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What to buy???

So I own a Qnap NAS for years now. Only using it for file storage. Because I find the UI, setup and configuration to difficult. I want to be able to do more. So I’m looking at Synology. Seems like their approach would be what I’m looking for. But looking at test and models it seems I need to select a NAS for certain purpose. I’ve been looking at a 4-6 bay tower unit. And it seems that either it is focussed on home use with quad core and integrated graphic CPU, or it is more business oriented with dual core and more expansion capabilities in regards to storage and network. I find it really difficult to choose. How to decide? Who’s to say what I would need/want in about a few years? Isn’t their a machine that can do it all?
Yes, DS423+ is a multimedia-friendly option for remote streaming.
DS923+ is for local streaming only but it supports 10gbe upgrade. There is also ds1522+ which is the same NAS with extra bay. Ryzen CPU is good for 10gbe and general file server as well as virtualisation.
The next level is Xeon options.
Hi Ed, thanks for the reply. I’m really struggeling with it. And don’t know what to purchase. So I send in a fast track, donation based inquiry. With lots of stupid question. Looking forward to the reply on that one as well. Kr. Henk.

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