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CPU Allocation when VM stopped?

Hi, I have a DS918+ with 16GB of ram. I have a couple of docker containers for Pihole and Plexpy and I also have a VDSM using 1gb of memory and 1 CPU Core. I have just installed windows 10 (using your excellent YouTube video!) and allocated it 1 CPU core and 2gb of memory, along with 100gb of storage. If I have all this running and want to watch a 4K film on Plex, am I pushing the envelope a bit? If so, would stopping the Windows 10 VM give me back the CPU and/or memory I allocated it?
MA Marc12*10 asked on 14 July 2020, 01:00
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Is it possible to create a Windows Desktop Shortcut to a VM?

I ported an existing WMware Windows VM into Synology VM Mgr per your very helpful video (thank you!). Now wondering if there's a way to make a Windows Desktop shortcut to the VM, though with the need to Power it on, then Connect, I cannot imagine how this would be possible. Figured I'd check with you.
ZI Zippypinhead asked on 07 July 2020, 17:48
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