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Drobo 5D3 replacement

My Drobo 5D3 has failed. It has 2 x 8TGB and 3 x 4 TB drives with single-disk redundancy. I use it to archive video and need a replacement that offers redundancy. I don't need Thunderbolt. USB3.2 is fine. I also don't need transcoding, VM installation etc. Just storage, redundancy and decent speed.
Certainly, finding a suitable replacement for your failed Drobo 5D3, equipped with 2 x 8TB and 3 x 4TB drives and focusing on redundancy, storage, and speed, is pivotal. Synology DS1522+ emerges as an optimal choice, aligning seamlessly with your outlined requirements. Powered by an AMD Ryzen R1600 CPU boasting a formidable Passmark score of 3147, this 5-bay NAS offers both the performance and storage capacity to safeguard your video archives effectively.

Furthermore, if a USB 10Gbit port is a priority for you, it's worth considering the QNAP TS-664 as an alternative. However, do note that the USB ports on the TS-664 are primarily intended for external drives and not direct computer connections. Therefore, while the DS1522+ is well-suited to your needs, exploring the TS-664 could also be an option for those who emphasize the presence of USB 10Gbit ports.

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