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5 bay nas - Synology or Qnap

Hi there, thank you in advance.
I am currently using a drobo 5d for file storage and backup, I am a little worried as they have gone bust and if the unit goes I would potentially lose everything (I do have backblaze backup.)
I am considering a nas drive, to allow me to access business & personal files from anywhere with an internet connection.
I also have multiple large and growing Lightroom catalogs as well as a growing raw video/ da vinci resolve collection growing. ( I am trying to get my own youtube channel up and running.
So would like to be able to store and work via the nas connected direct to my pc or future network via 10gb ethernet.
i am looking at either the 5 bay synology and qnap solutions as I like the option to expand the bays for future growth. Plus the 5 bays fit in the space I have available perfectly.
From all the reviews and write ups there doesn't seem to be anything written in the last 6 months. I am happy to wait if a new unit is due for realise this year.
Absolutely, your concern for data security and the need for a reliable NAS solution are entirely justified. Given your requirements, the Synology DS1522+ seems to be a fitting choice. With its capacity for 5 hard drives, it offers a well-balanced blend of storage and performance, which is crucial for your mix of business, personal, and media-related needs. The DS1522+ features an AMD Ryzen R1600 CPU, which boasts a solid Passmark score of 3147, ensuring smooth operations for tasks like Lightroom catalogs and DaVinci Resolve projects.

Its impressive expandability, both in terms of the number of bays and the connectivity options (including the potential for future 10Gb Ethernet), is well-suited to your plans for growth. Furthermore, the DS1522+ supports ECC SODIMM RAM, providing an added layer of data integrity for your critical work.

Considering your desire for a reliable solution that caters to multimedia production, file storage, and seamless access from anywhere, the DS1522+ emerges as a versatile option. It can be a cornerstone for your YouTube channel endeavors, offering the necessary performance and storage to keep up with your expanding collection of RAW video and Lightroom catalogs.

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