. Want to stay with Synology. Budget not too important. Want top speed so processor, memory and maybe SSD cache (?) important, but only for single user so LAN speed of 1Gb/s is fine (IMHO), and whatever RAID is deemed the best. Have recently updated my whole WiFi/router system to Linksys Velop mesh, with an MR9000v1 router and 3 WHM03v2 repeaters, all of which seem to be working really well, and which I can reliably and quickly access from worldwide, so I'm happy they are not a bottleneck. Have watched some of your videos, I'm thinking maybe the 420, 720 or even 920. I want it for the next 5 years, minimum. I'm open to suggestions, with justification of course.
NI Nick the greek asked on 06 April 2022, 10:20
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What to choose for home/personal usage purpose: NAS + DVR (my first setup)?

Hi Experts,

I plan to startup my first NAS for personal usage. My target for NAS server is as follows:
- personal/home purpose;
- NAS for backing up (phone) pictures, (phone) videos: access to NAS for 4 Family Members;
- DVR for my 2 outdoor and 2 indoor WiFi D-Link cameras (2 x DCS-8630LH, 2 x DCS-2630L);
- planned 2 Bays unit: each Bay containing max 8TB HDD: 4TB (or more) for data backup, 4TB (or less) for 7 days DVR storage.

Would you please advise which device shall I go for? Would it be DS220+, DS720+ or should I go for some other type? Sharing your own experience and your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
KA asked on 03 April 2022, 08:20
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My Next Nas?

Hi, I'm on the lookout for my next NAS, which MUST have container support. It's use is for PLEX, which streams down from Google Drive (So dual gigabit ethernet port is essential) along with support for at least 4 GB of ram, and a burst CPU of a min of 2.4Ghz, to allow for adequate low level transcoding (although this is a failsafe). I'll be running 5 or so containers, in addition to Plex, if that's native great. if not, make that 6 containers. I'm trying to build my system up gradually, and currently have the QNAP TS 251+, which seems to work well, but I'd like to have additional RAM and CPU. Drive space is less important. Looking for a form of 'upgrade helper' where i can put in what i have, and then see other NAS's in order of some form of rating, with some price filtering of course if possible. Thanks in advance,
LL Lloydie11 asked on 28 January 2022, 22:03
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Looking for ps5 ssd 2tb and can't think which one to get?

I have been looking online for ps5 ssd 2tb and been debating between the addlink a95 and xpg s70 blade and seagate 530 and team force 440 performance and just wish to find the best of these ones to get
BE Benjamin0502 asked on 12 December 2021, 18:08
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The 2 bay Qnap TS-253D vs 4 bay, worth the PCIe 4x4 future upgrade with 2 bay?

I am looking at the Qnap TS-253D model, My understanding is the 2-bay offers a PCIe which is 4x4 speed for future upgrade verses the 4-bay or 6 bay offers a 2x4 speed PCIe speed. How much of a difference in performance would that be for adding NVMe drives for cache or 10GBe? Am I better off getting 2bay and getting expansion bays to make use of the 4x4 speed? Thanks
AS Ashkasto asked on 12 December 2021, 04:27
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I think I need an 8 - 12 bay NAS (Asustore v. Synology?)?

I'm pretty sure I don't want to deal with the following: Qnap, 15+ External HDDs, Someone else's mail server. I'm unable to find current info on Asustor Lockerstor 10 but am VERY interested in this from a features view perspective. I have had no luck with dealing with Asus directly; their links to 'dealers' turns up 2 out 3 have no listing for the current version and the 3rd requires opening an account to get any info. It would be useful see some sort of review on the current 10 bay model (AS7110T) including any 'where to buy'. At this point, I am looking at a history of dealing with only mother boards and routers over the last 30+ years. I real need some concrete specs and opinions on why I should get this over a DS1821+. Their is also the question of the relative prices of Asustor Lockerstor 10 (AS7110T) vs. (AS6510T)
J J asked on 28 November 2021, 17:15
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5/6 Bay, Capable of Transcoding 4K Files via Plex, M.2 Slots to Use as Storage Volumes?

Looking for a NAS to use at home to stream content to 1-2 MacBook Pros, 1-2 iPhones, and/or a 4K TV (LG). Would likely only have 1-2 streams at a time. Content ranges from 720 to 4K. Will also use the NAS as wireless backup via Time Machine for the two MacBook Pros. Knowing that I'll be using hardware transcoding (plan to subscribe to Plex Pass), I want to find a NAS that allows me to use an M.2 NVME SSD as a storage volume with PCIe Gen 3 capability (either with an expansion card or natively with slots), with the idea that I'd run Plex on that NVME volume and use it as a transcoding directory as well. QNAP allows M.2 volumes to be used as storage, so this should work on a QNAP device that has the right hardware. A few questions: 1. Is this overkill for my use case? 2. If it is overkill, which NAS from either QNAP or Synology would be best for the transcoding use case without the M.2 NVMEs as storage volumes? 3. If it is not overkill, which QNAP devices with PCI Gen 3 M.2 slots would work for the transcoding use case? 4. Can an iPhone or MacBook Pro direct-stream 4K content from a NAS? Thanks!
NA Namiry asked on 14 April 2021, 23:29
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Synology Desktop NAS for Plex 4k movie streaming?

I have a Synology DS414+ and the CPU is showing its age. I currently have 5 cameras running with Surveillance Station and use my Synology for backups and it also houses my video library. I am looking to upgrade to a new NAS and was originally looking at the DS920+, then started looking at some of the 2021 models. I saw the NASCompares review on the new DS1621 with AMD processor. I'm glad that I saw it before pulling the trigger, as it was mentioned that the AMD processor wouldn't be able to do the decoding for Plex, which I would like my NAS to be able to handle, although realistically I will probably end up using Apple TV or a Nvidia Shield instead. The DS1621xs is price prohibitive but has a Xeon processor, which would be great vs the Celeron in every other new model. I will need the new NAS to continue running the same number of cameras through Surveillance Station. I also want to seamlessly stream 4k video through Plex, but it's seeming less realistic the more I look into this. I do not want a rack mount unit and would like to stick with Synology. I wouldn't mind having the flexibility of running a VM or 2 also.
ZM Zmaninny asked on 14 April 2021, 00:21
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Best NAS for client/vm automated backup?

Hi there, I'am looking for a new nas for my SMB office (10-15 client pc, 2 phisical servers and 2 virtual machine). I'am a QNAP nas adopter with a first really satifatory experience with a TS-259 Pro (still working) and another one really worsth with a TS-453A who completly dead after less than 2 years of work. Now I'am looking for a better stable and upgradable solution for file sharing and centralized backup and I'am interested in Synology DS1621+ or QNAP TS-673A-8G. I like to try the newer ZFS filesystem proposed from QNAP but the Synology Active Backup for Business suite seems to offer more complete backup solution. So my questions: - There is a integrated baremetal backup solution for windows clients also for QNAP nas? Currently I'am using the QNAP NetBak Replicator for backup file folders from clients but the Synology suite seems to be most complete. - The Synology Active Backup for Business could backup also the free Esxi Hypervisor VM or only vSphere solution? - The ZFS filesystem offers some real advantages in the client/server backup procedures? Thank you for your time! Regards
TE Tecnorama asked on 09 April 2021, 21:37
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Virtual Machines + Data Server | QNAP TS-h973AX or TS-673A or TS-873A ?

[QUESTIONS] || - which NAS among these 3 NAS would you recommend for my below usage? || Happy to consider other NAS too (not rackmount, however) || - how should I set up the discs so as to achieve maximum performance from Virtual Machine? (e.g. creating a separate volume with M.2 SSD / U.2 NVMe / SSD to where Virtual Machines will be saved and run?) Plan to install 64Gb RAM and willing to upgrade PCIe peripherals such as M.2 SSD / U.2 NVMe / Display Card / 10Gb LAN if necessary. || - which display card under QNAP's Comparability List would you recommend for my usage? || [USAGE] || 1. Virtual Machines for Windows (which will be my main, daily OS) and Linux, occasional photo and video editing, gaming (e.g. GTA, FIFA) || 2. data storage & private cloud storage, with remote accessibility (~10TB and growing. RAID 5 or higher, two disc redundancy) || 3. will re-purpose my current Synology DS412+ as an offsite backup server to this new NAS || 4. hoping to create a future-proof set up || [NETWORK SETUP] || - will upgrade to Wifi 6(E) soon. 1Gb broadband for internet access || - utilizing Virtual Machine with laptop over Wifi. Occasionally docking the laptop so as to use a desktop monitor, mouse and keyboard, also over Wifi. Can consider a wired network connection if necessary. || Please excuse my newbie questions. Thank you very much for your time answering my questions.
QS asked on 29 March 2021, 10:47
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What is flash memory used for?

I'm planning to purchase a Qnap NAS, but when comparing some of them I see huge difference on terms of flash memory (512MB vs 5GB) What is this memory used for? Is it crucial to choose a big number here?
AN Antomonte asked on 02 January 2021, 00:27
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TSH686 or something else?

Ive been strongly considering the QNAP TS-H686 with XeonD1602 but I did notice the tvs-672n(currently out of stock). which one should I consider? My requirements are as follows: 1. Powerful unit with future upgrade options (adding a GPU, RAM, HDD/SSD/NvME later would be a plus) 2. I plan to start off with 3-4 4TB drives as I feel the need to start small (wallet friendly), obviously with options to upgrade to higher TB drives like a 16 or 18tb 3. Should have less power usage 4. Ability to setup a private cloud out of the box. I feel the need to completely do-away with Google Drive for long term costs and privacy concerns 5. Primary files types will be photos, videos and documents. Eventually should be in a position to integrate CCTV and some home automation. 6. Most important aspect, I would prefer something that has the least to no maintenance for the next 8-10 years. Synology does not have the upgradable options and the flexibility offered by QNAP. Recommendation??
NA Nas rookie asked on 22 December 2020, 09:36
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First NAS and I need to run CrashPlanPro -- QNAP or Synology?

I will soon be purchasing my first NAS and NASCompares & the YouTube videos have been invaluable. I'm not TOO technically minded, but I do use an Ubuntu Desktop as my primary computer and am an Android phone user. Though I was originally considering Synology, I now (thanks in large part to NASCompares) feel that QNAP is a better fit for me. I will have 4x12TB Seagate NAS drives and was planning on either the TS-453D (with 8GB) or the DS920+. I will primarily be using it for Plex and also storing massive amounts of photos & archive videos. I would very much like to use CrashPlan for small Business which seems to generally work on both. The comments under this video: seem to indicate that it may no longer be a working solution for CrashPlan on QNAP, but this video indicates that CrashPlan will work on Synology using Docker: -- will that same Docker solution also work on QNAP via Container Station?
DI Digitzingman asked on 11 December 2020, 05:36
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DS1621+ vs DS1520+ for media playback?

I have watched lots of your videos on the DS920+ (as you don't have some of the Plex and video station review reviews for the DS1520+) and the DS1621+trying to figure out which one is the best for watching movies and dealing with bigger, denser files, including 4K HEVC. I can't seem to figure out which NAS will be best. While the Celeron chip on the DS1520+ seems like it would be better as it has a little GPU capabilities on the CPU, the AMD Ryzen is a beefier chip and seems to come off better on your videos even though it is doing software transcoding on HEVC. The price difference between the 2 NAS's isn't an issue (happy to pay more for the DS1621+). But which one is the better NAS for video playback (Plex and Video Station), especially at 4K HEVC? Also, if I go for the DS1621+, would a RAM upgrade or NVMEe SSD for cacheing help with video playback?
BS Bstubbs asked on 10 November 2020, 21:13
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Which is best for my situation?

I'm looking at the qnap ts-451+ and the Asustor AS6404T. I'll be using the NAS to hold movies to stream throughout my home via LAN. I have no need to use the HDMI port, I already have media players (Nvidia Shield and Mibox Android TV boxes) so the Nas will just be a storage and access point. Files are also backed up in the cloud. Which of the 2 Nas devices would you recommend based on your expert knowledge? Thanks In Advance
HO Hoopsdavis asked on 06 August 2020, 19:21
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PLEX on qnapTVS-672N-i3 or do I need it?

Hi First thx for a intressing website and Youtube channel. I have today since a couple of years a WD pr2100 wich has served me well. I use it mostly for Plex and some minor backups. I also have some friends who uses my Plex server. I think of upgrading to get more bays and a more powerful NAS. I have consider synology 918+ or 920+ or maybe a terramaster. But recently I also have been looking at the qnap 672N-i3. Regarding on more Plex users is the qnap a better choice? Mainly the material is 1080 p. Is it more futureproof regarding some 4K with the qnqp ? Is there another better NAS option ? I have ofcourse Plexpass with transcoding today on my wd pr2100. I dont mind spending some money on a new NAS.
JO Jorgerik asked on 04 August 2020, 15:01
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Creative professional - first NAS?

Hi NAS compares - the site has been really useful - thank you So I am about to need to sort out my storage and I think I need to move up to a NAS - below are some current details I am a small outfit creative professional (artist / graphic designer) - so have large project files that need access to (but not across large groups) Currently I have a macbook pro with a nearly full 1tb SSD in the machine. I use a 3TB Toshiba external hard drive for time machine and + store photos and a 4TB Seagate external hard drive for time machine and + store photos So I guess I've been using these USB external drives like a primitive RAID 1. I am looking to free up my SSD on my macbook and then use a NAS as my working machine. I suspect that I will need increase the amount of space I am using at present (so 4 or 6 TB ? this I am unsure and happy to take advice..) and maybe use something like RAID 5 system ? Again happy to take advice. Thanks , Sam
SA Samw asked on 26 July 2020, 17:35
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