Hard Drives (HDD) for NAS

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Don't know your WD Red from your Seagate Ironwolf? Looking to populate a NAS Drive with the right media, but are cannot see the wood for the trees? Here we discuss the latest and greatest hard drive (and SSD of course) media for your network attached storage.

How to add second hard drive to working QNAP TS-230?

I have an existing TS-230 NAS with one Seagate Ironwolf 4TB drive. It's been working for a few months. I have a 2TB WD Purple Surveillance HD from my previous QNAP TS-128A NAS. Can I add the 2TB drive to the TS-230 even though it's not the same type/size as the 4TB? I don't need RAID. I just want more storage space. I'm a novice. Any tricks to doing this? Thanks.
DL Dleiber asked on 09 May 2022, 20:10
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WD Red Pro 16TB not recognised in Synology DS214+?

I bought some WD Red Pro 16TB [WD161KFGX] drives recently, as they were on offer, to upgrade my Synology DS214+ and DS415+. However, they don't seem to be recognised when I replace the current drive in the NAS. I mounted it in the DS214+, but nothing on Storage Manager and cannot repair volume. I haven't tried the DS415+ yet, as long rebuild if it also fails and I have to put the old drive back in and repair. Synology [and WD] have said they are not supported by any Synology NAS [not on compatibility list], but Red Pro 14TB version [WD141KFGX] is. Any ideas why this is? I have heard of others using drives not on the list, so not sure why this is an issue. Synology have said they don't block incompatible drives. I have connected 2 of these drives to my PC and can see them, but cannot do any SMART scan using WD dashboard [Fails] and only drive info is serial number and basic drive info [Model, tc.]. I also cannot initialise the drive [get "Drive error (Cyclic redundancy check)" dialog] in windows in Windows Disk Management and cannot format it. Is there something wrong with these drives? Is there anything I can do? Or will I have to admit defeat and return the unopened drives and sell the used ones?! Cheers for any help here.
DI Diz asked on 08 April 2022, 17:47
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Can I use non-synology drives (i.e Seagate) in Synology SHA dual RS1221+ setup?

As stated above, I am considering a Synology SHA dual RS1221 setup. My question is - is it an absolute must or just how important is it to use only synology drives (and memory) can i use Seagate drives and Kingston memory? The $$/GB difference is very substantial. any advice and/or input would be appreciated I really like the system but the drives (and accessories) makes the price substantially more - could be a deal breaker for me cj
CS Csjones asked on 10 January 2022, 00:04
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How much hard drive space for Plex server.?

I watch the NAS Compares videos often and I enjoy the Plex server videos. I have wanted to build a Plex server but I've never found a good source or guide for how large to build my Plex server. I have a large digital video collection of DVD and Blu-ray that I want to import. A rough estimate is around 500+ disc's. Approximately how much storage would be required for a Plex server to run well and store this collection?
N1 N1cedrgn asked on 06 November 2021, 18:01
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Stress Testing for new HDDs?

I have heard people mentioning that a HDD will fail either at the beginning or at the end of its life cycle, therefore a stress test should be done on all new HDDs before use. 1. Is it recommended to do a stress test for new HDDs before putting it to use in a NAS? 2. How can I do a stress test? Any software needed? How long will it take? Step by step and alternative methods are appreciated. 3. Can I do it on the NAS itself? This is because I do not own an adapter and power supply for a 3.5" HDD. 4. If #3 is possible, can it be done for the second and subsequent drives on the NAS itself while keeping its RAID configuration? Same reason because I do not own an adapter and power supply. Thanks and appreciate all responses!
US User asked on 10 September 2021, 15:36
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Need advise on hard drive choice for adding drives?

Hi, I have a Synology 1813+ 8-bay with 6 WD RED 3TB drives in a SHR-2 array. I've had it since 2014. I wanted to increase storage by filling the remaining two bays, and have been looking at 6TB drives to start the migration to a much larger array. Now I'm wanting to increase storage and was considering adding two 6TB drives in the open bays to start moving toward a larger array. I'm seeing a lot of discussion about the WD Red drives being SMR instead of CMR and also 4K vs. non-4K native drives. 1) My drives are WD30EFRX-68EUZN0. Do you know whether these in 2014 were CMR or are they SMR like the ones available today? (Seems like SMR was new tech in 2015-16) 2) What would be my options for increasing storage? Can I add to my SHR-2 array? Can I add two new drive in a second pool/array in the same NAS? 3) Should I look at buying a newer NAS (Synology or other) that might be better for PLEX video transcoding? Many thanks for your assistance Cheers
Need advise on hard drive choice for adding drives?
JA Jake2015 asked on 23 August 2021, 23:20
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I'm setting up a NAS primarily for PLEX and media(audio, video, pictures) storage/streaming To that end I have purchased the following: QNAP TVS-h1688X-W1250-32G WD Gold 10TB HD(WD102KRYZ4) 4 each WD Red 1TB SSD (WDS100T1R0A) 4 each Now I am looking at which M.2 SSD NVME cards to add. I intend to use these drives for my system volume in a Raid 1 configuration. *Do you recommend using these SSD's in this way? *Which brand and size do you recommend for this purpose? It seems like the 32G RAM included is a good start but I'm not sure it is enough. *Should I add more RAM while I have the case cracked and if so how much?
FN Fnosm asked on 12 August 2021, 17:30
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Will the Synology HAT3500 work in a DS1019+?

I have a Synology DS1019+, and plan to change my HDDs. I now have five regular 3TB WD Red drives, and plan to change to 12-14TB drives. The Synology HAT3500 drives is not in the compatibility list, nor in the not compatibility list. I have contacted Synology on chat, and he did not know if it would work. Do you know if they will work in my NAS? An other question. What happened to the DS1019+? In 2019 when I was in the marked for a NAS to run Plex among others, the 1019+ got good reviews on the net. NASCompares also had good videos on it. In 2020, probably when the DS920 came out, the 1019+ seemed to drop of the earth. I hope I chose a good NAS.
VE Vetting asked on 28 July 2021, 19:23
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Pro Photographer, looking for a good backup solution?

HI guys, Love the YouTube channel. I wonder if you can help me, I'm Currently backing my MacBook laptop up, via Time Machine, to a basic extrnal drive, 8TB, and then saving projects to another basic External Drive, just Seagate or similar 8TB when I'm ready to move the files fully off my laptop. I also backup final edits in HD jpeg to Amazon Drive and Dropbox. I'm looking for a better solution, I've thought of keeping a basic Time Machine drive going, but also getting a Synology DiskStation DS720+ or DS220+ ,saving all my final Projects to those Drives, in a Mirrored Raid, probably using 4TB Barracuda drives, (8TB when available) And then just swapping those drives out when they are full, and storing them away, labeled, and in a database, so if i need access to any old projects, I know which drives to slot in. I'd keep the cloud storage going also. Just wondered if that was a good solution, or if something cheaper like a Terramaster would work as well. Thanks a lot for your help, Have a great week, Chris.
CH Chrisd asked on 21 July 2021, 18:58
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Upgrade from DS220+ to a DS920+?

Hi, is it possible to simply take the 2 WD Reds from the 220+ and put them straight into the new 920 + and have them work ? As a precaution, I will back up before doing this to an external 10TB WD elements. Thanks,
RO Robdebank asked on 26 June 2021, 11:18
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Disk upgrade after 3 years: what's better?

Current disks: 2x WD Red 4TB WD40EFRX Bought in January 2018 for £117 each. Observations: 1) things have not got cheaper since then, have they? 2) it's hard to find 5400 rpm drives now 3) it's hard to find full spec sheets. I don't want to increase noise and power consumption by much but I can't find numbers for either my old drives or prospective new ones. Nor can I find out the number of platters to judge heat output. My NAS box is really a fanless Linux desktop PC (in a weird silent case). Hence only 2 bays, and I run them in RAID 1. Considering 2 options: a) 12TB or more, and hope noise and heat aren't too much worse. b) 8TB in the hope of finding a cool and quiet drive. Thoughts most welcome! Thanks!
RO Robthedatahoarder asked on 06 June 2021, 11:39
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Building own NAS as fun project - Are there screws you recommend?

I have a PC I am replacing soon. I am not going to be able to get rid of the old PC, so I am thinking about using it as a NAS. I remember hearing about vibrations in a chassis due to having drives that spinup and that vibrations can be really bad for hard drives. Are there any vibration countermeasures like screws?
FR Frosty asked on 17 May 2021, 11:42
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HDD Selection - DS1621xs+?

I just upgraded my NAS chassis to a Synology DS1621xs+ and now looking to fill it with 6x16TB HDD. I want to stay within the listed supported drives and the Toshiba model MG08ACA16TE I can get for significantly cheaper than the Synology and Seagate models. I can't find any bad press for these drives and as such think they would be no worse than the other drives, but for 40% less. Do you have an opinion either way?
PH Phillipmcmahon asked on 13 April 2021, 15:25
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Synology HAT5300 Review: Requests and Recommendations?

Robbie, in the upcoming videos related to the Synology HAT5300 drive, please consider exploring the following topics. [1] Is the Synology HAT5300 8TB drive considerably louder than the 12TB model? Assuming that Synology HAT5300-8T = Toshiba MG06 and HAT5300-12T = MG07, the acoustic specifications (idle) published by Toshiba are 34db versus 20db. [2] Will the Synology HAT5300 16TB drive be approved for use in a DiskStation NAS? At present, the Synology HAT5300-16T only appears in the Synology Products Compatibility List for RackStation units. [3] Please compare a Synology HAT5300-8T against a Toshiba MG06, to contrast the performance of the ‘same’ hardware with different firmware. [4] When examining the performance of a Synology HAT5300 drive, please vary the number of simultaneous clients in a multi-user RAID environment. According to Synology’s data sheet for the HAT5300, the drive does not deliver better performance than others when the number of clients is few. Thank you.
DA Datanas asked on 24 February 2021, 22:25
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Drawback for SSD?

I was planning to use a Synology NAS populated with four 2TB ssd for use in my motorhome. I think the SSD will not be affected by the bumps and vibrations of a moving vehicle. Now I am questioning the wisdom of doing this because of the 'volatility' of data stored on an SSD. Do SSD need to be "ON" at all times in order to prevent slow loss of data? I have seen some online information that SSD will begin to lose data if they are stored and not being used. Is this true? how long can they be 'off' before they begin losing data? Any help you can offer will be appreciated.
WA Wagwar asked on 24 February 2021, 18:30
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Certifying / Validating NAS HDDs at Setup?

How may I validate / Certify individual HDDs during my QNAP setup. (Would like to start by making sure all new individual HDDs are in perfect working order and was not damaged during shipment etc. Would prefer a complete Read/Write verification test of all data blocks available through DAS products such as SoftRaid. BTW: I am setting up a new QNAP TVS-872XT with 8 Seagate Exos 14TB drives in RAID-6
PA Pamerasi asked on 17 February 2021, 00:59
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Bad sectors - DS216se and DS218+?

I have a DS216se with two WD drives (8tb each in Raid 1). The one drive is showing 3 bad sector count in the SMART test. Should I be concerned? It is only a backup NAS to the DS218+ as the 216se is underspec for streaming ( which I only found out later --arghhh). The 216se was purchased after my QNAP died on me with both drives showing faults (although managed to get the data off it). I have also been thinking of upgrading the 216se to a 220+ and then keeping the 218+ off site as 3-2-1. Currently I am using 2Brightsparks to back up the 218+ to the 216SE and it just works. Should I move to a DSM back up solution or continue using 2brightsparks when I move to the "cloud" where 220+ will be my master and 218+ will be a remote slave?
AL Alistair808 asked on 01 February 2021, 03:30
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Can I mix these drives in my Synology 920+?

Will 5900RPM drives play nicely with 7200RPM drives, or will something go boom? I've got a 920+ with 4x 4TB 5900 drives running SHR1. I'm going to need to expand my storage soon, and I already know I don't want a DX drive (I'm not comfortable with losing another whole drive for parity if I create another volume, nor am I comfortable with a single volume reliant on a single sata cable, though feel free to try and change my mind on that point). My options are a) buy larger drives and swap them in for 2 or more of my existing drives, or b) buy a second box and more drives and manage them in a network. Right now, option b is a bit more costly than I want to go, and I was hoping to swap in 2x 8TB drives now followed by 2 more later in the year, or maybe buying a 2-bay box for the spare 4TB drives. After having read up on this, it looks like 8TB drives only come in 7200RPM flavour, and it's not advisable to mix RPMs. I have two questions on this. 1) Is it possible to mix the two RPMs, and if so, is it viable for medium term (i.e. could any potential faults/damage accumulate over the next 6-12 months or so?). 2) With SHR, will either of the 2x 8TB drives actually offer their full 8TB of space if mixed with 2x 4TB drives? Thanks to all for any help you can give. Cheers!
AN Anothernasuser asked on 23 January 2021, 16:17
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Western Digital regular red, plus and pro hard drives, why 5400 over 7400? Which would you recommend for Synology?

Western Digital has regular red, red plus, and red pro hard drives. As a regular home consumer, I bought some WD RED PRO's at a really great price during Prime day and I notice it's a 7200. I couldn't find it on Synology's compatibility list for the ds1621+ or ds1821+. Three questions as I am totally new to this: 1. Could they still work and be used with those Synology NASs? 2. Is 5400 better than 7200 in HDDs? 3. If you were me, buying a NAS for the first time, what would you recommend?
CF Cfojo asked on 10 December 2020, 14:42
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WD RED PRO SED compatibility?

I have 2 WD RED PRO 6Tb and a QNAP TS-253D. Are the drives compatible with SED encryption? I'm asking the question because they don't have PSID number. I'm affraid not to be abble to restore them in case I forget the password. I don't care to lost the data.I want to be sure to be abble to factory restore them. Thank you
JP Jprioux asked on 06 December 2020, 20:28
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