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Asking for advice in finding the right QNAP NAS for me?

After suffering a severe data damage from accidentally dropping one of my WD Passport USB drives, I'm now looking for a NAS server for running a few virtual machines and serving as a fail-safe file server for my huge Blu-ray ISO file collection. I'd like to put the NAS machine up a shelf in the closet, so I'm looking for a 12 bay 2U rack version, running as silent and economical as possible. I'm a developing application software for Windows, so I'd like to benefit from the NAS' ability to run virtual machines. In order for the NAS server to run one or two (or three?) Windows 11 VMs while still being able to serve its natural purpose, I'd expect the machine to be equipped with at least 6 CPU cores and 64 GB of RAM. On the other hand, I need the NAS device to run as a fail-safe file server by using RAID-6, eventually providing 100 TB of data. Over time, I want to incrementally add new drives to a storage group or replace existing drives by larger ones to increase volume size. All done online, without performing backups first and without being required to shut down the NAS device when I remove/add drives. From time to time I'd like to hard-reset the NAS device to make sure that any kind of malware that might have slipped into the NAS OS will be wiped. Doing so, I'd still like to keep my VMs and storage groups without taking a backup first, so that I can immediately continue to use both, my VMs and the files stored in those storage groups, right after I re-installed the NAS OS. Perhaps I can even have the NAS device render Maxon Cinema 4D animations in a VM? It usually takes weeks for these to render. I'd very much outsource this task to the NAS device, so I can continue to use my workstation machines for my other daily tasks. So, if the NAS device would accept a GeForce RTX 3090 and be able to address the GPGPU from a VM that'd be a great advantage. But that would just put the cherry on the cake. (And I don't believe that this is possible at all. - Perhaps that might be an interesting new category for this forum: "rendering 3D raytracing animations in a NAS device") After doing some research I first thought that the QNAP TS-h1277XU-RP-3700X-128G might have been the right device for me. But reading through the specs I noticed it doesn't support online RAID capacity expansion, which is what I basically need (see animated images in the attachment). Being a NAS newbie I don't know what to buy. Can someone please recommend a NAS device fulfilling all of my requirements? Your help is very much appreciated.
Asking for advice in finding the right QNAP NAS for me? Asking for advice in finding the right QNAP NAS for me?
WH Whiteknight asked on 08 October 2021, 23:57
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Which NAS for VM / Blind User?

Hi there, I've been really enjoying the site, and appreciate the help it's been giving people like me who are very much new to the world of NAS. I have a very niche question here that I'd love to get your expert advice on. I'm asking on behalf of a blind person, my dad, who runs a radio station. My situation is that currently I have a DS218. But now, this is not enough! The PC which hosts my dad's radio station, which has sat on my desk for the last 3 years, has finally given up the ghost. We like the idea of resurrecting the radio station, but this time running it as a VM on my always-on NAS. It needs to be a Windows VM because the radio station apps are Win only. More importantly, whichever NAS we choose, it absolutely must be able to handle the GUI aspects of the VM REALLY WELL: being blind, my dad uses JAWS screenreader software to navigate the GUI and use the radio software, so slowdown here would be a nightmare. So what we're looking for is a NAS that can handle this requirement. I will also be using the NAS for home/photos, and plan to slot my current 2 drives into it. So, getting to the point... Am I right about the following? - My current NAS, DS218, will not run the VM well - The DS920+, which looks like the next step up, won't run the VM particularly well either - The DS1261+ should run it all fine? Except 6 bays seems overkill for what will be 8TB of data at most! Just checking in case there is any new machine I should be looking at. Happy to consider QNAP options too. Budget of £1,000 including HDDs. Thanks so much for reading my question. :)
AM Amcfarl1 asked on 24 July 2021, 19:07
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Virtual Machines + Data Server | QNAP TS-h973AX or TS-673A or TS-873A ?

[QUESTIONS] || - which NAS among these 3 NAS would you recommend for my below usage? || Happy to consider other NAS too (not rackmount, however) || - how should I set up the discs so as to achieve maximum performance from Virtual Machine? (e.g. creating a separate volume with M.2 SSD / U.2 NVMe / SSD to where Virtual Machines will be saved and run?) Plan to install 64Gb RAM and willing to upgrade PCIe peripherals such as M.2 SSD / U.2 NVMe / Display Card / 10Gb LAN if necessary. || - which display card under QNAP's Comparability List would you recommend for my usage? || [USAGE] || 1. Virtual Machines for Windows (which will be my main, daily OS) and Linux, occasional photo and video editing, gaming (e.g. GTA, FIFA) || 2. data storage & private cloud storage, with remote accessibility (~10TB and growing. RAID 5 or higher, two disc redundancy) || 3. will re-purpose my current Synology DS412+ as an offsite backup server to this new NAS || 4. hoping to create a future-proof set up || [NETWORK SETUP] || - will upgrade to Wifi 6(E) soon. 1Gb broadband for internet access || - utilizing Virtual Machine with laptop over Wifi. Occasionally docking the laptop so as to use a desktop monitor, mouse and keyboard, also over Wifi. Can consider a wired network connection if necessary. || Please excuse my newbie questions. Thank you very much for your time answering my questions.
QS asked on 29 March 2021, 10:47
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QNAP TS-873A (64GBRAM): QuTS: benefitts of PCIe GPU?

What are the advantages of GPU expansion? In conjunction with virtualization and containers what exactly does it bring and is it worth it? Is only the graphics performance passed on to the VM's or is the computing power also supported? Or what other benefits does it bring? Thanks
ST asked on 20 March 2021, 20:48
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DS920+ RAM upgrade not recognized in VMM (but elsewhere it is!)?

I've added a 16 GB module to my Synology DS920+. It all seems to work very well, but the Virtual Machine Manager still says I have only 4 GB available on my host. See attached image. Any advice on why this is happening? The main reason for upgrading, was to allocate more RAM to VM, so it is quite a bummer. I'm using Kingston DDR4 - 16 GB - SO DIMM 260-pin. Part number KCP426SD8/16. (Thank you very much for your advice on the unofficial RAM upgrade option! And all your advice on Nascompares in general!)
DS920+ RAM upgrade not recognized in VMM (but elsewhere it is!)?
MA Markus asked on 19 January 2021, 14:16
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CPU Allocation when VM stopped?

Hi, I have a DS918+ with 16GB of ram. I have a couple of docker containers for Pihole and Plexpy and I also have a VDSM using 1gb of memory and 1 CPU Core. I have just installed windows 10 (using your excellent YouTube video!) and allocated it 1 CPU core and 2gb of memory, along with 100gb of storage. If I have all this running and want to watch a 4K film on Plex, am I pushing the envelope a bit? If so, would stopping the Windows 10 VM give me back the CPU and/or memory I allocated it?
MA Marc12*10 asked on 14 July 2020, 01:00
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Is it possible to create a Windows Desktop Shortcut to a VM?

I ported an existing WMware Windows VM into Synology VM Mgr per your very helpful video (thank you!). Now wondering if there's a way to make a Windows Desktop shortcut to the VM, though with the need to Power it on, then Connect, I cannot imagine how this would be possible. Figured I'd check with you.
ZI Zippypinhead asked on 07 July 2020, 17:48
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