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Dear Rob,
I have a DS1520+ with about 25TB stored so far of Media for Plex.
I want to backup this data so i do not loose it. I was given some advice to buy a 2nd entry level NAS with high capacity drives so i can use Hyper backup (as per your video recently). basically copying a whole system image to a 2nd NAS using Hyper Backup / Vault.
Do you have any advice what NAS i should buy? DS723+?
I would need to buy 2 x 18TB drives to be used for storage so i have capacity to grow my storage pool / Volume.


Gary Davis
Thank you for reaching out with your question. Considering your requirement for backing up your media data stored on your DS1520+ for Plex, it's a wise decision to invest in a second entry-level NAS. The DS723+ could be a suitable choice for your backup needs. However, if you're open to other options, the DS224+ or DS423+ would also be worth considering.

Both the DS224+ and DS423+ are equipped with Celeron-based CPUs, which offer a good balance between performance and affordability. Since you're planning to use Hyper Backup/Vault for system image copying, these models would provide the necessary processing power for your backup tasks. Additionally, they can handle basic tasks and offer room for expansion if you decide to offload some other tasks in the future.

You mentioned your intention to use 2 x 18TB drives for storage, and these models are compatible with your capacity needs, allowing you to grow your storage pool or volume comfortably.

Moreover, many users choose to place their second NAS in a relative's house, providing them with a useful device while also ensuring that your backups remain secure and run seamlessly in the background.

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