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NAS Buying Beginner?

Hi, I am trying to buy a NAS. I'm beginner to this. After watching a few of your YouTube videos, I have a few questions. Usage: 1. 2 Desktop/Laptop + 4 Mobiles + TV [1080p-not planning to upgrade to 4k any time soon] 2. Mostly for Picture, videos backups + Movie Storage 3. Watching movies/Videos on above devices Questions: 1. Do I need transcoding? [My files are mostly in 720p or 1080p] 2. Is it better to have 2+5 Bay [DS720+ with DX517] or 4 Bay [DS920+] performance wise? I am planning to use 8TB HDDs with BTFS & SHR. 3. If I add DX517 later, do I have to increase the RAM of DS720+? Thanks in advance
LU Lucifer asked on 04 September 2020, 22:09
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4k high bitrate movies straight from NAS to TV?

Hi all; looking at synology latest gen products and watching this channel's vids I see plex is probably not the right solution to stream high bitrate 4k movies assuming the plex server is on the NAS of course (specifiaclly reffering to the 220+/720+ vids about 4k) I am still looking for a way to at least play high bitrate movies (usually around 60Mb/sec - this is what UHD BD avg usually has). so if not plex, and I dont want a streamer of any other extra device, and just want my TV to play a file from the NAS - what options do I have? will DLNA do the trick? I dont care about the movies UI of plex or any type of transcoding. I just want to be able to play my 4K content straight from the NAS to my TV without hickups. can you reccomend a way of doing so? thanks! BTW my TV is an OLED LG C9
GK Gkatz asked on 31 August 2020, 06:46
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Shared folder?

I've followed several of your video tutorials and set up my DS220+. Can you help please? I have created a shared folder on the NAS and mapped it to Z : on my PC and I want to use this folder to be my main working folder for photo editing with photoshop and luminar. I also want to be able to show those photos on my TV on the same network but the TV will only see the 3 Media Server created folders "photo", "video" and "music". I don't want to have to copy the photos from the shared folder to the media folder. Am I missing something? Thanks for a great series.
JO Joistguy asked on 26 July 2020, 21:22
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Synology Moments won't play videos?

This video ( shows that Synology Moments is supposed to play videos right in the app. But on both my Pixel 3 and my wife's S10e, when tapping on a video to play, we get prompted with a "select which app to play this video in". We're both connected to the same server, so I'm wondering if there's a server-side setting that I need to change. I can't imagine that Synology would remove that functionality if at one point it did play videos, as shown in the video linked above. Thanks for the help.
AK Akilou asked on 23 June 2020, 13:38
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To sync or symlink, that is the question...?

Hi everyone, here’s the photo setup I’m trying to accomplish in Moments: 2 separate personal accounts that store individual photos from before 2013 & a family account where all photos/videos since ‘13 are stored. I enabled the shared library, so I can be logged into my personal account and see my photos as well as our family shared photos. Both my wife and I are backing our iPhones up to the family account (Home>Family>Drive>Moments). The issue is that I have to do a manual copy from the Family account to the /Photos folder for the pics and videos to show up in the shared library. Taking all this into consideration, I’m wondering the best way to sync the Family Moments folder with the /Photo folder. Is it better to symlink the Family moments folder to the /Photo folder or create a script that runs nightly to copy its contents to /Photo? Ideally I would like to prevent duplicate copies (same photos in the Family Moments folder and the /Photo folder). Help please :D
SG Sgil asked on 18 May 2020, 14:50
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Formats for Video Streaming on QNAP?

Wanted to ask for some advice with a QNAP NAS. I have the TS219P II. I really want to be able to share some of my personal videos with friends and family. I puts some videos on the NAS and created a share link. But when I view this link.. I can't get it to stream the video. It plays the clip.. but with audio only.. no video. Are there specific video types that I need to have my clips in so they can be streamed? These are small SD clips.. so nothing crazy. Is there a setting I'm missing that will allow the NAS to stream the clips..and transcode if needed? Thanks much! -Peter
PE Peter555 asked on 22 April 2020, 06:01
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Synology NAS / Plex / Live TV / UK?

Is there a workable solution in the UK? I have a Synology DS216+II (hardware transcoder) running Plex. I would like to connect a TV tuner so as I can watch / record live TV (using Plex). I have tried (and returned) a Silicondust HDHomeRun CONNECT DUO ( This would not work without major buffering issues. My thinking is that I need hardware transcoding built into the tuner, but this does not seem to be available in the UK. Does anybody have any ideas?
PC asked on 18 April 2020, 15:42
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SSD Cache Pcle v Sata?

I've just bought a QNAP TS 673 and want to set up a dedicated Plex server with 2 of the drives. - It has 4 WD Red Pro 6Tb and 2 WD Red Pro 8Tb I was thinking that using SSD(s) for cache acceleration might be a good idea as might a graphics card. Please can you advise 1. Will ssd's be beneficial for my usage 2. Is it better to use the 2 inbuilt M2 SATA slots or use a QNAP PCLe expansion which takes 2 SSD'slots and also adds 10Gb ethernet 3. What size SSD's should I use and how many 4. Is it worth adding a Video card and if so which do you recommend Thanks Martin
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 06 April 2020, 23:00
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Tag Video files for easier search and File management ?

Hi! So I work for a small company and we just bought a custom Synology ds1819 in order to store all the video footage that we record. I'd like to find out if there is software out there that I can use in tandem with our NAS in order to log our footage in a way that we can bulk tag files, as well as have the ability to search let's say, "apple" and have all the footage we've tagged "apple" come up. Also if we'd be able to preview video files without having to download them, that would be ideal. I called Synology support and they said that they currently don't have anything like that, so I was hoping to find software out there that can do it instead. I just don't know what to even google to find this kind of program. Sorry if this doesn't make sense or if this is not the place to ask. Please let me know when you can, thank you!
NA Nascompares_blog_push asked on 06 April 2020, 21:40
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Can I transcode a 1080p ProRes LT .mov file to 1080p (h264) .mp4 with Qnap?

I've chosen the QNAP TVS-872XT for a variety of reasons but I have couple of questions I can't find an answer to... Maybe you can help? 1. Video Transcoding: Can I transcode a 1080p ProRes LT .mov file to 1080p (h264) .mp4 with that NAS? And will I be able to automate the process from a portable HDD in the front "USB copy" port? (the reason I'm unsure is because I read you can only transcode down resolution ie from 4K to 1080 but I'm uncertain about 1080 to 1080)
NC Nc enquiries asked on 13 March 2020, 13:18
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NAS as a small music server to work with SONOS?

I am looking for a NAS as a small music server. I am using a Buffalo Link station at present. My library is small compared with others. It currently is 250gb of Flac I do not see this going beyond 500 gb I have seen a set up where someone had set up a music server using the DS218j. Whilst I am sure this does the job well, I prefer the appearance of the Play version. The set up I saw was using Plex to sort his libraries which I liked and would want to include this feature. Most of the time I will play back through a Sonos system. I do not visulalise wanting to connect to the NAS externally (outside my home) so all my equipment will play the Flac media. So will the DS218 play suit my purpose, and if I set it up on 1 disc can I add a second later and arrange it in a raid situation so that I have a back-up if one disk fails.
NC Nc enquiries asked on 11 March 2020, 20:04
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