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I have a lot of data I want to protect and at the same time I have very important video files very rare movies shows that I want to play so I want capable plex server also running and at the same time I want to a lot of data and I want to protect it the problem is 923 + I do not have hardware transcoding. with 423 + I have hardware transcoding but it is not so feature rich compared to 923 + the difference in India in the cost of these two devices just 5 or 6000 INR I am also thinking of may be taking a 220 + for my videos and 923 + 4 data or I should take 423 + for both difference between 423 + and 923 + cost is not much I am very confused to what should I do
If hardware transcoding is a top priority for you and the difference in cost between the DS423+ and DS923+ is minimal, it may be worth considering the DS423+ for both your data storage and Plex server needs. However, if you value the advanced features of the DS923+ and can manage without hardware transcoding, you could opt for a separate DS220+ for video playback and the DS923+ for data storage.

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