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Not sure which NAS is best for you? Let me know your setup, available budget and necessary storage space. You can then either save money and avoid buying unnecessary expensive NAS or quite opposite, realise that what you intend to buy would only bring you disappointment and extra spending. Make it right the first time!

Dbrand & Heatsink Combo: System Impact?

I own a PS5 and the Dbrand 2.0 plates, which have the vents located near the fans, but I am very interested in purchasing a PS5-designed heatsink to go alongside them, as well as a SSD. I know NASCompares has uploaded videos regarding these, but I have a specific need that I’d like to have addressed. What PS5-designed heatsink would be the most beneficial when regarding the temperature of the PS5 console as a whole both long-term and short-term as the main priority and the SSD as the secondary concern, while keeping in mind factors such as the Dbrand 2.0 plates ventilation and the possibility of additional heat being drawn into the console over the top of/from the heatsink? At the moment I am considering 3 potential options: ElecGear, Sabrent, and the PNY. I know the PNY is somewhat of a different story, but I am still curious as to which one of these would have the best results in regard to my preferences? Also, I am willing to spend as much as needed in order to accomplish even a small amount of success towards my goal, so money is not an issue in this consideration. Thank you for your time; please give the most accurate answer you are able to, even if it means that I will have to wait a longer amount of time for a response!
CO Conner pierce asked on 17 May 2022, 15:05
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Specifications for 2nd NAS for offsite storage use (backup)?

Am considering DS920+ with 4 x 4-6TB as main NAS. What is a good option for an offsite back-up NAS?
JO John_p asked on 16 May 2022, 14:03
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DS1621XS+ refresh in 2022?

Seems Synology is updating most of their product line on a 2-year cycle and since the DS1621XS+ was first available in September 2020, that would make late 2022 be 2 years old. Any ideas regarding this possibly happening in late 2022? Thanks! Jonathan
JE Jeburnett asked on 26 April 2022, 19:13
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Ready to upgrade my Synology NAS?

10 years ago Synology 110j.... 5 years ago Synology 216+II... Now??? Bought into Synology originally to cover 1 IP camera with remote access, store my music and video media and stream using DLNA, and backup my PC and phones. Updated 5 years ago as added a second IP camera, 110j getting very slow and less DSM support, and wanted to add RAID, hence the 216+II with 2x4TB WD Red drives. That worked well, for 3-4 years, but is getting full, slowing a lot, and remote access is incredibly slow and unreliable. So, thinking of up'ing to a 4 bay. Want to stay with Synology. Budget not too important. Want top speed so processor, memory and maybe SSD cache (?) important, but only for single user so LAN speed of 1Gb/s is fine (IMHO), and whatever RAID is deemed the best. Have recently updated my whole WiFi/router system to Linksys Velop mesh, with an MR9000v1 router and 3 WHM03v2 repeaters, all of which seem to be working really well, and which I can reliably and quickly access from worldwide, so I'm happy they are not a bottleneck. Have watched some of your videos, I'm thinking maybe the 420, 720 or even 920. I want it for the next 5 years, minimum. I'm open to suggestions, with justification of course.
NI Nick the greek asked on 06 April 2022, 10:20
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First NAS for training....?

Hello, I am looking to buy a NAS as a training tool. I don't need a lot of storage, I just need experience using networks and network devices. Ideally setting up securtity and the network settings myself. I am transitioning into the IT sector and need some practical experience before I attend interviews. I am currently studying CompTia A+ and will move onto Network+ / CCNA after that.
PA Parabellum asked on 03 April 2022, 16:12
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What to choose for home/personal usage purpose: NAS + DVR (my first setup)?

Hi Experts,

I plan to startup my first NAS for personal usage. My target for NAS server is as follows:
- personal/home purpose;
- NAS for backing up (phone) pictures, (phone) videos: access to NAS for 4 Family Members;
- DVR for my 2 outdoor and 2 indoor WiFi D-Link cameras (2 x DCS-8630LH, 2 x DCS-2630L);
- planned 2 Bays unit: each Bay containing max 8TB HDD: 4TB (or more) for data backup, 4TB (or less) for 7 days DVR storage.

Would you please advise which device shall I go for? Would it be DS220+, DS720+ or should I go for some other type? Sharing your own experience and your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
KA asked on 03 April 2022, 08:20
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My Next Nas?

Hi, I'm on the lookout for my next NAS, which MUST have container support. It's use is for PLEX, which streams down from Google Drive (So dual gigabit ethernet port is essential) along with support for at least 4 GB of ram, and a burst CPU of a min of 2.4Ghz, to allow for adequate low level transcoding (although this is a failsafe). I'll be running 5 or so containers, in addition to Plex, if that's native great. if not, make that 6 containers. I'm trying to build my system up gradually, and currently have the QNAP TS 251+, which seems to work well, but I'd like to have additional RAM and CPU. Drive space is less important. Looking for a form of 'upgrade helper' where i can put in what i have, and then see other NAS's in order of some form of rating, with some price filtering of course if possible. Thanks in advance,
LL Lloydie11 asked on 28 January 2022, 22:03
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First NAS -QNAP v.s. Synology?

Hi all, I have decided to move from online disks and to buy my first NAS. NAS will be mainly used for backing up my documents and pictures and for accessing them from PC/mobile/TV. Plus would be to have possibility to stream movies to my TV. Also, I have few IP cameras (ONVIF Tiandy) and it would be great if I could connect them to my NAS. In the future I might have a need to use a NAS as a VPN and web server. I was looking at: 1. QNAP TS-230 = 170 € 2. Synology DS218play = 230 € 3. Synology DS218 = 270 € 4. Synology DS220+ = 300 € I 'm wondering do I need some more expensive NAS then QNAP? How much is needed to have 2 GB of RAM instead of 1 GB in DS218play? Is there something better in this price range? Thanks!
ZE Zero cool asked on 25 January 2022, 10:54
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NAS for photos and music (and more?)?

I'm thinking of buying a NAS. Switching from a 12TB external HDD, so I'm looking at a 4-Bay NAS, initially with 2x14B drives. One of the uses will be a local Google Photos alternative for multiple users (max about 8-10 I think). With the current QNAP security issues I'm leaning towards Synology (also because of SHR). All the nas comparison items are great, but it still doesn't give me a feel of how capable a certain processor/memory combo is. So my main questions are: 1. Would the DS420+ be capable enough for having (at times) 3 simultaneous users on Synology Photos (probably with the mobile app)? Or is the better CPU in the DS920+ really that much better? 2. Do people think it's wise to wait and see if and what 2022 models will be available? 3. Is the QNAP hardware so much better/faster that I should really take a better look at it? Thanks for your input!
PL Platonius asked on 20 January 2022, 13:01
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I purchased a QNAP TS-932PX (and drives) already, but is there a better box for video editing?

Robbie, being "newish" to the NAS world, I have immersed myself in your videos. I'm learning but have long way to go before I feel confidence in what I am doing. My business and serious hobby involves video production/editing and digital photo processing in a home office environment. I've been using a couple of DAS units (G-Tech 9 TB G-Drive and a 4TB solid state drive) through the Thunderbolt 3 ports on one of my HP Z-Book workstations, but I'm running out of room. That has led me to explore the world of NAS. I'm looking to build a storage system that will last me for some time (I hitting max on my DAS in about two years). I made some purchases before I found your videos on purchase advice. I have not yet installed anything and need help on whether I should make any changes/exchanges before I do. I have already purchased a QNAP TS-932PX and have purchased five Seagate Exos X18 16TB HDD to put in the upper bays and two WD Red SA500 to handle caching (trying for 10GbE network with a good amount of storage for the future). One of my main objectives is to be able to edit video (probably 4K now that I would have space) from my NAS from two workstations (both HP Z-Book workstations with Thunderbolt 3 ports). My photo library is over 100K photos (yes, it needs culling!) Other uses are a 30K record database that is extremely important in my business. I would like to be able to stream finished videos to a projection screen A/V system on another floor of my home and have the ability to easily stream to clients outside my home office. I'm thinking I could have chosen a more appropriate NAS box. One this box does not have Thunderbolt ports (I thought it did) and runs on an Annapurna Labs AL324 quad-core 1.7 GHz CPU. Your comments in your review of this unit made me think this box is more for file storage than online video editing. I want video editing speed and ample storage in a collaborative video editing environment. With these five 18TB hard drives and two 500 GB SSD's would there be a better choice - the TS-h973AX perhaps? How much and what type of memory would you recommend? Would you recommend an NAS that has Thunderbolt ports for direct input from the workstations or do I just take care of that through the network? What's the best way to connect my two workstations to the network? They each have two Thunderbolt 3 ports, one HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, but NO RJ-45 ethernet port. How do I connect these workstations to the switch for max throughput? I would appreciate your recommendations for a switch. The NAS and two workstations would be good for 10GbE connectivity. However, the rest of the network doesn't need that speed (printers, video projector, smart TVs, wife's computer that needs access to photos, iPad, 2 Samsung phones, etc.) Finally, my internet modem & router are on a completely different floor from the home office. Right now I connect wirelessly, but I'm at the end of my range. How can I improve my wireless or should I go to the effort to install a cable back to the cable router? Or would it benefit me to run the internet cable-in down to my office (a lot of work!). Right now my internet connection is through RJ6 and not fiber optic. Someday fiber will come into our neighborhood, but I'm not holding my breath on that.
MR Mrinnertainment asked on 13 January 2022, 19:31
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A secure, internet accessible NAS?

I'm getting a healthy dose of buyer's remorse from my recent purchase of a QNAP TS-230. I bought it for home use because it seemed easy to setup, I wanted to access some data from outside my home (this was an important feature), it was the right price, and a lot of sites recommended it as a good entry level NAS. However, while researching a particular configuration item, I am finding a LOT of comments and explanations about how atrocious the QNAP security is and that the only true way to protect data on this device is simply to not connect it to the internet at all (which defeats said important use case I had).

My questions:

- Is QNAP security, in fact, seriously flawed such that there is no QNAP configurable way to secure it while still making it internet accessible? (Without creating and managing your own IT infrastructure with in your own firewalls, vpns, etc.)
- What other home-NAS solution could anyone recommend I look into to get a truly securable NAS that I would be able to access from outside my home?
- Is there something that I'm not seeing or considering here that would make me *not* pack this thing up and send it back straightaway?

I appreciated any opinions, pointers, or assistance.

Best EM

ME Memurphyiii asked on 12 January 2022, 15:43
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Question/opinion on a 2nd NAS, to be used for surveillance..?

I currently use a 1019+, for plex movie and a large music library, and recording 2 interior cameras 24/7.. I'm a little concerned about the wear and tear on the 1019+ and the drives. Would it be highly advisable to get maybe a 220+ to handle just the recording? A Synology NVR is probably out of the question. Any opinions, or other recommendations on what to use for the recording? I have 2 spare 4tb drives I can use if I get another NAS. Thanks!
SA Sandmanxx asked on 05 December 2021, 01:39
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I think I need an 8 - 12 bay NAS (Asustore v. Synology?)?

I'm pretty sure I don't want to deal with the following: Qnap, 15+ External HDDs, Someone else's mail server. I'm unable to find current info on Asustor Lockerstor 10 but am VERY interested in this from a features view perspective. I have had no luck with dealing with Asus directly; their links to 'dealers' turns up 2 out 3 have no listing for the current version and the 3rd requires opening an account to get any info. It would be useful see some sort of review on the current 10 bay model (AS7110T) including any 'where to buy'. At this point, I am looking at a history of dealing with only mother boards and routers over the last 30+ years. I real need some concrete specs and opinions on why I should get this over a DS1821+. Their is also the question of the relative prices of Asustor Lockerstor 10 (AS7110T) vs. (AS6510T)
J J asked on 28 November 2021, 17:15
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NAS buying suggestion for research group?

Hi, I am from a research group with about 12 people, looking for a NAS with about 250 TB space and potential scalability. We are looking at Synology RS4021xs+ (DSM) and TS-h2483XU-RP (QTS-hero). It seems both are good models with enough space. Synology is said to be more user-friendly, while QNAP has more powerful hardware and flexibility. But we do not have much actual experience with NAS, so not sure which brand or system would be a good fit. Could anyone help us with some comments or suggestions in terms of long-term performance, reliability, or functionality? Thank you so much.
JA Jarmck asked on 21 November 2021, 19:00
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Asking for advice in finding the right QNAP NAS for me?

After suffering a severe data damage from accidentally dropping one of my WD Passport USB drives, I'm now looking for a NAS server for running a few virtual machines and serving as a fail-safe file server for my huge Blu-ray ISO file collection. I'd like to put the NAS machine up a shelf in the closet, so I'm looking for a 12 bay 2U rack version, running as silent and economical as possible. I'm a developing application software for Windows, so I'd like to benefit from the NAS' ability to run virtual machines. In order for the NAS server to run one or two (or three?) Windows 11 VMs while still being able to serve its natural purpose, I'd expect the machine to be equipped with at least 6 CPU cores and 64 GB of RAM. On the other hand, I need the NAS device to run as a fail-safe file server by using RAID-6, eventually providing 100 TB of data. Over time, I want to incrementally add new drives to a storage group or replace existing drives by larger ones to increase volume size. All done online, without performing backups first and without being required to shut down the NAS device when I remove/add drives. From time to time I'd like to hard-reset the NAS device to make sure that any kind of malware that might have slipped into the NAS OS will be wiped. Doing so, I'd still like to keep my VMs and storage groups without taking a backup first, so that I can immediately continue to use both, my VMs and the files stored in those storage groups, right after I re-installed the NAS OS. Perhaps I can even have the NAS device render Maxon Cinema 4D animations in a VM? It usually takes weeks for these to render. I'd very much outsource this task to the NAS device, so I can continue to use my workstation machines for my other daily tasks. So, if the NAS device would accept a GeForce RTX 3090 and be able to address the GPGPU from a VM that'd be a great advantage. But that would just put the cherry on the cake. (And I don't believe that this is possible at all. - Perhaps that might be an interesting new category for this forum: "rendering 3D raytracing animations in a NAS device") After doing some research I first thought that the QNAP TS-h1277XU-RP-3700X-128G might have been the right device for me. But reading through the specs I noticed it doesn't support online RAID capacity expansion, which is what I basically need (see animated images in the attachment). Being a NAS newbie I don't know what to buy. Can someone please recommend a NAS device fulfilling all of my requirements? Your help is very much appreciated.
Asking for advice in finding the right QNAP NAS for me? Asking for advice in finding the right QNAP NAS for me?
WH Whiteknight asked on 08 October 2021, 23:57
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Mac User - New to NAS - Requesting Advise Please?

Hello. Backstory: I've been using Macs for many years with larger internal storage options (3-4TB.) This houses our iTunes music, Plex movies, photos and document collections. We also utilize larger external storage solutions for our photography business (4TB.) Over the years, I've become accustomed to using a system backup application called SuperDuper! and multiple external drives to create 1:1 backups for our main machine. I also utilize a file sync application called ChronoSync to ensure 1:1 copies of our photo business drives. All in all, I have 5-hard drive backups for my main machine, which are rotated frequently and 4-hard drive backups for our photo business, which are also rotated frequently. As you can see, I have a lot going on that needs to be maintained quite frequently and would like to simplify if possible. New use-case: Now that hard drives are cheaper than ever before, I would rather move into the realm of NAS, but want to see how close I can get to my existing backup solutions? 1. If I purchased the Synology DS920+ with 4-8TB hard drives, could I use each hard drive independently to generate backups directly from the Mac itself whenever I wanted? My thought is that each backup would cover both the main machine as well as the dedicated photos drive into one disk on the NAS. I could then setup an automated solution to perform these 4-separate backups throughout different intervals during the week. 2. If I decided to move away from purchasing Macs with larger internal storage options, could I instead place all my data on the NAS directly and access it at anytime as if it was stored locally? This route would probably mean that I go with a Raid setup, but would need help understanding the best Raid option to choose. My goal for this method is to hopefully allow me the option of no longer needing to worry about my devices having certain internal storage sizes as I should be able to access the singular file on any device that I affectively use (iMac, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, PC, PC Laptop, etc.) Would this option be a solution the NAS can provide? Any downsides to this approach? Of course, I would probably keep some files locally for ease of access, like say 1-2 photo shoots. Once edited and sent off, I could then move that information to the NAS for future access and backup redundancy. Ultimately, I just want a better solution to what I have today. I have hard drives all over the place. I also want to be able to access data no matter where I'm at in the world for work and I want to be able to utilize my music and movie libraries to stream across all my devices in the house (or on the road too if possible.) Hope the above questions made sense and were clear. If not, please let me know what additional information you require to help me find the right solution for my needs. Thank you for your time!
JA Jamesgarland asked on 26 September 2021, 13:10
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QNAP TVS-675 or ???

Hi there, Just about to set up a home Plex and backup storage system for home office/home use. I watched the review on the TVS-675 and it looks like it will do the job for me nicely. On the review you state that the TVS-675 is good but not the best. What is the best? I have very little 4K content but around 12TB of Media that I would like to add to Plex and around 4TB of work related files. I will probably begin to populate the unit with 12TB drives giving me ample storage for the foreseeable future. Any advice on the device and drive manufacturer would be fantastic.
GR Grimmond asked on 17 September 2021, 09:08
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Qnap backup unit to existing Qnap NAS?

HI, Not sure you will get below message as I answered to my own question, not sure how the systen works here? So here we go again :-) Thanks your answer. WOW that is a lot of backup, I am planning to purchase the QNAP TVS-h1688X with 10x8TB or maybe 10TB drives and then Seagate IronWolf 125 SSD 4TB NAS Internal Solid State Drive, 2 x 4TB for cache and 2 x 4TH for special storage (probably surveillance) outside the Raid as I will delete these files when they get over 30 days old. Will also be installing a couple of SAMSUNG 980 PRO 2TB PCIe NVMe Gen4 Internal Gaming SSD M.2 (MZ-V8P2T0B/AM), unless you think that's a bad idea, can't have enough (too much) storage, can you? The backup unit I have planned on the QNAP TS-832PX-4G 8 Bay which I will put same size drives in as on the 1688 and the go from there. That have to be enough for starts :-) Not sure about this: QNAP Dual-Band Wireless PCIe Expansion Card (QWA-AC2600), will that interfere with the boats other wireless configurations. Would be nice to have a wireless connection for the NAS only to use for external units, smart phones, tables and TV's to hear music and watch movies/tv-series? For camera surveillance I will probably go for the Hikvision DS-2CD2183G0-I 8.0MP 4K (2 pcs as I don't know how the with cover will be, will need to have both port and starboard side covered), as I can also connect those to the chart plotters and use them to safely get the 60 foot catamaran alongside in a marina, not easy to get a large catamaran along side even with a bow thruster, so these cameras will be handy :-) Again thanks for your many answers, I know that you are probably very busy :-) Rgds Benny
BE Bennyhansen asked on 30 August 2021, 15:52
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Qnap backup unit to existing Qnap NAS?

I am planning on buying the Qnap 1288 or 1688 unit with a lot of storage, but want a Qnap backup unit, so am wondering how much storage that should have and which unit to buy.
BE Bennyhansen asked on 27 August 2021, 14:46
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NAS for Apple Photos replacement, currently using Dropbox?

Hi, I watched a lot of NasCompare videos already and thankfully most of them really in depth like no one else. Some things like the GUI of Synology moments, Synology photos and Qumagie was very helpful. Thank you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Although all that video, I still feel I need to ask for advice. My case is similar like most of your viewer do, but I'm in torn between Synology and Qnap. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My case: I'm looking for a place to store my phone camera photos and videos (iPhone X). Mostly take a lot of photos here and there, short videos, screen recording, screenshots when found interesting content. Because I do digital marketing service, so I usually keep them as reference for my future content. These day apple photos feature helped me a lot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But due to limited space on my phone 256GB which fully used in 2 year, I subscribed dropbox to keep backup all my camera upload and to allow me to delete less accessed content. But this lead to another problem: - Dropbox cannot categorize it at all (except business plan), putting everything in a folder (more than 15000 files in it now, I cant even count it because the browse is having trouble selecting it all) - Accessing my camera upload in dropbox is really slow - due to the number of files in camera upload, the scroll never end and it so stressing to browse to even try to manually categorize it - currently used only 220GB in dropbox ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hesitate using Google and apple due the company is keeping to many things and have interest in AI. So I prefer not to use them to keep everything. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How big storage I need: - contains 120GB of camera files a year - migrate from dropbox file (200GB) - connect an old 3 TB HDD that I used in my PC (full of files like video) to the NAS, so I can access anytime (WD Red 3TB 2014) - move 1TB of files from my portable HDD (WD My Passport 4TB 2020) Is it possible to extract my Passport 4TB as one of the storage and buy another WD Red 4TB? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beside that, I have several other storage that would like your suggestion whether to connect it to the NAS or keep it portable: - 512GB M.2 2280 SSD (Team brand - currently in external SSD enclosure) - 240GB M.2 (Transcend Jetdrive was for Macbook Air internal SSD) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feature I need: - Live photos - photo map location to look photo I took on some place - photo categorization (screenshot, screen recording) - people identification - separate gallery access for several user (will be sharing with my brother, but dont want to get the gallery mixed) - backup from phone like dropbox - offsite backup for select folders (synology hyperbackup) - drive encryption or partition encryption like veracrypt - remote shutdown (WD My home cant do this even physically), because electricity can be shutdown for hours sometime in my town - separate folder for photos from different phone and camera - HEIC to keep the same quality from phone to storage (is it the case?) - subject identification ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My question: A. what NAS do you suggest for the case above? B. In Synology website, only select models can do "Synology Moments", beside facial and subject recognition, can you explain more about it? C. if we use hyperbackup, do we can still browse the file inside from synology moments? D. What Raid do you suggest? E. I have been offered by DS412+ (USD 208) DS718+ (USD360), does it suit my need? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking toward NASCompare videos, I actually prefer Synology, but the new synology moment made me hesitate due to the lack of maps view. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you and look forward for the advice
OR Organicdata asked on 26 August 2021, 09:03
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