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Choosing NAS

I am new to NAS. This will be my first. I am trying to decide to purchase AS6704T Gen2 or QNAP TS-464. I want to save drone clips to edit and camcorder files to edit. I dont do complicated, just basic editing, maybe color grading and save some 4k UHD movies to play on the TV.
The OS on the Asustor looks good but so does OS for QNAP.
I just ordered 2 WD 12T Red Plus drives because they are supposedly quite quiet and on sale.
Which would you suggest to use?
I just saw your YouTube on the Nimbustor AS5404T. This sounds real good also. When will it be available for purchase?
Both the AS6704T Gen2 and QNAP TS-464 are currently available for purchase. These NAS options offer similar performance for storing and editing your drone clips, camcorder files, and 4K UHD movies. While both devices have impressive operating systems, QNAP's applications are generally more stable.

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