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Which Personal Cloud NAS for me

Hi, I have a laptop collection of html and pdf files dynamically linked by a menu system--really a system of html bookmarks. I require remote access for only myself, but desire to use my files in the same manner remotely as I do locally on iphones, ipad, and other computers. I have about 30 gigs of files presently but I expect it will grow. I do not need a website, and this is only for my personal, exclusive, noncommercial use. I used to employ Opera Unite and then Tonido until those services were discontinued. I want a NAS based personal cloud to accomplish all of this. Help! Thanks, Phil
If you're in search of a NAS solution to meet your requirements for remote access to your laptop collection of HTML and PDF files, the DS220+ or DS423+ from Synology would be excellent choices. These NAS devices are equipped with a Celeron CPU and a transcoding chip, ensuring smooth remote access to all your media files, even on iPhones, iPads, and other computers. Additionally, the active backup suite and drive app provided by Synology will take care of all your backup needs and offer additional functionalities to enhance your NAS experience. With their reliable performance and comprehensive features, these NAS devices will enable you to efficiently manage and access your growing collection of files, catering to your personal, exclusive, and noncommercial usage. Say goodbye to discontinued services and embrace a robust NAS-based personal cloud solution.

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