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Not sure which NAS is best for you? Let me know your setup, available budget and necessary storage space. You can then either save money and avoid buying unnecessary expensive NAS or quite opposite, realise that what you intend to buy would only bring you disappointment and extra spending. Make it right the first time!

Recommendation for Upgrading from DS1513+?

Hi, love the videos, thank you for what you do! I need help in a bit more direction of what to purchase. Currently, I have a DS1513+ (purchased when it first came out) I put 5 x 3TB WD Green Drives (5400rpm). I was complete newbie to the NAS world. My Drobo had died so I just purchased the first thing that was recommended to me by friends. It’s setup in SHR-2 configuration. After 7 years, it is 95% filled, the RAM was upgraded at time of purchase. Everything is sluggish. I am beginning to receive emails of bad sectors. I figured it was time to upgrade. I was initially leaning towards the RS1221+ (I have a rack in the closet) but the video you posted gave me lots to think about spending the money elsewhere. I started looking at the DS1821+, I was debating of starting fresh with either 6TB or 8TB drives (in an SHR-2) configuration. Now after watching lots of videos, I am not sure what to buy (or maybe the DS1621+)? Current uses for our NAS: it is the master archive of our home/home office/family/friends for the last decade. I have a backup to the cloud for the important things and a passport drive for the utmost emergency items (in case of death, etc). Lots of multimedia creation happens in the house, audio recordings, editing, photography sessions, we haven’t really focused on video at all. Mainly lots of audio and photos. Plex as well from time to time, not huge. The DS1513+ will be repurposed for either backup or anything else that I can mess around with. Lastly, I have Unifi Router, Access Points, and PoE switch in the house. Main computer is the M1 Mac Mini. 2 Macbook Pros, and a handful of iPads, iPhones. All of which ultimately connect to the NAS and backup to it as well. Recommendation for which Synology NAS? How much would I benefit from a RAM or NVME upgrade? Would you go with 6TB drives or 8TB drives? (I have a bad habit of buying all drives in one shot versus adding as I need) Thank you for your help!
MF Mfanous asked on 31 January 2021, 06:27
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Qnap ts-453d questions?

Ok. I asked this question earlier and got a reply. "The website for Qnap shows that I can use the ts-453d with 8 cameras on a home surveillance system. Qnap says it needs 8gb ram to do so. But the 4gb specs say it will transfer 160 GB per sec, and the nas surveillance calculator shows I will need something like 48gb per sec. Can I do 8 cameras with 4gb model (I plan on upgrading to more than 8 at a later date)?" The reply I got is "IP cameras themselves do not require extra RAM. You can have 8 cameras recording with 4GB RAM with no problems. You need RAM for playback. It also depends on which software you will use to operate your cameras. If you use Surveillance Station, this app do not need much resources to run and operate. If you are looking at QVR Pro then this app will require some more resources then the other app mentioned. QVR Client is a desktop app for your computer. The requirement for 8GB RAM is mentioned for your computer if you refer to this : Either way, whichever software you choose to use, you can upgrade RAM capacity at any time in the future." I have another question. So the 8gb ram requirement is for my home computer? I have never used a nas, but think the features of one (qumagie, qvr pro) are phenomenal apps. So just to be clear, using the qvr pro software, if I get the 4gb ts-453d, and have a home computer with more than 8gb of ram, I shouldn't have any problem? Does this apply to the hdmi output of the device as well? What i want to do is have the 453d in my garage inside a large safe. run a cat6 cable to my router, to be able to access it from one of 3 computers. all will have more than the 8gb of ram. when i get all of the cameras i want for a surveillance system, is all i will need then a switch? sorry for so many questions, just havent done much with networking before, but I think a nas is the best solution for the cost in my case. Thanks in advance. Also, does NasCompares have affiliate links for purchases or a patreon?
BP Bphillips35131 asked on 28 January 2021, 20:32
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Can I mix these drives in my Synology 920+?

Will 5900RPM drives play nicely with 7200RPM drives, or will something go boom? I've got a 920+ with 4x 4TB 5900 drives running SHR1. I'm going to need to expand my storage soon, and I already know I don't want a DX drive (I'm not comfortable with losing another whole drive for parity if I create another volume, nor am I comfortable with a single volume reliant on a single sata cable, though feel free to try and change my mind on that point). My options are a) buy larger drives and swap them in for 2 or more of my existing drives, or b) buy a second box and more drives and manage them in a network. Right now, option b is a bit more costly than I want to go, and I was hoping to swap in 2x 8TB drives now followed by 2 more later in the year, or maybe buying a 2-bay box for the spare 4TB drives. After having read up on this, it looks like 8TB drives only come in 7200RPM flavour, and it's not advisable to mix RPMs. I have two questions on this. 1) Is it possible to mix the two RPMs, and if so, is it viable for medium term (i.e. could any potential faults/damage accumulate over the next 6-12 months or so?). 2) With SHR, will either of the 2x 8TB drives actually offer their full 8TB of space if mixed with 2x 4TB drives? Thanks to all for any help you can give. Cheers!
AN Anothernasuser asked on 23 January 2021, 16:17
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NAS options for streaming with SONOS PORT?

I've found the information you provide on your site and on videos posted on Youtube very helpful. Thanks for your work. I'm new to music streaming. I have a SONOS PORT device that I'm using to stream from Spotify. Next step is to rip the ample (600-700) family CD collection and move the data to a NAS for streaming purposes. Based on the information I've seen you present and what I've seen on the Synology site, I've been focusing on the Synology DS220+. 3.5 years ago in a video you posted on the subject of choosing a NAS for purposes of streaming with SONOS devices, you suggested the DS216+ as a viable option. In the intervening years, is there any new information to indicate that the DS220+ isn't a reasonably equivalent choice? Is there something else you might suggest I consider? I also plan to use this device for basic backup of family computers (including a fair number of photos that I'd like to organize), of which there are four. Besides the additional capacity, does the DS720+ give me anything, feature-wise that might be useful enough for me to consider? I reside in the U.S. Thanks in advance.
BS Bsaffery asked on 16 January 2021, 01:37
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Best NAS for iPhone camera backup?

I am about to by my first NAS. But I can not find good information about some details that are on high priority to me. I want: * Instant upload of iPhone photos and the possability to have them deleted automaticly from iphone after uploaded. * iPhone Live Photos support (on auto uploaded photos and browsing photos) * to be able to use my iPhone to browse my photo collection stored in my NAS. I plan to have nothing locally stored in my phone so there will be plenty of space for a big cache files for thumbnails. I am comfortable with configuring systems but can not really say what NAS brand that I want. But if one of them are better on my wishes above - that will be what I go for.
DA Davidfharm asked on 13 January 2021, 18:34
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NAS Advice Please ?

Hi, I'm a professional photographer and movie junkie using all Mac/Apple ecosystem. Just moved to a new home with 10GB Ethernet and want to buy a NAS to keep in a storage closet. Need to keep the NAS running quiet and cool. Also trying to modernize and move away from spinning hard drives. Of my 8-10TB needs, about 4TB are image files ranging from 50MB to 2GB which I'd like fast access to. The rest are media files for deeper storage. Wondering if it makes sense to go with an all SSD solution? Or a system with SSD for main storage and HDD for Backups and Slower needs? I was also considering a NAS with Thunderbolt interface for times I wanted to connect directly, but I think with 10GBE I'm going to have plenty of speed. (I'm NOT trying to edit video!) Would like your current 2021 opinion about QNAP vs Synology. My experience in the past with Synology tech support has been horrible, but with QNAP my experience was excellent. Thank you very much for your time.
ML Mlondon asked on 10 January 2021, 23:32
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I am interested in purchasing a NAS Server For Multimedia ?

Hi , I am interested in Purchasing a N.A.S Server and I have already Decided on SYNOLOGY ( Mostly Because of user friendly ) . My uses for this is mainly Media ... I mean that I have a lot of Movies And Tv Shows on PLEX which are very hard to Find again if lost , I usually buy a New HDD every 3 - 4 years For this purpose , My Home setup is all Wired by Ethernet cables 1 GIGABIT connections ( Cat 6 ) and I use Plex on a main Pc For streaming through my smart TVs , I usually stream 4K movies through Plex on a new Sony smart Tv and never gets stuck ( Never Freezes ) , I don`t use transcoding and usually stream 1 or 2 TVs at a time My main question is can a NAS Server like a DS 920 + also Preform the same way ? and do I need NVME Drives for this purpose ? So do you think that a DS-920 + will be a enough for a Home entertainment System also for 4K and More ( Like Edited Videos) ?? Thank you .
DA Daves45 asked on 29 December 2020, 21:46
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TSH686 or something else?

Ive been strongly considering the QNAP TS-H686 with XeonD1602 but I did notice the tvs-672n(currently out of stock). which one should I consider? My requirements are as follows: 1. Powerful unit with future upgrade options (adding a GPU, RAM, HDD/SSD/NvME later would be a plus) 2. I plan to start off with 3-4 4TB drives as I feel the need to start small (wallet friendly), obviously with options to upgrade to higher TB drives like a 16 or 18tb 3. Should have less power usage 4. Ability to setup a private cloud out of the box. I feel the need to completely do-away with Google Drive for long term costs and privacy concerns 5. Primary files types will be photos, videos and documents. Eventually should be in a position to integrate CCTV and some home automation. 6. Most important aspect, I would prefer something that has the least to no maintenance for the next 8-10 years. Synology does not have the upgradable options and the flexibility offered by QNAP. Recommendation??
NA Nas rookie asked on 22 December 2020, 09:36
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First NAS and I need to run CrashPlanPro -- QNAP or Synology?

I will soon be purchasing my first NAS and NASCompares & the YouTube videos have been invaluable. I'm not TOO technically minded, but I do use an Ubuntu Desktop as my primary computer and am an Android phone user. Though I was originally considering Synology, I now (thanks in large part to NASCompares) feel that QNAP is a better fit for me. I will have 4x12TB Seagate NAS drives and was planning on either the TS-453D (with 8GB) or the DS920+. I will primarily be using it for Plex and also storing massive amounts of photos & archive videos. I would very much like to use CrashPlan for small Business which seems to generally work on both. The comments under this video: seem to indicate that it may no longer be a working solution for CrashPlan on QNAP, but this video indicates that CrashPlan will work on Synology using Docker: -- will that same Docker solution also work on QNAP via Container Station?
DI Digitzingman asked on 11 December 2020, 05:36
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NAS drive novice help?

Hello. I am fairly new to NAS drives but being doing a fair bit of research so far. I was homing in on a Synology or Qnap then had a thought to build my own but then you don't get the benefit of Synology or Qnap software - what can you use instead to have all the various Apps you can get on a pre brought NAS like CCTV apps etc. Cost though is important. I would like to start out with a 2 bay. 2-4gb RAM and install some seagate hard drives 3TB each for starters. I will be using it home to back up files, docs, pictures etc and operate my 3/4 camera cctv system on it rather than use a NVR and avoid having to run the cctv cams through a home pc, which I would have to keep on 24/7. The NAS (whichever brand or self build) would be hidden in the loft connected to power, home network via ethernet. The cctv cams (Ankke or Hikvision turrets). No need for NAS to access loads of movies at this stage, although at some point would like to consider plex etc. Any recommendations please on which NAS?
RO Routledge71 asked on 10 December 2020, 13:24
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Need Help Selecting Synology Rackmount NAS - Q1 2021?

I will be looking for a new Synology rack mount NAS in the first quarter of 2021. I have a a DS3615xs offering ~87TB available storage (10 x 12TB drives RAID 6). About 50TB is in use. That machine runs a Plex server offering movies, TV, music and audiobooks. It also runs Cloud Sync to copy data to Google Drive, Hyper Backup to backup to a DS1010+ every six hours via Rsync, Cloud Station, and Synology Chat. The DS3615xs has a number of CIFS shares on it as well as an NFS datastore for vSphere. It's connected via 10G Ethernet. I want to replace that unit with something higher-performing, newer, and rack mountable, since all my servers and most other devices are now in a rack. The DS3615xs would sit on top of the rack and serve as a backup target or node in a two-node Synology cluster, if possible. I am looking for 10G connectivity, M.2 NVMe caching and good performance with NFS and iSCSI as shared storage for a vSphere cluster. Can you assist with a recommendation? Thank you.
JN Jnew1213 asked on 08 December 2020, 18:51
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Compatable Synology NAS for 4K Transcoding?

Synology Web site does not show DS920+ as capable of 4K transcoding yet it's showing the DS918+ is shown cabable 4K transcoding. Thought the DS920+ is more up to date than the DS918+ so am a little confussed. Is this true ? If it is true what should what I go for instead ?
CR Crazyfeet asked on 08 December 2020, 13:18
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QNAP - SSD buying/configuring device.?

I recently purchased a QNAP 453D for a great price. I have installer 4x4TB. I also bought a QM2-2S-220A to hold a pair of M.2 SATA SSD Expansion Cards. I have a series of questions ... thanks in advance for your responses. NAS Purpose: -File server for home businesses - nothing special. -Plex for watching a various movies on home tv ( 1 4K TV) most movies are 1080P -Photo organization (likely QuMagie App - but I have not played with it yet ) (200 K photos) -Backup for various devices. -VMs but not for the foreseeable future. -Surveillance down the road. How to configure SSD Should I run them the 2 SSDs as 2 RAID 0? In using Cache why would I ever configure RAID 1? How much cache? How much for storage/Apps? What Apps should I install on the Application Volume if any? for QuMagie? Plex? I plan on buying 2 x 500GB. Should I consider going to 1 TB? what questions should I be asking myself? Thanks for your help, I look forward to adding value to site.
NO Nojunk asked on 06 December 2020, 21:43
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DS 920+ or TS-453D?

Hello I currently have a DS414 that I want to replace. I hesitate between the DS 920+ and the TS-453D, I want to keep my disks (4X WD Red 4TB WD40EFRX). The Qnap seems better equipped: - 2.5 Gbps vs 1 Gbps network - 1 pci-express port vs 0 - Max ram 32 GB vs 20 GB For the Os I know DSM well and like it (simple and stable). QTS looks better provided in settings which I like but is it also stable? The 2.5 Gbps network interests me even if it requires some modifications (compatible switch and router) and makes me prefer QNAP. I wonder if my hard drives allow me to take advantage of this speed? What do you think ? thank you in advance
KI Kilroy83 asked on 03 December 2020, 08:31
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Need help buying a NAS?

I am Having a little difficulty choosing a NAS. My use cases are for For backups, Business file services, surveillance, downloading hard copy movies to NAS for plex, and scanning personal pictures and photographs. I live in Canada Ontario if that helps you with your search. The file services portion is the most important however we still want a NAS that can consistently do the other things. our budget like listed above is $800 CAD to $1400 CAD $1500 CAD being ABSOLOUTE max. this price is not including the price of the drives as we will slowly build up the # of drives. I really hope you can help just like your videos helped me choose out our first NAS. BTW we need anywhere from 6-8 drive bays Thanks, Konrad
KO Konrad asked on 02 December 2020, 17:59
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Which nas to buy? ts230 or ts253D?

Hi, I'm looking to buy my first nas. These are the things I'm taking into consideration: - Im looking at a 2 bay with 2x4tb with raid for redundancy - I mostly want to use it for backing up 10-12 years of photographs and from now on whenever take new photos and upload them I want them to be automatically backed up - I work in lightroom and still want to keep the original files I'm working on on my local ssd as it's a lot faster to work with - I would like to be able to access, upload/download files when I am traveling - I don't need a plex, I use netflix, disney+ etc, youtube music etc From watchin a lot of great videos from here on nas compares I think I narrowed myself to these 2: Qnap ts230 and the ts253d I think that the ts253 would honestly be overkill for my needs but there are also some very nice black friday sales coming on newegg and the ts253 is currently 399 cad $ and the ts230 179 cad $. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks very much
JA Jamesn asked on 26 November 2020, 15:58
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Buy DS1819+ now or wait for DS1821+?

I'm looking for a new Synology NAS and I believe 8-bay is the sweet spot for me (I like to use RAID6). My current 'old faithful' (~8yr old) NAS is a DS1812+, which has always been rock solid and is the reason I want to remain loyal to Synology tbh. I've read some absolute horror stories about unreliability and eventual NAS-death caused by dodgy Atom CPUs used in the DS1815 and DS1817 units, which worries me a bit. I understand the newer CPUs used in the DS1819 don't suffer the same issues... but it makes me worry a bit about the 'new kid on the block' - at least in Synology boxes - AMD Ryzen CPUs. Any advice or opinions on which to choose - DS1819 or DS1821 - would be much appreciated please!
GA Gainfulshrimp asked on 26 November 2020, 10:29
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Size and number of hard drives for new 4 bay NAS?

I am planning on buying a DS920+ for home and business use. I run a software consulting business from home. Typically only 2 people will access the NAS and our storage needs are low (no plex, video, or surveillance needs). I chose the DS920+ as an investment in something that is scalable that I won't need to upgrade for a long time. (Tell me if I should reconsider this.) Considering I currently have low storage needs, what is the best strategy for hard drive selection? Do I populate all 4 bays with hard drives or only 2 or 3 bays? What size do I buy- the largest I can afford? Do I buy the same size for all hard drives or maybe 1 large and 2 smaller sizes? Ideally, I spend no more than $600 USD (around the same price as the NAS) for hard drives. How do I best allocate this?
SL Slush asked on 26 November 2020, 00:47
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NAS selection help - picture browsing is essential?

Picture browsing is my priority, my wife would like just to grab an android phone and just browse pictures, videos, etc. Key factor is also price, a 2 bay device should be fine. The device needs to be able to be configured without an online server to be present ( got a Netgear stora, that cannot be configured, as it is trying to access a netgear server which is off ). So far, I found qnap TS230 as a viable option, please chip in with experience, bad or good about it or any similar device. Thanks in advance, Vlad
VL Vladio2000 asked on 19 November 2020, 12:20
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DS1621+ vs DS1520+ for media playback?

I have watched lots of your videos on the DS920+ (as you don't have some of the Plex and video station review reviews for the DS1520+) and the DS1621+trying to figure out which one is the best for watching movies and dealing with bigger, denser files, including 4K HEVC. I can't seem to figure out which NAS will be best. While the Celeron chip on the DS1520+ seems like it would be better as it has a little GPU capabilities on the CPU, the AMD Ryzen is a beefier chip and seems to come off better on your videos even though it is doing software transcoding on HEVC. The price difference between the 2 NAS's isn't an issue (happy to pay more for the DS1621+). But which one is the better NAS for video playback (Plex and Video Station), especially at 4K HEVC? Also, if I go for the DS1621+, would a RAM upgrade or NVMEe SSD for cacheing help with video playback?
BS Bstubbs asked on 10 November 2020, 21:13
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