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I purchased a QNAP TS-932PX (and drives) already, but is there a better box for video editing?

Robbie, being "newish" to the NAS world, I have immersed myself in your videos. I'm learning but have long way to go before I feel confidence in what I am doing. My business and serious hobby involves video production/editing and digital photo processing in a home office environment. I've been using a couple of DAS units (G-Tech 9 TB G-Drive and a 4TB solid state drive) through the Thunderbolt 3 ports on one of my HP Z-Book workstations, but I'm running out of room. That has led me to explore the world of NAS. I'm looking to build a storage system that will last me for some time (I hitting max on my DAS in about two years). I made some purchases before I found your videos on purchase advice. I have not yet installed anything and need help on whether I should make any changes/exchanges before I do. I have already purchased a QNAP TS-932PX and have purchased five Seagate Exos X18 16TB HDD to put in the upper bays and two WD Red SA500 to handle caching (trying for 10GbE network with a good amount of storage for the future). One of my main objectives is to be able to edit video (probably 4K now that I would have space) from my NAS from two workstations (both HP Z-Book workstations with Thunderbolt 3 ports). My photo library is over 100K photos (yes, it needs culling!) Other uses are a 30K record database that is extremely important in my business. I would like to be able to stream finished videos to a projection screen A/V system on another floor of my home and have the ability to easily stream to clients outside my home office. I'm thinking I could have chosen a more appropriate NAS box. One this box does not have Thunderbolt ports (I thought it did) and runs on an Annapurna Labs AL324 quad-core 1.7 GHz CPU. Your comments in your review of this unit made me think this box is more for file storage than online video editing. I want video editing speed and ample storage in a collaborative video editing environment. With these five 18TB hard drives and two 500 GB SSD's would there be a better choice - the TS-h973AX perhaps? How much and what type of memory would you recommend? Would you recommend an NAS that has Thunderbolt ports for direct input from the workstations or do I just take care of that through the network? What's the best way to connect my two workstations to the network? They each have two Thunderbolt 3 ports, one HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports, but NO RJ-45 ethernet port. How do I connect these workstations to the switch for max throughput? I would appreciate your recommendations for a switch. The NAS and two workstations would be good for 10GbE connectivity. However, the rest of the network doesn't need that speed (printers, video projector, smart TVs, wife's computer that needs access to photos, iPad, 2 Samsung phones, etc.) Finally, my internet modem & router are on a completely different floor from the home office. Right now I connect wirelessly, but I'm at the end of my range. How can I improve my wireless or should I go to the effort to install a cable back to the cable router? Or would it benefit me to run the internet cable-in down to my office (a lot of work!). Right now my internet connection is through RJ6 and not fiber optic. Someday fiber will come into our neighborhood, but I'm not holding my breath on that.
MR Mrinnertainment asked on 13 January 2022, 19:31
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The 2 bay Qnap TS-253D vs 4 bay, worth the PCIe 4x4 future upgrade with 2 bay?

I am looking at the Qnap TS-253D model, My understanding is the 2-bay offers a PCIe which is 4x4 speed for future upgrade verses the 4-bay or 6 bay offers a 2x4 speed PCIe speed. How much of a difference in performance would that be for adding NVMe drives for cache or 10GBe? Am I better off getting 2bay and getting expansion bays to make use of the 4x4 speed? Thanks
AS Ashkasto asked on 12 December 2021, 04:27
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Dear all, I was about to pull the trigger to but 2 NAS systems one -rim are and the other one to back up the primary. But while reading more I understood that the NAS must be connected to WAN (the incoming internet cable router) via router or switch. And from there on data is collected and distributed via your LAN. But what if you don’t have a cable wired LAN, just WiFi only (which works fine by the way). Here is why I would like to use the NAS: 1) be able to edit my photos on the NAS. I don’t want to download it from NAS to pc, edit then upload again (my editing software ON1 Photo RAW allows this is even geared towards that) 2) store my office work data documents etc Sofar a DAS would suffice but; 3) I also want to be aboe to access ph0tos remotely, edit or delete or city whatever My setup is simple: I use an iMac at home, iPads and phones and I use a MacBook Pro ( cheers yesterday bought the new iMac 14 inch M1 Pro and its amazing). I want to be able to use high speed data at home for photo and for Plex. But can that be realized with WiFi only? In my mind I had thought hoped that I could connect the NAS to the router to allow remote access and for distributing collecting data via WiFi at home, PLUS connect it directly to pc for high speed data exchange AND connect it directly to tv via hdmi. Is that possible? Thanks
JD Jdvdubai asked on 29 October 2021, 17:58
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10Gbs Network Speeds SMB?

Well this not acctually a question but rather a helpul tip for you guys out there trying to fix the speeds of your new 10Gbs network with Synology. I tried everything but never got over 2-3gbs (220/400 Mb/s). But at last i found a little setting hidden for changing to SMB3. And viola! I now get speeds of write 400mb/s read 800mb/s. Where it should be regarding to my hardware. So please see attached image where you can fix this setting. You´re welcome!
10Gbs Network Speeds SMB?
LO Louiebalko asked on 05 April 2021, 23:12
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NAS Advice Please ?

Hi, I'm a professional photographer and movie junkie using all Mac/Apple ecosystem. Just moved to a new home with 10GB Ethernet and want to buy a NAS to keep in a storage closet. Need to keep the NAS running quiet and cool. Also trying to modernize and move away from spinning hard drives. Of my 8-10TB needs, about 4TB are image files ranging from 50MB to 2GB which I'd like fast access to. The rest are media files for deeper storage. Wondering if it makes sense to go with an all SSD solution? Or a system with SSD for main storage and HDD for Backups and Slower needs? I was also considering a NAS with Thunderbolt interface for times I wanted to connect directly, but I think with 10GBE I'm going to have plenty of speed. (I'm NOT trying to edit video!) Would like your current 2021 opinion about QNAP vs Synology. My experience in the past with Synology tech support has been horrible, but with QNAP my experience was excellent. Thank you very much for your time.
ML Mlondon asked on 10 January 2021, 23:32
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Synology DS1819+ or Synology RS1219+?

Hello. I am putting together a NAS solution and I would really appreciate some input. This is a home NAS and would mainly be used for storage and potentially for Plex as well. That said my biggest concern is data transfer speeds. As such, I would like to put together a 10Gbe solution. I am looking at either the Synology DS1819+ or potentially the Synology RS1219+ (as that could be added to an existing rack I have) with the E10-M20-T1 to boost speed. Would you suggest the DS1819+ or the RS1219+? What are the benefits of going with one versus the other?
AB Abernauer asked on 26 June 2020, 16:57
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As a multicam video editor, which solution will best boost my DS1819+ performance? 1) M.2 SSD adapter M2D18 -OR- 2) 10Gb?

I am a multicam video editor and just recently purchased the Synology DS1819+. My plan is to create a RAID 10 with 8 6TB drives for my work files. I will be creating another RAID in a Mediasonic Pro Box for backup. My system is a PC with ASUS X99 PRO motherboard, Intel Core i7-5930K CPU @ 3.50 GHz with 64MB RAM, running Windows 10. I would like help in comparing the performance boost of the following: 1) M.2 SSD adapter M2D18 2) 10GbE add-in card 3) Aggregation Thanks for any information you can give me, or point me to articles that will address my question.
JU Justm asked on 17 April 2020, 05:30
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