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NAS to Buy

I've watched a lot of your video's and I need to purchase a new storage device. I've come to the conclusion I want a device with 2.5 GB ports, quad core w/Imbedded Graphics, min 4 bays. I would like to get a Synology, however they don't seem to fit the bill completely. I just can't seem to figure out which one will work well for me. This is my first NAS, although I'm replacing a Drobo. I'm up for suggestions.
We appreciate your support and contribution to our channel. Based on your requirements, the DS423+ from Synology would be a suitable option as it comes with a quad-core Celeron CPU. However, to achieve a faster Ethernet connection with 2.5 GB ports, you will need to use a USB 2.5/5GBE adapter. Alternatively, if you prefer a NAS that already has built-in 2.5GB LAN ports and a quad-core CPU, the QNAP TS-464 or TS-264 would be a perfect fit for your needs. These models offer the specifications you are looking for and can serve as an excellent replacement for your current Drobo NAS.

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