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NAS for photography

I want to build NAS for photography, with outdoor access/upload., 2-3 separate users, good android/iphone app, low power. Subject recognition is a big plus. I'm deciding whether it is market brands (QNAP,Synology,Terramaster,ASUSTor...), using my old laptop, or buying a non-brand Celeron NAS machine.

I'm willing to try non-brand NAS, but I don't know whether 3rd party photo management/mobile app is good enough. Is there any 3rd party photo management with subject recognition, multiple users support, good mobile app?

Could you please do comprehensive reviews about 1) 3rd party Photo management software on NAS 2) Mobile Photo apps from 3rd party 3) The most recent version of mobile photo apps from brands?

I've heard that QNAP recently removed mobile backup from their recent version of QuMagie mobile, and Synology seems not interested in bringing back the subject recognition. These are really show-stoppers for me. So I'm also looking for 3rd party solutions/non-brand NAS.

I just googled and shortlisted the most popular app here :

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