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Ripping CD/Flak file directly to QNap TS453D possible ??

I want to cut out ripping stage to laptop and directly rip CD - Flac file to NAS is this possible or am i talking rubbish
TI Timme asked on 11 May 2022, 15:02
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Ready to upgrade my Synology NAS?

10 years ago Synology 110j.... 5 years ago Synology 216+II... Now??? Bought into Synology originally to cover 1 IP camera with remote access, store my music and video media and stream using DLNA, and backup my PC and phones. Updated 5 years ago as added a second IP camera, 110j getting very slow and less DSM support, and wanted to add RAID, hence the 216+II with 2x4TB WD Red drives. That worked well, for 3-4 years, but is getting full, slowing a lot, and remote access is incredibly slow and unreliable. So, thinking of up'ing to a 4 bay. Want to stay with Synology. Budget not too important. Want top speed so processor, memory and maybe SSD cache (?) important, but only for single user so LAN speed of 1Gb/s is fine (IMHO), and whatever RAID is deemed the best. Have recently updated my whole WiFi/router system to Linksys Velop mesh, with an MR9000v1 router and 3 WHM03v2 repeaters, all of which seem to be working really well, and which I can reliably and quickly access from worldwide, so I'm happy they are not a bottleneck. Have watched some of your videos, I'm thinking maybe the 420, 720 or even 920. I want it for the next 5 years, minimum. I'm open to suggestions, with justification of course.
NI Nick the greek asked on 06 April 2022, 10:20
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Direct connection between Synology & a Win10 PC?

I have a windows 10 PC with a single ethernet port and I need to keep it hardwired to the network (going through a gigabit switch). I work with lots of large files (typically around 20 to 30Gb) and I'm looking to increase my file transfer speed. Since the NAS has USB 3.0 ports I was wondering if I can connect it directly to the PC via USB (and I understand that the drive would have to be formatted as exFAT for both DSM7 and Windows 10 to recognize it). Questions that I have that I can't find an answer to through web searches are: * Would the USB connection actually be faster than the network connection? USB 3 has a theoretical rate of up to 5GBps from what I've read but even if it only works at 2GBps that doubles the maximum transfer rate compared to the max speed of the ethernet connection. * Would connecting one by USB and the other by eSATA work? The NAS has an eSATA port and the drive enclosure has one as well, so if a direct USB connection wouldn't work could I use those two different connections to achieve what I'm looking to do? * If a direct USB or USB/eSATA connection wont work, could I use a USB to ethernet adapter and connect directly to one of the NIC ports on the NAS? Would this actually increase the data transfer rate? Currently I'm only getting about 100MBps on average going from PC to switch to NAS. Any help or feedback anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.
OG asked on 03 April 2022, 17:08
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What to choose for home/personal usage purpose: NAS + DVR (my first setup)?

Hi Experts,

I plan to startup my first NAS for personal usage. My target for NAS server is as follows:
- personal/home purpose;
- NAS for backing up (phone) pictures, (phone) videos: access to NAS for 4 Family Members;
- DVR for my 2 outdoor and 2 indoor WiFi D-Link cameras (2 x DCS-8630LH, 2 x DCS-2630L);
- planned 2 Bays unit: each Bay containing max 8TB HDD: 4TB (or more) for data backup, 4TB (or less) for 7 days DVR storage.

Would you please advise which device shall I go for? Would it be DS220+, DS720+ or should I go for some other type? Sharing your own experience and your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,
KA asked on 03 April 2022, 08:20
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First NAS -QNAP v.s. Synology?

Hi all, I have decided to move from online disks and to buy my first NAS. NAS will be mainly used for backing up my documents and pictures and for accessing them from PC/mobile/TV. Plus would be to have possibility to stream movies to my TV. Also, I have few IP cameras (ONVIF Tiandy) and it would be great if I could connect them to my NAS. In the future I might have a need to use a NAS as a VPN and web server. I was looking at: 1. QNAP TS-230 = 170 € 2. Synology DS218play = 230 € 3. Synology DS218 = 270 € 4. Synology DS220+ = 300 € I 'm wondering do I need some more expensive NAS then QNAP? How much is needed to have 2 GB of RAM instead of 1 GB in DS218play? Is there something better in this price range? Thanks!
ZE Zero cool asked on 25 January 2022, 10:54
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A secure, internet accessible NAS?

I'm getting a healthy dose of buyer's remorse from my recent purchase of a QNAP TS-230. I bought it for home use because it seemed easy to setup, I wanted to access some data from outside my home (this was an important feature), it was the right price, and a lot of sites recommended it as a good entry level NAS. However, while researching a particular configuration item, I am finding a LOT of comments and explanations about how atrocious the QNAP security is and that the only true way to protect data on this device is simply to not connect it to the internet at all (which defeats said important use case I had).

My questions:

- Is QNAP security, in fact, seriously flawed such that there is no QNAP configurable way to secure it while still making it internet accessible? (Without creating and managing your own IT infrastructure with in your own firewalls, vpns, etc.)
- What other home-NAS solution could anyone recommend I look into to get a truly securable NAS that I would be able to access from outside my home?
- Is there something that I'm not seeing or considering here that would make me *not* pack this thing up and send it back straightaway?

I appreciated any opinions, pointers, or assistance.

Best EM

ME Memurphyiii asked on 12 January 2022, 15:43
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Move VM from Cloud to Synology NAS?

Do you know if it is possible to move a Digital Ocean droplet out of the cloud and onto a Synology DS918+ NAS?
DA Daven2411 asked on 27 December 2021, 15:42
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Connect Qnap TS-453D to PC with USB 3.1?

Can i use the USB 3.1 as a way to transfer data from my PC to NAS through the USB 3.1? It should be faster than my computers 1G ethernet correct? Thanks
AS Ashkasto asked on 21 December 2021, 04:43
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Taking Synology NAS as carryon luggage?

How do I pack the DS220+ so that it will be safe if I take it on a plane as carryon luggage.
MA Marsworth75 asked on 12 December 2021, 18:35
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The 2 bay Qnap TS-253D vs 4 bay, worth the PCIe 4x4 future upgrade with 2 bay?

I am looking at the Qnap TS-253D model, My understanding is the 2-bay offers a PCIe which is 4x4 speed for future upgrade verses the 4-bay or 6 bay offers a 2x4 speed PCIe speed. How much of a difference in performance would that be for adding NVMe drives for cache or 10GBe? Am I better off getting 2bay and getting expansion bays to make use of the 4x4 speed? Thanks
AS Ashkasto asked on 12 December 2021, 04:27
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Cloud backup for 10TB+ NAS?

It seems that for anyone with a large amount of data on a NAS (let's say 10TB or more) that they are going to be stuck paying hundreds per year just to back it up in even the cheapest cloud backup solutions. What is the cheapest way to back up this amount of data to the cloud with occasional updates? Should I just get a DAS to obtain the $7 / month personal backblaze with a DAS RAID) as a cheap backup?
LI Liketrane asked on 26 November 2021, 22:51
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Dear all, I was about to pull the trigger to but 2 NAS systems one -rim are and the other one to back up the primary. But while reading more I understood that the NAS must be connected to WAN (the incoming internet cable router) via router or switch. And from there on data is collected and distributed via your LAN. But what if you don’t have a cable wired LAN, just WiFi only (which works fine by the way). Here is why I would like to use the NAS: 1) be able to edit my photos on the NAS. I don’t want to download it from NAS to pc, edit then upload again (my editing software ON1 Photo RAW allows this is even geared towards that) 2) store my office work data documents etc Sofar a DAS would suffice but; 3) I also want to be aboe to access ph0tos remotely, edit or delete or city whatever My setup is simple: I use an iMac at home, iPads and phones and I use a MacBook Pro ( cheers yesterday bought the new iMac 14 inch M1 Pro and its amazing). I want to be able to use high speed data at home for photo and for Plex. But can that be realized with WiFi only? In my mind I had thought hoped that I could connect the NAS to the router to allow remote access and for distributing collecting data via WiFi at home, PLUS connect it directly to pc for high speed data exchange AND connect it directly to tv via hdmi. Is that possible? Thanks
JD Jdvdubai asked on 29 October 2021, 17:58
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QNAP TS-453Be to Synology DS920+ ?

Good Morning I have been watching your videos and bought my first NAS 3 years ago but now its giving problems by turning of and rebooting by itself every 2 hours. it has become very annoying. That NAS is a QNAP TS-453Be. I have been running it for mostly Plex and storing pictures. I have 1 TB of movies (400 movies approx.) and 3500 photos stored on the 4 drives in that QNAP NAS. Modification to the QNAP NAS (8GB of DDR memory, 2 500 GB NVMe SSD on PCI port.) My Qnap is currently now working properly and I would like to switch to a Synology DS 920+. I don't want to lose my 1 TB of data of movies and photos but I would like to purchase the DS920 4bay NAS or QNAP TS-451D2 4bay. I basically use my NAS for Plex and storing photos. My question is how and I purchase a new NAS set it up and not lose my data that I have from my previous NAS (TS-453Be)? Please help Thank you in advance. @1brownmaa
1B 1brownmaa asked on 25 October 2021, 01:02
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Mac User - New to NAS - Requesting Advise Please?

Hello. Backstory: I've been using Macs for many years with larger internal storage options (3-4TB.) This houses our iTunes music, Plex movies, photos and document collections. We also utilize larger external storage solutions for our photography business (4TB.) Over the years, I've become accustomed to using a system backup application called SuperDuper! and multiple external drives to create 1:1 backups for our main machine. I also utilize a file sync application called ChronoSync to ensure 1:1 copies of our photo business drives. All in all, I have 5-hard drive backups for my main machine, which are rotated frequently and 4-hard drive backups for our photo business, which are also rotated frequently. As you can see, I have a lot going on that needs to be maintained quite frequently and would like to simplify if possible. New use-case: Now that hard drives are cheaper than ever before, I would rather move into the realm of NAS, but want to see how close I can get to my existing backup solutions? 1. If I purchased the Synology DS920+ with 4-8TB hard drives, could I use each hard drive independently to generate backups directly from the Mac itself whenever I wanted? My thought is that each backup would cover both the main machine as well as the dedicated photos drive into one disk on the NAS. I could then setup an automated solution to perform these 4-separate backups throughout different intervals during the week. 2. If I decided to move away from purchasing Macs with larger internal storage options, could I instead place all my data on the NAS directly and access it at anytime as if it was stored locally? This route would probably mean that I go with a Raid setup, but would need help understanding the best Raid option to choose. My goal for this method is to hopefully allow me the option of no longer needing to worry about my devices having certain internal storage sizes as I should be able to access the singular file on any device that I affectively use (iMac, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, PC, PC Laptop, etc.) Would this option be a solution the NAS can provide? Any downsides to this approach? Of course, I would probably keep some files locally for ease of access, like say 1-2 photo shoots. Once edited and sent off, I could then move that information to the NAS for future access and backup redundancy. Ultimately, I just want a better solution to what I have today. I have hard drives all over the place. I also want to be able to access data no matter where I'm at in the world for work and I want to be able to utilize my music and movie libraries to stream across all my devices in the house (or on the road too if possible.) Hope the above questions made sense and were clear. If not, please let me know what additional information you require to help me find the right solution for my needs. Thank you for your time!
JA Jamesgarland asked on 26 September 2021, 13:10
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Stress Testing for new HDDs?

I have heard people mentioning that a HDD will fail either at the beginning or at the end of its life cycle, therefore a stress test should be done on all new HDDs before use. 1. Is it recommended to do a stress test for new HDDs before putting it to use in a NAS? 2. How can I do a stress test? Any software needed? How long will it take? Step by step and alternative methods are appreciated. 3. Can I do it on the NAS itself? This is because I do not own an adapter and power supply for a 3.5" HDD. 4. If #3 is possible, can it be done for the second and subsequent drives on the NAS itself while keeping its RAID configuration? Same reason because I do not own an adapter and power supply. Thanks and appreciate all responses!
US User asked on 10 September 2021, 15:36
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Need advise on hard drive choice for adding drives?

Hi, I have a Synology 1813+ 8-bay with 6 WD RED 3TB drives in a SHR-2 array. I've had it since 2014. I wanted to increase storage by filling the remaining two bays, and have been looking at 6TB drives to start the migration to a much larger array. Now I'm wanting to increase storage and was considering adding two 6TB drives in the open bays to start moving toward a larger array. I'm seeing a lot of discussion about the WD Red drives being SMR instead of CMR and also 4K vs. non-4K native drives. 1) My drives are WD30EFRX-68EUZN0. Do you know whether these in 2014 were CMR or are they SMR like the ones available today? (Seems like SMR was new tech in 2015-16) 2) What would be my options for increasing storage? Can I add to my SHR-2 array? Can I add two new drive in a second pool/array in the same NAS? 3) Should I look at buying a newer NAS (Synology or other) that might be better for PLEX video transcoding? Many thanks for your assistance Cheers
Need advise on hard drive choice for adding drives?
JA Jake2015 asked on 23 August 2021, 23:20
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Best way to setup new DX517?

Hi NAS compares team, The storage space on my Synology NAS (DS1520+) is running out. That's why I bought an expansion unit (DX517). Now I saw your video on youtube called "Understanding the Pros and Cons of the Synology DX517 Expansion - Part I". Unfortunately, part II and III have not been released yet. (Hope they will in future). I am sure that you may would have answered my question in video part 2 or 3. Anyway, i want to strictly separate the hdd's / storage from the expansion unit from the storage of the NAS to prevent data loss caused by NAS or DX failure. For example if the NAS or DX Powersupply fails or one of them just stops working, the RAID will be damaged, because suddenly several disks disappear at the same time. This is why i want to separate them. Unfortunately, it is not clear to me how to set it up the right way. I am not sure, if i have to create a separate storage pool with its own volume(s) for the new disks in the expansion unit, or if it will be enought to simply add the disks to the existing storage pool and create a new volume within this storage pool? I think the second option (adding drives to existing pool and creating a new volume in there) will distribute the data from volume 1 and 2 which are in the same storage pool, across all HDD's (These in the NAS and DX517) and will not separate them physically on the Harddrives, right? Thanks in advance and kind regards Cedric PS: Hoping to see part 2 and 3 of your video "Understanding the Pros and Cons of the Synology DX517 Expansion - Part I" soon - really interested in it.
3L 3limin4tor asked on 23 August 2021, 11:36
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I'm setting up a NAS primarily for PLEX and media(audio, video, pictures) storage/streaming To that end I have purchased the following: QNAP TVS-h1688X-W1250-32G WD Gold 10TB HD(WD102KRYZ4) 4 each WD Red 1TB SSD (WDS100T1R0A) 4 each Now I am looking at which M.2 SSD NVME cards to add. I intend to use these drives for my system volume in a Raid 1 configuration. *Do you recommend using these SSD's in this way? *Which brand and size do you recommend for this purpose? It seems like the 32G RAM included is a good start but I'm not sure it is enough. *Should I add more RAM while I have the case cracked and if so how much?
FN Fnosm asked on 12 August 2021, 17:30
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Which 16GB ECC RAM to buy for QNAP TS-873A-8G?

I am wondering what is the recommended ECC RAM stick to buy for the QNAP TS-873A-8G? I read that I should get ECC memory for the ZFS file system. Which sticks are compatible and recommended for this unit? I would prefer each 16GB stick to be around $120 or cheaper if possible.
IC Iczyg asked on 26 July 2021, 20:29
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Which NAS for VM / Blind User?

Hi there, I've been really enjoying the site, and appreciate the help it's been giving people like me who are very much new to the world of NAS. I have a very niche question here that I'd love to get your expert advice on. I'm asking on behalf of a blind person, my dad, who runs a radio station. My situation is that currently I have a DS218. But now, this is not enough! The PC which hosts my dad's radio station, which has sat on my desk for the last 3 years, has finally given up the ghost. We like the idea of resurrecting the radio station, but this time running it as a VM on my always-on NAS. It needs to be a Windows VM because the radio station apps are Win only. More importantly, whichever NAS we choose, it absolutely must be able to handle the GUI aspects of the VM REALLY WELL: being blind, my dad uses JAWS screenreader software to navigate the GUI and use the radio software, so slowdown here would be a nightmare. So what we're looking for is a NAS that can handle this requirement. I will also be using the NAS for home/photos, and plan to slot my current 2 drives into it. So, getting to the point... Am I right about the following? - My current NAS, DS218, will not run the VM well - The DS920+, which looks like the next step up, won't run the VM particularly well either - The DS1261+ should run it all fine? Except 6 bays seems overkill for what will be 8TB of data at most! Just checking in case there is any new machine I should be looking at. Happy to consider QNAP options too. Budget of £1,000 including HDDs. Thanks so much for reading my question. :)
AM Amcfarl1 asked on 24 July 2021, 19:07
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