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I liked your video from Computex 2023 regarding the Asustor's Nimbustor Gen 2 AS5404T.
Any idea when the new Asustor AS5404T might be released? What can we expect?
I asked Asustor but he replied "soon". That could be next week of next year...
For my first NAS to work with home drone videos, 4k movies, etc. I was debating to purchase Asustor Lockerstor AS6704T or QNAP TS-464. Ed suggested leaning towards QNAP for the software and I appreciate that, but I saw the introduction video about the the AS5404T.
Still undecided. Stick with the TS-464 or wait for the AS5404T ? Your thoughts?
Thanks for all of the videos and your response.
Yes, there is a slight delay. But it should not take longer then a couple of months.
In meantime, Qnap does offer better software. The x64 series are good choice.

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