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I have brought a QNAP TVS 882 with 6 x 8tb drives. I want one of the drives to mirror my Dahau NVR 8tb drive as a back up. Is this possible?
The rest i will be using for storage and photos and video. Possible map a drive to my PC. Maybe back up my phones tablets and computers there. Also have family store documents and photos there with there own login. Am I best to make these 5 drive one big one in Raid 5.
Also can I map the same folder to my PC and laptop. And if so could the laptop access it while away.

Also if I do all that can I at a later date on add m2 ssd for caching and m2 sata ssds for quicker storage on that same raid 5? With losing the data saved there?
Thanks ive been watching you video very helpful planning to try set it all up soon.
Absolutely, you're on the right track with your QNAP TVS 882 setup. You can designate one of the drives as an individual drive in basic mode, while the other five drives can be configured in RAID 5. This setup will provide you with two distinct volumes, allowing you to establish backup routines and ensure redundancy. Mapping the same shared folder on your PC and laptop is indeed feasible, and you can access it remotely through services like Tailscale or QNAP Cloud ID.

Regarding adding M.2 SSDs for caching, that's a wise consideration. It's particularly beneficial for applications with high IOPS demands such as VMs, Docker, and web servers. It can also enhance performance if multiple users access the same data. Adding M.2 cache later won't require any data reset and can significantly improve system responsiveness. However, if your usage doesn't involve such resource-intensive tasks, you might find that the cache isn't necessary.

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