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Not sure which NAS is best for you? Let me know your setup, available budget and necessary storage space. You can then either save money and avoid buying unnecessary expensive NAS or quite opposite, realise that what you intend to buy would only bring you disappointment and extra spending. Make it right the first time!

Migration from Synology 8-bay NAS to 6-bay NAS with expansion enclosure?

Hi, Please can you help a noob. I have an 8-bay Synology DS1815+ (out of warranty) which has failed to power on after a reload. I tested and tried new PSU - no blue light - no motherboard. So I'm resigned to get a replacement Synology NAS (I'm using SHR). I've seen the excellent youtube vid comparing DS1621XS+ and DS3617XS. In my DS1815+ I have 8 drives: 4x6TB, 2x4TB and 2x18TB WD181KRYZ Gold new drives). The config uses SHR - with two volumes (6 disks and 2 disks). The questions I have: I) Will I be able to migrate to a DS1621XS+ by first installing just 6 drives (one volume) and then slowly reducing the number of disks to enable to add second volume ii) If not, will I be able to use a DS1621XS+ (6 bay) + expansion (DX517) to facilitate an initial migration to the new platform. I appreciate long term best not to have a volume split via eSATA. iii) or am I forced to use an 8 or more bay chassis for the initial migration. Really appreciate your help with this :-)
FR Freedo100 asked on 02 October 2020, 22:10
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Looking for Shallow Rackmount NAS Ideas?

Am looking for the right NAS to support both storage and VM capability. Needs to be rack mounted and no more than 310-320 mm deep. Was looking at Synology DS918, but it's not really VM capable. Want to run 2-3 OS's in VMs with 2-3 users. Needs to support MAC and Windows back-ups. Like SHS-2 RAID, but not wed to it. Optimize storage space with reliable back-up. Thinking I'll load initially with 4x 1TB Samsung SSD 860 EVO 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-76E1T0B/AM) or similar.
UA Uawolf1990 asked on 26 September 2020, 01:25
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Best NAS for remote access of video and pdf via iPad?

Which NAS, under $2k and minimum of 4TB RAID-1, is best for allowing easy setup and I/F with remote Internet access, iPad local/remote access, Win-10 PC Control/access and Samsung TV local DLNA? Sonos connectivity also desired-not required as well as easy identification and restoration of damaged HDD in RAID-1 and Control O/S independence. My Zyxel NSA320 broke when I upgraded my PC to Win-10, so I’m looking for a replacement with more features and easier setup.
WP Wp asked on 20 September 2020, 13:50
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Home NAS?

Hi, I would like to ask for advice to buy a NAS for my Smart Home Current configuration: > Intel Nuc8I3 - Home assistant (VM) + Movies streaming (VM) > Desktop Ryzen 7 I believe I will never go above 1Gbe LAN as mostly I need the NAS for HomeAssistant database + my hobbyist photography Best Regards Krzysztof
KR Krzysieks asked on 09 September 2020, 12:52
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NAS Buying Beginner?

Hi, I am trying to buy a NAS. I'm beginner to this. After watching a few of your YouTube videos, I have a few questions. Usage: 1. 2 Desktop/Laptop + 4 Mobiles + TV [1080p-not planning to upgrade to 4k any time soon] 2. Mostly for Picture, videos backups + Movie Storage 3. Watching movies/Videos on above devices Questions: 1. Do I need transcoding? [My files are mostly in 720p or 1080p] 2. Is it better to have 2+5 Bay [DS720+ with DX517] or 4 Bay [DS920+] performance wise? I am planning to use 8TB HDDs with BTFS & SHR. 3. If I add DX517 later, do I have to increase the RAM of DS720+? Thanks in advance
LU Lucifer asked on 04 September 2020, 22:09
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Advice on new QNAP NAS purchase?

Upgrading home network and looking for advice/comments on my ideas. Need to replace 2 TS-453Bminis (4 bay) with ones that with faster network connectivity. One mini is Plex server, one mini is backup and mapped drives for home network. Both 4 bay with HGST 6 TBs drives in all bays. Must be able to migrate by using old drives. (see Think a 4 bay TS-453D can replace the Plex mini and has faster LAN, but am wondering if a 4 bay TS-473 might be better for backup and mapped drives because it has faster CPU, handles more memory and can take add in cards to get the higher LAN speed. Budget for both is $1500 US so some room for more bays or different models. I'm OK with getting base memory and adding in later. The final setup would use the 5 port QSW-1105-5T 2.5GBe switch with the 2 new NAS and my 2 home PCs using high speed LAN cards connected to it. Advice? Comments? Flaws I've not considered or such? All feedback appreciated.
JM Jmcging asked on 30 August 2020, 15:06
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Which NAS for a church for video recording, editing, and file sharing?

I want to move our church from Windows Server 2012 to a NAS. We have less than 1 TB of private and shared office files being backed up to a 3 TB external HDD. We also have a Mac (not connected to the server) for recording our services and for video editing. There are 7 HDDs connected to it with 36 TB of video files. There is a 14 TB HDD connected to it to which I have backed up most of the Final Cut Pro 10 libraries as a stopgap measure. I also subscribed to Backblaze to back up this Mac online. Every Sunday we record our services and live stream them through the Mac. The recordings are saved to the external HDDs until they are edited and published. We need a connection that is fast for the recording and passing of the files to the live stream box, and then need all this data stored and backed up. We also need file sharing, and the ability to connect from any computer, tablet or phone, from anywhere. What Synology NAS do you recommend, how much storage, and RAID 5, 6, or SHR? Thanks.
GE Gene asked on 24 August 2020, 21:04
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PLEX on qnapTVS-672N-i3 or do I need it?

Hi First thx for a intressing website and Youtube channel. I have today since a couple of years a WD pr2100 wich has served me well. I use it mostly for Plex and some minor backups. I also have some friends who uses my Plex server. I think of upgrading to get more bays and a more powerful NAS. I have consider synology 918+ or 920+ or maybe a terramaster. But recently I also have been looking at the qnap 672N-i3. Regarding on more Plex users is the qnap a better choice? Mainly the material is 1080 p. Is it more futureproof regarding some 4K with the qnqp ? Is there another better NAS option ? I have ofcourse Plexpass with transcoding today on my wd pr2100. I dont mind spending some money on a new NAS.
JO Jorgerik asked on 04 August 2020, 15:01
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Creative professional - first NAS?

Hi NAS compares - the site has been really useful - thank you So I am about to need to sort out my storage and I think I need to move up to a NAS - below are some current details I am a small outfit creative professional (artist / graphic designer) - so have large project files that need access to (but not across large groups) Currently I have a macbook pro with a nearly full 1tb SSD in the machine. I use a 3TB Toshiba external hard drive for time machine and + store photos and a 4TB Seagate external hard drive for time machine and + store photos So I guess I've been using these USB external drives like a primitive RAID 1. I am looking to free up my SSD on my macbook and then use a NAS as my working machine. I suspect that I will need increase the amount of space I am using at present (so 4 or 6 TB ? this I am unsure and happy to take advice..) and maybe use something like RAID 5 system ? Again happy to take advice. Thanks , Sam
SA Samw asked on 26 July 2020, 17:35
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NAS Reliability during lifespan?

Researching NAS solutions from major NAS vendors and found several mentions of unit failures. This made me very nervous about the quality control of the major NAS vendors. I want to ask the collective wisdom of the community what their experiences have been. I am I just seeing the malcontents, or is quality a concern, if it is a concern is one major vendor more rigorous about testing units???
KA Kalenwyler asked on 26 July 2020, 15:34
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Wd Red vs Seagate Ironwolf for Synology 220+?

Given all the great advice you have given over the years, I am about to buy my first "real" NAS, the Synology DS220+. My question is: should I buy WD Red or Seagate Ironwolf for the Synology? I was originally thinking that a pair of 6TB would be good for what I need the NAS to do, but with the WD SMR/CMR issue, I'm now looking at 8TB drives to eliminate that issue. Please can you give guidance on whether the 7200RPM Seagates are more reliable than the 5400RPM WDs? Do they make more noise (the DS220+ will be next to my router in the living room)? Use more power? For backup and media server, any differences? Any guidance would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
TO Toeinnas asked on 19 July 2020, 20:34
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Synology vs. QNAP disk size upgrade?

On Synology vs. QNAP videos it was stated that you can use different size disks with Synology but not with QNAP, is this still true? How do you upgrade your QNAP RAID to larger disks? If you can't use various sizes do you have to rebuild from scratch?
GC Gcstang asked on 23 June 2020, 15:47
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Buying a new NAS mostly for Plex streaming and Docker with Kubernetes?

Hello all, I'm looking around for investing in a new NAS to replace my current old one (a Seagate PersonalCloud). I'm mostly interested in 2 aspects: - must support Plex in order to be able to stream to my ChromeCast, - I'm starting to dig into Dockers + Kubernetes and I would like a NAS that would be able to run few virtual machines. I'm not interested in running virtual machines to replace my laptop; I'm speaking only about docker containers / images. I was thinking to something like the QNAP TVS-682 (most expensive), Synology DS-920+ or Asustor AS6404T (least expensive) HDMI output for me is not a must as I'm not planning to stream directly to my TV, but it's a plus. I would like something that would need no upgrade for about the next 3 years. Support for additional M.2 SSD/nvme is a plus.
AV Aviscido asked on 23 June 2020, 10:05
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Absolutely new to Nas. Advice on what suits me, any help appreciated, cheers.? Synology ds218+ or qnap 251d?

Hi, Looking at the synology ds218+ vs Qnap 251d. Purpose is to use as a simple back up and simple server. 2 adults and 1 kid in the house hold. I will be using for accessing data from my workplace too...just word and pdf. Will also be using for surveillance at home. Sorry for the broad question, loving the forum and the YouTube video. Appreciated. Cheers folks.
GO Gordonorr asked on 22 June 2020, 21:40
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1U NAS selection?

I am considering moving from a desktop NAS (I currently have the Synology DS418play) to a 1U. Honestly, I only use my NAS as a file storage box. I know it has a lot of capabilities and app support, but I am not taking advantage of that... Requirements: 1U with 400mm depth limit, and 4 x 3.5" drives. Looking around, seems like my 2 options are the Synology DS819 or the QNAP TS-451DeU. Questions: 1. Am I missing any alternative? 2. Both those 1U NAS are priced at $599 in the US. Seems like technically the QNAP is better. Anyone compared those 2 NAS devices? 3. Should I decide to splurge and move to 2U (still with 400mm depth limit due to my rack) - what would be a better alternative to the above, keeping budget reasonable? (I could not see anything for less than $1200 which is exactly 2x the price...) Thanks!
ZA Zachik asked on 31 May 2020, 16:37
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About to purchase NAS .. But confused about which model to buy.?

Hi there, I am thinking of buying a NAS. I've been watching many of the videos to get an idea of what I was getting into, and try to figure out which models is best for my need. But I must admit, I am super confused. I would want to use the Nas to store the video and photos currently stored in my PC. And to play it on Smart TV and Smartphone in my home network. Budget? I would say up to 1350£ I am holding on the purchase after reading this thread: I thought I could go for a 918+ (or 1019+ ?) or an equivalent from QNAP (is it the TS-453?) but I am no longer sure that these models will be able to play the videos I have. Many of the videos are from a GoPro in 4k. There should not be a need for transcoding on these videos. But I am also a few DVD I would like to transfer, and these would required subtitles (so transcoding?) Many thanks
GE Gerv93 asked on 29 May 2020, 10:00
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Where is a solid NAS supporting SSD-Cache?

Hi there. I own 8 old ReadyNAS. All of them run perfectly and are flawless even after 10 years of use! 4 years ago I bought an Asustor AS5104t and upgrade it with SSD-Cache (2xWD RED 4TB + 2xWD blue 2,5" SSD 250GB). After 3 years the display stopped working. A year later I started the automatic operating system update. In result the update stopped after 30% of software download and connection failed. Since that time system can not be used any more and ends into hardware crash. Unbelievable! A software update ruins the hardware! By the way Japanese forums are full of same experiences! After that bad experience I searched for a solid system like ReadyNas. Unfortunately ReadyNas do not support form factor M.2 2280 for SSD-cache. So I bought Synology DS918+. Machine runs well but I do not trust the hardware. VERY poor case made by plastic. Do you have any idea which NAS will fit my need? Solid hardware and fast into storage. Best regards Winfried
WI Winfried asked on 24 May 2020, 10:22
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DS418play or DX517 with DS1515?

Hey there, firstly love your NAS reviews! learnt a lot from them. i currently have a DS1515 which is running low on space. my files are mainly mkv (1080p with a dash of 4K with high end audio such as DTS-MA, Atmos) so each file is over 10GB in size. i only Direct Play. i don't stream from outside the house. even at home, it is only to my Sony Android TV (not Android box). i have not transcoded before because of the power required to transcode which works bad with the DS1515. my question is: should i get the DX517 expansion (now compatible with the DS1515) or the DS418play? i am aware that i will then have 2 separate pools so i'll need to figure out how to manage the media through Emby or Plex. just found Synology's Video Station and am looking at that as an option too.
KI Kirandas asked on 15 May 2020, 03:34
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Plex NAS advice please?

Hi all. I'm new here, so I'm sorry if I do or say anything silly! I have a small home network with a Synology DS-213j serving home/office needs and Plex. It's very nearly full so I want a second NAS, to use solely for Plex. I will then use the 213j for home/office duties only, with the two current 2TB drives mirrored. So what can people recommend please? I'm not wedded to Synology, and I find their interface a bit clunky/inflexible to be honest. However this could be different for a modern system. I'd ideally like a 4-bay NAS, and would start with a single 8TB drive possibly. Reliability and quality for me are most important. I would expect no more than 3 Plex users at a time to be using the NAS, at anything between 720-4k, more or less always on a TV. My maximum budget would be £1000 all-in, though I'd hope to spend less if I can. Thanks in advance for any pointers... irf
IR Irf asked on 02 May 2020, 16:11
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Choice between DS218+ and DS418+?

Upgrading from a DS213se, 2 x 4 TB, 1.6 TB movies and 250 GB photos. Backingup to USB attached 4TB HDD. Based at home. Want to upgrade for improved speed and capcity to use as Time Machine backup destionation for 2 macOS laptops and a MacMini. Will also host files for two users, about 50 GB each. old DS214se will become backup to new NAS. Will plan on max synology RAM to protect warranty and new NAS drives. I expect that the process for migrating data to a 2 drive unit is different from a 4 drive unit. Need guidance on that process after purchase decision is made. Could do DS218+ with 2 x 8 TB drives or DS418+ with 4 x 4TB drives. Suggestions and comments? Am I missing an important issue obvious to a more expereinced user?
WB Wbmcilvaine asked on 02 April 2020, 23:56
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